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We beat them on their own dung heap.

Time to beat them at our home ground.


B: Darcy Byrne-Jones,  Logan Austin, Jasper Pittard 
HB: Matthew Broadbent, Jackson Trengove, Tom Clurey 
C: Brad Ebert, Ollie Wines, Jared Polec 
HF: Jarman Impey, Justin Westhoff, Chad Wingard 
F: Jesse Palmer, Charlie Dixon, Aaron Young 
FOLL: Matthew Lobbe, Travis Boak, Robbie Gray 
I/C: Karl Amon, Sam Gray, Nathan Krakouer 
EMG: Riley Bonner, Brendon Ah Chee, Jake Neade

IN: Matthew Lobbe, Jesse Palmer, Cam O'Shea

OUT: John Butcher (omitted), Brendon Ah Chee (Omitted), Paul Stewart (Omitted)

NEW: Jesse Palmer


B: Sam Frost, Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta
HB: Jayden Hunt, Oscar McDonald, Tomas Bugg
C: Christian Petracca, Bernie Vince, Dom Tyson
HF: Jeff Garlett, Jack Watts, Aaron vandenBerg
F: James Harmes, Jesse Hogan, Dean Kent
FOLL: Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Jack Viney
I/C: Angus Brayshaw, Clayton Oliver, Cameron Pedersen, Billy Stretch

EMG: Chris Dawes, Colin Garland, Alex Neal-Bullen

IN: Jesse Hogan

OUT: Sam Weideman (quad)

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There's another interesting team selection along these lines being from Round 1, 2013 when the teams last met at the MCG. It was Ken Hinkley's first game as coach of a club that was going through a rough trot. 


Backs Lynden Dunn Tom Gillies Dan Nicholson
Half backs Jack Watts James Frawley Colin Garland
Centreline Jack Viney Jack Grimes Jimmy Toumpas
Half forwards Jeremy Howe James Sellar Colin Sylvia
Forwards Shannon Byrnes Mitch Clark David Rodan
Followers Mark Jamar Jordie McKenzie Nathan Jones
Interchange Sam Blease Matthew Jones Cameron Pedersen Luke Tapscott
Emergencies Aaron Davey Jake Spencer Dean Terlich

New Shannon Byrnes (Geelong) Tom Gillies (Geelong) Matt Jones (Box Hill VFL) Cameron Pedersen (North Melbourne) David Rodan (Port Adelaide) Jimmy Toumpas (Woodville-West Torrens SANFL) Jack Viney (Casey VFL)


Backs Tom Jonas Jackson Trengove Campbell Heath
Half backs Jasper Pittard Cameron O'Shea Lewis Stevenson
Centreline Matthew Broadbent Brad Ebert Kane Cornes
Half forwards Justin Westhoff Paul Stewart Angus Monfries
Forwards Chad Wingard Jay Schulz Jake Neade
Followers Jarrad Redden Hamish Hartlett Travis Boak
Interchange Matthew Lobbe Kane Mitchell Andrew Moore Oliver Wines
Emergencies Jack Hombsch Daniel Stewart Aaron Young

New Campbell Heath (Sydney) Kane Mitchell (Claremont WAFL) Angus Monfries (Essendon) Jake Neade (North Ballarat U18) Lewis Stevenson (West Coast) Oliver Wines (Murray U18)

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We have come a long long way since then.

Roos & recruiting achieved a lot, setting it up for Goodwin.

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