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Demonland    5,231

In a game of firsts, the new AFLW Demons side lowered their colours to the Brisbane Lions in what became a scrappy tussle.  But this was the game that had firsts and more firsts.

The first ever game for a womens team playing for the Melbourne Football Club.

The first ever game played at Casey Fields for AFL championship points.

The first time an AFL level game had to be stopped due to the danger of lightning strike!

And it was entertaining to boot!

The first quarter was played mostly in idyllic conditions in front of what must have been a crowd of 10-15K.  The locals turned out in their droves with kids in tow, and demonstrated why the MFC investment in the Casey alignment is starting to pay off.  The Melbourne supporters also turned up in their droves, but what was truly surprising was the strong contingent of women supporters for both sides.  Girls who obviously play the game at lower levels, but were there just the same.  

All in all it was an impressive start, but the Demons squandered their chances.  While conditions were conducive to a free running and quick ball movement the Demons took advantage.  Daisy Pearce was simply a class above anyone else on the field, but we only have one of her.

The ball finished up multiple times in the forward line, but the forwards simply weren’t there, didn’t play in front or couldn’t kick relatively simply opportunities when they presented.  Despite multiple attacks the Demons had 4 behinds to show for it while the Lions with barely a single forward thrust scored a major.

Then the storm hit.  Lightning and thunder struck overhead, and the field umpires took the players off the field. Rather wisely it would seem as the skies turned black and the torrential rain began.  All was not lost during that period as the crowd on the other wing was entertained by the security guard trying to put on a poncho while the wind and rain tried its hardest to remove it from him.  A few renditions of The Village Peoples' “Macho man” helped him along, but it was finally one of the mothers in the crowd who showed him where his head was supposed to fit.  

Unfortunately, too late, because the rain then stopped following  a 10 or 15 minute delay and  all returned.  But the Melbourne side seemed unaware that the ground was now drenched, with a slippery cake of soap substituting for the ball.  

They continued to try to play dry weather football, handballing and kicking short.  It didn’t work time and time again, while Brisbane simply scrambled the ball forward to their advantage.  Melbourne then helped the situation with two 50 metre penalties for running over the mark, both which resulted in goals.  And that became the difference between winning and losing.

Mel Hickey tried everything to lift the side around the packs, and Daisy was moved forward to try to provide some spark, but it was to no avail. Elise O’Dea and Karne Paxman put in more than creditable performances, but there were simply too many Melbourne players who barely troubled the statisticians. 

At least, the Demons are only a game out of the top four let's hope that they go into next week's game against Collingwood with more than one goal in mind which is what both teams achieved at the weekend.
This was a great first game, the result may not have been what we wanted, the conditions weren’t the best, but let's remember that Paul Kelly (the singer, not the footballer) one said that "from little things, big things grow". This competition has a great future, and it is hoped the fans continue to support it in full.

Melbourne 0.3.3 1.4.10 1.4.10 1.4.10

Brisbane Lions 0.0.0 2.0.12 2.1.13 4.1.25


Melbourne Grierson

Brisbane Lions Campbell Frederick-Traub Gibson McCarthy

Melbourne Pearce Paxman O'Dea Hickey 

Brisbane Lions Virgo Bates Frederick-Traub Kaslar Randall  
Crowd approx. 6,000 at Casey Fields

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