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spirit of norm smith

Top 10 Exciting Demons

Top 10 Exciting Demons   

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On 02/11/2017 at 9:24 PM, spirit of norm smith said:

Chopper Lovell. Hard at the footy. Yes and yes. One of our heart and soul types. 

Excitement machine.  No. 

When a ruck rover goes goal for goal against Jakovich and ends up with 8 for the day it's pretty exciting

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Flower by the length of the straight in the last 40 years

schwarz season 94





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I suppose we define "excitement" differently, but for me R. Flower was it.

During some very dark days for the MFC, I only went to the footy to watch Robbie. If he was out injured, I went to the boozer.

We were getting flogged more often than not but you just knew Robbie would produce something that would make you stand proud as a Demons supporter and even draw admiration from the oppo.

He might take the ball and run and bounce - excitement.

He might beat an opponent (or two ) in a contest. - excitement

He might take a beautifully timed mark and then goal - excitement

He could do it all.

For me, Robbie Flower was unforgettable.

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The thread is about the last 30 years. That does not include R Flower. He was an ex VFL Melbourne player 30 years ago on this date. As good as Tulip was, I think the thread is looking at post RF, hence he is not on the list. Otherwise let's include RDB or IWS in the equation as well

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