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Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

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On 2/13/2018 at 11:31 AM, TeamPlayedFine39 said:

Robbo’s material is meant to be very accessible to all fans and is meant to put a friendly face to the club.  He has charm and the fans still hold a great affection toward him; that’s the reason he’s used by the club in an ambassadorial role.  There are plenty of avenues for in depth analysis available to footy fans, Robbo (quite intentionally) isn’t one of them.

Seriously, are you sure you are in the right forum?

I'm loving your contribution, keep up the outstanding work. You are a refreshing change. 

All the best & Go Dees


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I have seen Robbo present many times and he has been spot on. 

Our players have bad days, don't see why off field personalities are afforded the same luxury.


We can't be perfect all the time....

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