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Women's Indigenous Guernsey

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Great to hear that Jeffy and Nev took Aleisha under their wing.  You could really see Jeff's influence when she took 3 bounces, ran the boundary and kicked the goal of the year, a few weeks ago.

Loved her description of Jeffy's reaction to that goal: "Apparently, he was walking around the club telling people he taught me everything I know," Newman said with a laugh".

Its great that the club involved Aleisha in the design of the indigenous jumper.  Nev and Jeffy will be like really proud dad's on Saturday night.

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Regardless of what impact it had on our ability to play the game itself, it was great to see our players representing the club and women's footy up there. That stuff is priceless when it comes to participation, development, and the bigger picture of support for remote and indigenous communities.

Almost half of those playing Aussie Rules in Alice Springs are girls and women. 60% of female players in the Central Australian league are indigenous.


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