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The newly named Marvel Stadium at Melbourne’s Docklands is the scene of the 2018 AFL Draft Combine which runs from tomorrow morning right through until Friday.

The leading draft talent in the nation has been invited to take part and one of the best sources of information on the participants is from Chris25 of bigfooty and can be found here.

Players are grouped as follows-

Tall Defenders

James Blanck
Vic Metro/Eastern Ranges/Park Orchards
20/11/2000 Height: 195cm Weight: 80kg

Riley Grundy
South Australia/Sturt
28/07/2000 Height: 195cm Weight: 79kg

Connor Idon
Vic Country/Geelong Falcons/Drysdale
29/07/2000 Height: 190cm Weight: 86kg

Mark Keane
Ireland – County Cork
17/03/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 96kg

Will Kelly
Vic Metro/Oakleigh Chargers/Glen Iris
16/08/2000 Height: 193cm Weight: 83kg

Buku Khamis
Vic Metro/Western Jets/St Albans
24/03/2000 Height: 190cm Weight: 81kg

Ben King
Vic Metro/Sandringham Dragons/Haileybury College
07/07/2000 Height: 202cm Weight: 83kg

Dirk Koenan
Allies/Gold Coast Suns Academy/Palm Beach
01/01/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 84kg

Jacob Koschitzke
Allies/Albury/Murray Bushrangers
11/07/2000 Height: 196cm Weight: 94kg

Kyle Reid
Vic Country/Gippsland Power
12/08/2000 Height: 193cm Weight: 85kg

Ben Silvagni
Vic Metro/Oakleigh Chargers/Greythorn
07/05/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 84kg

Anton Tohill
Ireland – Country Derry
14/12/1999 Height: 198cm Weight: 86kg

Medium Defenders

Noah Answerth
Oakleigh Chargers/Caulfield Bears
06/08/1999 Height: 182cm Weght: 82kg

Nick Baker
10/11/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 81kg

Thomas Berry
GWV Rebels/Horsham Saints
01/05/2000 Height:185cm Weight: 76kg

Jordan Clark
Claremont/Guilford Grammar
16/10/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 78kg

Keidean Coleman
Brisbane Lions Academy/Morningside
31/03/2000 Height: 181cm Weight: 74k

Xavier Duursma
Gippsland Power/Foster
07/07/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 71kg

Damon Greaves
East Perth/Busselton
25/04/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 74kg

Will Hamill
Dandenong Stingrays/Dromana
17/01/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 70kg

Jez McLennan
Central District/Tanunda
07/09/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 81kg

Isaac Quaynor
Oakleigh Chargers/Doncaster East
15/01/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 82kg

Durak Tucker
Peel Thunder/Guildford Grammar
21/07/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 73kg

Laitham Vandermeer
Murray Bushrangers/Mooroopna
03/02/1999 Height: 180cm Weight: 76kg

Tall Forwards

Zane Barzen
Vic Country/Murray Bushrangers/Shepparton United
25/08/2000 Height: 195cm Weight 78kg

Nick Blakey
Allies/ Sydney Swans Academy
27/02/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 77kg

Riley Bowman
Vic Country/Dandenong Stingrays
25/02/2000 Height: 198cm Weight: 82kg

Kieran Briggs
Allies/Pennant Hills/GWS Giants Academy
06/10/1999 Height: 200cm Weight: 98kg

Josh Corbett
Werribee VFL/North Warrnambool
23/04/1996 Height: 190cm Weight: 90kg

William Kennedy
Vic Metro/Sandringham Dragons/Caulfield Grammar
18/06/2000 Height: 198cm Weight: 86kg

Max King
Vic Metro/Sandringham Dragons/Haileybury College
07/01/2000 Height: 202cm Weight: 87kg

Jack Lukosius
South Australia/Woodville-West Torrens
09/08/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 85kg

Conor McFayden
Queensland/Allies/Wilston Grange/Brisbane Lions Academy
04/12/2000 Height: 190cm Weight:88kg

Hugo Munn
South Australia/Sturt
03/04/2000 Height: 197cm Weight: 93kg

Dillon O’Reilly
Western Australia/East Fremantle
02/06/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 89kg

Bailey Williams
Vic Country/Dandenong Stingrays/The Pines
17/04/2000 Height: 198cm Weight: 95kg


