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CAN’T STAND THE HEAT by Ruby Tuesday

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Melbourne’s hopes of winning AFLW silverware in 2018 melted away dramatically in the 37 degree hear at TIO Traeger Park when it wilted after holding its opponents scoreless then losing its grip on a game for the second time in the space of less than a week.

This time the Demons suffered a complete mauling at the hands of previously winless Collingwood who applied power and pressure against a team that was a premiership fancy just seven days ago. 

After the first break, the Magpies embarrassed and outscored them by eight goals to winning 9.4.58 to 3.6.24. The fact that the team was on a six day break on the road and in the heat was no excuse for the sloppy play and capitulation to a team that was sitting on the bottom of the ladder.

The Demons’ playmaker Daisy Pearce was well held, leaving much of the hard work to far to few. The best of the bunch were Karen Paxman and Elise O'Dea but it was disappointing that so few stood up against a tough Magpie outfit that had all of the answers. 

The Dees were somehow still in the game early in the last quarter when down by 17 points but in the end they were far too easily brushed aside. In particular, the defence was easily ruffled and gave away too many easy goals. 

The team returns home this week to regroup for a must win game after another six day break against Brisbane at Casey Fields on Friday night.

Melbourne  2.2.14 2.2.14 3.4.22 3.6.24

Collingwood 0.0.0 3.2.20 6.4.40 9.4.58


Melbourne Hore Mifsud O'Dea

Collingwood Hope Edwards 2 Barden Bernardi Chiocci Hutchins Kuys 


Melbourne Paxman, Downie O'Dea Cunningham Jakobsson

Collingwood Bernardi Lambert Chiocci Bonnici, Hope King


Melbourne Cranston (hand) Smith (concussion)

Collingwood Nil

Reports Nil

Umpires Galbraith, Crosby, Broadbent

Estimated crowd 2,000 at TIO Traeger Park

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