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Boxing Day means a lot of things to different people. Some relax after the festivities of Christmas, many head out on holidays, others head off to the big stores hunting for bargains while others still go off to the G and the Test.

This day to me will always be associated with the 2004 tsunami which took the lives of a quarter of a million people as the big waves hit shorelines around the Indian Ocean in one of the planet's greatest natural disasters. Among the victims were many Australians included Demon defender Troy Broadbridge who was on his honeymoon at the time.

We won't forget him - today, we celebrate his life and memory ...


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Well said, vale Troy Broadbridge just starting out in life,just married,starting to establish himself in the team and i think he would have had a good career, just taken far to young :(   but also his family and everyone close to him who would miss him our hearts go out to you all .

To everyone who lost someone on that day i hope that you all have as good a day as you can. 

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How quickly people forget.

I suppose there's a whole new generation of Demon fans growing up who know very little about Troy Broadbridge.

His passing on his honeymoon and nowhere near the prime of his life yet along with hundreds of thousands of others was a sad day in my life and a tragedy for all.

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Gave his life willingly, to save his loved one.

Have visited his resting place on the Island.


R.I.P Troy 

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