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AFL DRAFT COMBINE 2018 (continued)

Medium Forwards

Joel Crocker
Sandringham Dragons/Brighton Grammar
14/04/2000 Height: 191cm Weight: 73kg

Luke Foley
Western Australia/Subiaco/Sorrento Duncraig
08/10/1999 Height: 187cm Weight: 75kg

Ben Jarvis
South Australia/Norwood
27/07/2000 Height: 185cm Weight 77kg

Pierce Laverty
Ireland/Country Down
12/02/1998 Height: 182cm Weight: 78kg

Shane McAdam
South Australia/Sturt/Claremont
28/05/1995 Height: 185cm Weight: 84kg

Jordan Morrissey
Ireland/Country Carlow
20/02/1999 Height: 185cm Weight: 80kg

Izak Rankine
South Australia/West Adelaide
23/04/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 76kg

Bailey Scott
Allies/Queensland/Gold Coast Suns Academy/Broadbeach
09/07/2000 Height 186cm Weight: 74kg

Tom Sparrow
South Australia/South Adelaide/Prince Alfred College
11/05/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 81kg

Charlie Sprague
Vic Country/Geelong Falcons/Barwon Heads
08/05/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 79kg

Sam Sturt
Vic Country/Dandenong Stingrays/Peninsula Grammar
12/05/2000 Height: 188cm Weight: 78kg

Curtis Taylor
Vic Metro/Calder Cannons
06/04/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 79kg

Tarryn Thomas
Tasmania/Allies/North Launceston
25/03/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 76kg

Small Forwards, Defenders & Midfielders

Toby Bedford
Vic Country/Dandenong Stingrays/Rosebud
27/05/2000 Height: 176cm Weight: 65kg

Jarrod Cameron
Western Australia/Claremont
03/05/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 69kg

Luke English
Western Australia/Perth/Manning
14/01/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 74kg

Zac Foot
Vic Country/Dandenong Stingrays/Langwarrin
24/12/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 71kg

Ian Hill
Western Australia/Perth/South Perth
09/02/2000 Height: 174cm Weight: 65kg

Chayce Jones
14/01/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 74kg

Tom Joyce
Western Australia/East Fremantle
07/03/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 72kg

Ned McHenry
Vic Country/Geelong Falcons/Barwon Heads
13/07/2000 Height: 178kg Weight: 71kg

Irving Mosquito
Vic Country/Gippsland Power/Maffra
24/08/2000 Height: 175cm Weight: 69kg

Hayden Sampson
South Australia/South Adelaide
02/03/2000 Height: 177cm Weight: 67kg

Sydney Stack
Western Australia/Perth/Federals
24/04/2000 Height: 177cm Weight: 72kg

Tyron Smallwood
Western Australia/Claremont/Royals
08/04/2000 Height: 177cm Weight: 80kg

Medium Midfielders

Daly Andrews
Vic Metro/Western Jets/Werribee Districts
22/02/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 76kg

Oscar Brownless
Vic Country/Geelong Falcons/Geelong Amateurs
16/02/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 76kg

Zac Butters
Vic Metro/Western Jets/Darley
08/09/2000 Height: 181cm Weight: 70kg

Jack Bytel
Vic Metro/Calder Cannons/Aberfeldie
14/03/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 80kg

Jye Caldwell
Vic Country/Bendigo Pioneers/Geelong Grammar
09/07/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 71kg

Riley Collier-Dawkins
Vic Metro/Oakleigh Chargers/Waverley Blues
03/02/2000 Height: 193cm Weight: 88kg

Will Golds
Vic Metro/Oakleigh Chargers/Xavier College
06/05/2000 Height: 181cm Weight: 68kg

Angus Hanrahan
Vic Metro/Sandringham Dragons/St Kevin’s College
09/08/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 68kg

Jackson Hately
South Australia/Central District
21/10/2000 Height: 190cm Weight: 81kg

Jacob Kennerley
South Australia/Norwood/Rostrevor College
16/06/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 76kg

Matt McGannon
Vic Country/Gippsland Power/Fish Creek
23/12/1999 Height: 184cm Weight: 73kg

Tom McKenzie
Vic Metro/Northern Knights/Fitzroy
23/06/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 76kg

Xavier O’Halloran
Vic Metro/Western Jets/St Bernard’s
11/07/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 83kg

