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TODAY WE ARE ALL DEMONS by Whispering Jack

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Thankfully, the footy is officially over and from now until the end of March, we don't have to concern ourselves with the distraction of the game itself but rather the more important aspects of our great national sport.

Things that come to mind are players ingesting drugs, be they recreational or performance enhancing, players getting into brawls, beating up their partners, the gender of their partners, smashing their cars and other property, getting speeding and parking tickets, and the really important stuff like the battles in and out of the courtrooms and what they wear when they get into them, drunken behaviour at the races, cricket and other public events, sacking boards, coaches and dud players, fixtures and draft concessions, trading players, free agency, drafting the next big thing, lousy commentators and incompetent journalists, funding for sports stadiums and their facilities, the importance in our game of lawyers, accountants and bean counters, being the moral arbiters of every aspect of societal behaviour, rule changes and their interpretation, indigenous players, beating the salary cap, whether beheading will take on in world sport, corporate governance, the COLA, international rules, the threat of soccer, Thursday or Sunday night games and abolishing Saturday afternoon games altogether, balance sheets and annual general meetings, spreading our game across the world, Foxtel's crummy summer programming, nasty rumours and much, much more.

The beauty of it all is that from today onward, everybody is equal as far as the AFL ladder is concerned. For the next six months there is no ladder, no wins, losses or percentage and those like us who support a downtrodden club can look their counterparts in the eye without any feeling of inferiority because next year we will conquer the world.

Today, we are all Demons!

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