Xavier O’Neill
Oakleigh Chargers/Whitefriars College
03/08/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 78kg

James Rowbottom
Vic Metro/Oakleigh Chargers/Camberwell Sharks
19/09/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 78kg

Connor Rozee
South Australia/North Adelaide
22/01/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 71kg

Lachlan Sholl
Vic Metro/Calder Cannons/St Bernard’s
07/03/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 77kg

Bailey Smith
Vic Metro/Sandringham Dragons/Xavier College
07/12/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 82kg

Ely Smith
Vic Country/Murray Bushrangers/Yarrawonga
13/09/2000 Height: 188cm Weight: 86kg

Liam Stocker
Vic Metro/Sandringham Dragons/Haileybury College
23/01/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 83kg

Fraser Turner
26/12/2000 Height:186cm Weight: 75kg

Luke Valente
South Australia/Norwood
06/05/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 80kg

Samuel Walsh
Vic Country/Geelong Falcons/St Joseph’s
02/07/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 74kg

Rylee West
Vic Metro/Calder Cannons/Strathmore/St Kevin’s
12/07/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 80kg

I'm still trying to find out if there's a separate category for ruckmen.

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8 hours ago, Whispering_Jack said:

Irving Mosquito
Vic Country/Gippsland Power/Maffra
24/08/2000 Height: 175cm Weight: 69kg

😮  please please please jason taylor. can we? can we?!!

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The first test results -

Kicking test (score out of 30)

Tarryn Thomas 27
Xavier O'Neill 27
Matt McGannon 25
Ely Smith 24
Laithan Vandermeer 23
Jack Lukosius 23
Chayce Jones 22
Noah Answerth 22
Nicholas Baker 22
Xavier O'Halloran 22
James Blanck 22
Riley Grundy 22 

Goalkicking test (score out of 30)

Isaac Quaynor 30
Keidean Coleman 25
Tarryn Thomas 25
Tom McKenzie 25
Mark Keane 25
Jack Lukosius 25
Izak Rankine 24
Jordan Morrisey 24
Angus Hanrahan 24

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State Combines will be held in Melbourne (October 5), South Australia (October 13) and Western Australia (October 14). Plus the Rookie Me testing on October 6.

Medium Forwards

Frank Anderson 
South Croydon
05/08/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 82kg

Riley Bice 
Murray Bushrangers/GWS Academy
26/09/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 68kg

Oscar Chapman 
North Adelaide
28/03/1999 Height: 187cm Weight: 72kg

Job Colwell 
South Adelaide
07/04/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 80kg

Dylan Curley 
East Fremantle
02/11/2000 Height: 188cm Weight: 70kg

Patrick Farrant 
Swan Districts
01/10/1999 Height: 189cm Weight: 75kg

Jake Gaspar 
Oakleigh Chargers
19/04/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 80kg

Brayden Ham 
Geelong Falcons
25/04/1999 Height: 181cm Weight: 69kg

James Jordan 
Oakleigh Chargers
20/12/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 84kg

Josh Kemp 
Calder Cannons
13/04/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 73kg

Jeromy Lucas 
GWS Giants Academy
29/06/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 81kg

Tom Medhat 
West Perth
16/8/2000 Height: 190cm Weight: 79kg

Louis Miller 
East Perth
25/05/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 82kg

Luke Moore 
South Fremantle
07/04/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 85kg

Michael Mummery 
NT Thunder
13/06/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 87kg

Jai Nanscawen 
Dandenong Stingrays
31/03/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 73kg

James Pearling 
GWS Giants Academy
21/08/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 71kg

Jamie Plumridge 
Dandenong Stingrays
12/01/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 75kg

Joey Reinhard 
Sydney Swans Academy
01/12/1999 Height: 190cm Weight: 84kg

Corey Rich 
29/03/1997 Height: 183cm Weight: 83kg

Mathew Walker 
Murray Bushrangers/GWS Academy
14/02/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 76kg

Izaak Wyatt 
Southern Districts
17/03/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 72kg

Small Forwards, Defenders and Midfielders

Jake Aarts 
Richmond VFL
08/12/1994 Height: 180cm Weight: 76kg

Atu Bosenavualagi 
Oakleigh Chargers
17/09/2000 Height: 179cm Weight: 79kg

Connor Bristow 
15/07/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 70kg

Declan Carmody 
16/03/2000 Height: 177cm Weight: 70kg

Ben Cavarra 
20/12/1995 Height: 175cm Weight: 72kg

Kade Chandler 
13/01/2000 Height: 173cm Weight: 73kg

Kyle Clarke 
Murray Bushrangers
31/01/2000 Height: 174cm Weight: 72kg

Tate Coleman 
South Adelaide
05/10/2000 Height: 179cm Weight: 70kg

Tobin Cox 
15/07/1999 Height: 177cm Weight: 78kg

Martin Frederick 
Woodville-West Torrens
17/05/2000 Height: 178cm Weight: 74kg

Jed Hill 
GWV Rebels
06/07/2000 Height: 179cm Weight: 68cm

Tom Lewis 
18/02/2000 Height: 179cm Weight: 80kg

Jay Lockhart 
Casey Scorpions
03/02/1996 Height: 177cm Weight: 75kg

Rhyan Mansell 
North Launceston
04/06/2000 Height: 178cm Weight: 72kg

Darcy Marsh 
Brisbane Lions Academy
25/07/2000 Height: 178cm Weight: 75kg

Jarvis Pina 
Peel Thunder
30/10/2000 Height: 173cm Weight: 58kg

Jake Tarca 
South Adelaide
23/02/2000 Height: 175cm Weight: 75kg

Boyd Woodcock 
North Adelaide
05/03/2000 Height: 174cm Weight: 68kg

Medium Midfielders

Finn Betterman 
09/05/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 73kg

Brett Bewley 
14/04/1995 Height: 185cm Weight: 87kg

Jason Carter 
Peel Thunder
11/01/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 75kg

Kyle Dunkley 
Oakleigh Chargers
20/06/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 81kg

Sam Fletcher 
Dandenong Stingrays
27/01/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 79kg

Xavier Fry 
Eastern Ranges
08/08/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 68kg

Sam Graham 
Calder Cannons
24/06/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 76kg

Matthew Green 
NT Thunder
05/05/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 73kg

Ethan Hansen 
25/06/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 72cm

Will Hayes 
Footscray VFL
05/06/1995 Height: 181cm Weight: 79kg

Ryan Hebron 
Sydney University
03/05/1997 Height: 186cm Weight: 82kg

Will Hickmott 
11/12/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 76kg

Corey Hitchcock 
08/06/1999 Height: 180cm Weight: 75kg

Zane Keighran 
Bendigo Pioneers
19/10/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 79kg

Lachlan McDonnell 
Dandenong Stingrays
22/05/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 80kg

Justin McInerney 
Northern Knights
18/08/2000 Height: 18cm Weight: 72kg

Rylie Morgan 
24/03/2000 Height: 182cm Weight: 81kg

Aaron Nietschke 
Central District
26/05/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 77kg

Matthew Nunn 
18/04/1997 Height: 181cm Weight: 78kg

Tyson Powell 
Peel Thunder
07/04/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 80kg

Kai Pudney 
Woodville West Torrens
09/01/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 78kg

Harry Reynolds 
Sandringham Dragons
11/10/2000 Height: 190cm Weight: 75kg

Alistair Richards 
Sandringham Dragons
09/05/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 78kg

Mitch Riordan 
Dandenong Stingrays
25/01/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 79kg

Jack Ross 
Oakleigh Chargers
03/09/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 85kg

James Sturrock 
Peel Thunder
17/02/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 76kg

Jai Taylor 
Dandenong Stingrays
03/02/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 71kg

Charlie Thompson 
Richmond VFL
15/03/1999 Height: 183cm Weight: 80kg

Adam Tipungwuti 
Western Magpies
04/06/1996 Height: 176 Weight: 72kg

Charlie Wilson 
GWV Rebels
25/03/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 78kg

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Tall Defenders

Jacob Atley 
Bendigo Pioneers
04/07/2000 Height: 191cm Weight: 74kg

Chris Burgess 
West Adelaide
26/11/1995 Height: 193cm Weight: 84kg

Jordan Butts 
Murray Bushrangers
31/15/1999 Height: 197cm Weight: 80kg

Sam Collins 
15/06/1994 Height: 194cm Weight: 97kg

Stephen Cumming 
Dandenong Stingrays
22/07/2000 Height: 199cm Weight: 104kg

Mason Fletcher 
Calder Cannons
08/04/2000 Height: 199cm Weight: 80kg

Caleb Graham 
Gold Coast Suns Academy
12/09/2000 Height: 194cm Weight: 84kg

Austin Hodge 
Gippsland Power
02/04/1999 Height: 190cm Weight: 83kg

Nathan Kreuger 
South Adelaide
25/06/1999 Height: 196cm Weight: 86kg

Matthew McGuinness
13/07/2000 Height: 192cm Weight: 75kg

Nick Murray 
Murray Bushrangers/GWS Giants Academy
18/12/2000 Height: 193cm Weight: 89kg

Ethan Phillips 
Port Melbourne
17/04/1999 Height: 195cm Weight: 83kg

Mitchell Podhajski 
Calder Cannons
04/01/1999 Height: 191cm Weight: 87kg

Stefan Radovanovic 
Western Jets
07/09/2000 Height: 192cm Weight: 85kg

Callum Wilkie 
North Adelaide
10/03/1996 Height: 191cm Weight: 87kg

Lachlan Young 
Dandenong Stingrays
06/04/1999 Height: 190cm Weight: 78kg

Medium Defenders 

Joseph Ayton-Delaney 
Oakleigh Chargers
25/03/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 68kg

Tye Browning 
Calder Cannons
28/01/2000 Height: 181cm Weight: 81kg

Jacob Collins 
29/08/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 81kg

Jake Frawley 
Dandenong Stingrays
03/08/1999 Height: 187cm Weight: 81kg

Lachlan Gadomski 
Kingborough Tigers
05/05/2000 Height: 186cm Weight: 77kg

Matthew Gahan 
Dandenong Stingrays
11/07/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 79kg

Ryan Gilmore 
Gold Coast Suns Academy
28/08/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 84kg

Nicholas Hind 
Essendon VFL
19/08/1994 Height: 181cm Weight: 72kg

Cody Hirst 
Eastern Ranges
19/01/2000 Height: 180cm Weight: 65kg

Marty Hore 
Collingwood VFL
05/03/1996 Height: 189cm Weight: 81kg

Harry Houlahan 
Sandringham Dragons
09/01/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 74kg

Matty Lloyd 
GWV Rebels
02/11/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 77kg

Mihail Lochowiak 
16/01/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 82kg

Tyler Martin 
06/03/2000 Height: 188cm Weight: 80kg

Tom Matthews 
Brisbane Lions Academy
24/01/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 82kg

Lachlan McDonald 
Gold Coast Suns Academy
02/03/2000 Height: 185cm Weight: 75kg

Matt Neagle 
Wodonga Raiders
19/02/1998 Height: 180cm Weight: 75kg

Finbar O’Dwyer 
Murray Bushrangers
24/07/2000 Height: 188cm Weight: 72kg

Matthew Parker 
South Fremantle 
25/01/1996 Height: 187cm Weight: 79kg

Guy Richardson 
GWS Giants Academy
12/07/2000 Height: 184cm Weight: 75kg

Isaac Saywell 
13/03/2000 Height: 187cm Weight: 81kg

Regan Spooner 
South Fremantle
14/01/2000 Height: 189cm Weight: 80kg

Casey Voss 
14/09/2000 Height: 183cm Weight: 75kg

Tobe Watson 
Swan Districts
03/12/1997 Height: 188cm Weight: 82kg

Tall Forwards

Sam Conway 
Geelong Falcons
17/05/1999 Height: 202cm Weight: 89kg

Oliver Eastland 
26/03/1998 Height: 196cm Weight: 86kg

Kody Eaton 
East Fremantle
01/11/2000 Height: 195cm Weight: 86kg

Harry Edwards 
Swan Districts
01/10/2000 Height: 195cm Weight: 80kg

Darcy Fort 
Central District
06/08/1993 Height: 205cm Weight: 99kg

Hudson Garoni 
Murray Bushrangers
25/08/2000 Height: 195cm Weight: 91kg

Noah Gown 
Gippsland Power
01/02/2000 Height: 193cm Weight: 91kg

Daniel Hanna 
Calder Cannons
24/11/1999 Height: 199cm Weight: 81kg

Jack Mayo 
22/07/1999 Height: 192cm Weight: 81kg

Hayden McLean 
Sandringham Dragons
20/01/1999 Height: 196cm Weight: 91kg

James Rendell 
Sandringham Dragons
09/05/2000 Height: 198cm Weight: 90kg

Bailey Schmidt 
Dandenong Stingrays
07/03/2000 Height: 199cm Weight: 97kg

Kieran Strachan 
Port Melbourne
05/10/1995 Height: 202cm Weight: 95kg

Jack Tomkinson 
Brisbane Lions Academy
07/06/1999 Height: 200cm Weight: 100kg

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On 10/1/2018 at 1:40 PM, Whispering_Jack said:

AFL DRAFT COMBINE 2018 (continued)

Irving Mosquito
Vic Country/Gippsland Power/Maffra
24/08/2000 Height: 175cm Weight: 69kg

The type of player who would be handy buzzing around the feet of Maxy.

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Posted (edited)

Matty Lloyd - Rebels under 18s midfielder 

His parents must have been Bombers fans or had no idea about an Essendon full forward. 

I wonder if he does the grass thing before kicking for goal !!! Velvet sledgehammer 2

Edited by spirit of norm smith
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2 hours ago, Deeman said:

The type of player who would be handy buzzing around the feet of Maxy.

Any ideas on a potential nick-name?

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More Combine results 

Standing vertical jump

Ely Smith - 77cm
Laitham Vandermeer - 72cm
Ben Jarvis - 72cm
Izak Rankine - 70cm
Irving Mosquito - 68cm
Bailey Scott - 68cm
Isaac Quaynor 67cm
Connor Rozee - 67cm
Buku Khamis - 67cm
Chayce Jones - 66cm
Will Hamill - 66cm
Charlie Sprague - 66cm
Xavier O'Halloran - 66cm
Rhylee West - 66cm
Riley Grundy - 66cm
Connor Idun - 66cm
Bailey Williams - 66cm 

Running vertical jump (right foot)

Sam Sturt - 91cm
Chayce Jones - 85cm
Xavier Duursma - 83cm
Ely Smith - 82cm
Isaac Quaynor - 81cm
Riley Grundy - 81cm
Xavier O'Neill - 81cm
Connor Rozee - 79cm
Rhylee West - 79cm
Irving Mosquito - 78cm
Noah Answerth - 78cm 

Running vertical jump (left foot)

Bailey Williams - 94cm
Chayce Jones - 91cm
Connor Rozee - 88cm
Laitham Vandermeer - 88cm
Ely Smith - 86cm
Isaac Quaynor - 86cm
Will Hamill - 86cm
Ben Jarvis - 86cm
Xavier O'Neill - 84cm
Zac Foot - 84cm
Jackson Hately - 84cm
Bailey Scott - 84cm 

20m sprint

Tom McKenzie - 2.904 seconds
Connor Rozee - 2.91 seconds
Will Hamill - 2.914 seconds
Izak Rankine - 2.93 seconds
Connor Idun - 2.945 seconds
Bailey Williams - 2.946 seconds
Xavier O'Neill - 2.957
Xavier O'Halloran - 2.96 seconds
Ben King - 2.965 seconds
Sam Sturt - 2.966 seconds 


Izak Rankine - 8.039 seconds
Xavier O'Halloran - 8.063 seconds
Rhylee West - 8.216 seconds
Will Hamill - 8.222 seconds
James Blanck - 8.258 seconds
Chayce Jones - 8.270 seconds
Ben Jarvis - 8.308 seconds
Connor Rozee - 8.326 seconds
Ely Smith - 8.328 seconds
Sam Sturt - 8.396 seconds 

Yo-Yo test

Ned McHenry - level 22.2
Sam Walsh - 22.1
Luke English - 22.1
Will Golds - 21.8
Xavier O'Halloran - 21.6
Oscar Brownless - 21.6
Will Hamill - 21.4
Ely Smith - 21.4
Jez McLennan - 21.4
Lachlan Sholl - 21.4
Fraser Turner - 21.4

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2km time trial

Jacob Kennerley – 6:04 minutes
Chayce Jones – 6:05
Sam Walsh – 6:07
Will Golds – 6:10
Luke English – 6:11
Ned McHenry – 6:11
Oscar Brownless – 6:13
Jordan Clark – 6:14
Xavier O'Halloran – 6:14
Zac Foot – 6:15

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On 10/4/2018 at 7:52 PM, MFC-11 said:

Any ideas on a potential nick-name?


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