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This was supposed to be member appreciation round, where the Club showed its appreciation for the loyal supporters who have endured much during the year.

The MFC players showed exactly how much they appreciate the support given in 2014 with a totally insipid and downright disgraceful display against a bottom of the ladder side. The fans were rewarded with a 10 goal loss against the Giants, who already had sent 6 of their players off for end of season surgery, and then lost Ward, Patton and Davis all before ½ time!

At least the Saints could point to having to play a potential Grand Final contender away, on their home ground despite their 12 goal loss. But there was simply no excuse for what the Melbourne players did at their own home in front nearly 18,000 of their own fans. Half the membership turned out after yet another shocker of a year, and that is how they were rewarded.2 goals to ¾ time, and nearly half a game scoring only a lousy 5 points!

Save for Nathan Jones and an occasional cameo from Max Gawn, Bernie Vince and Neville Jetta, the rest of the side shouldnt have turned up and they didnt!

We now know Chip Frawley is on his bike, because he is simply disinterested in the game going on around him. Jack Watts has also become a spectator of the game, and stays further away from his opponent than an Ebola quarantine officer does with his patient.

Surely Bernie Vince, Dom Tyson, Michie and Aiden Riley must wonder what they are doing, having left genuine football clubs with players who want to play football.

Perhaps they too will fall into the Melbourne mould and adopt the bruise free approach to how to play the game. Perhaps they will adopt the scared little men approach and constantly look for someone else to do the work, or back away from moving forward and putting pressure on the opposition.

Yes there is a bit more work required with these players, and we need to get it out of Jack Viney and Nathan Jones while we are at it.

So thank you Melbourne players!!

We really appreciate the support you have shown us. It would have been good if you had to talk to the long faced Melbourne supporter on the way home on the Belgrave line. He had been a member since 1982 and bought seven memberships for his family this year. But the kids dont want to go to the game any more, and it was probably good they didnt go along today. So he can see no point buying those seven memberships next year

that is what happens when you THE PLAYERS serve up what you did today. It is what happens to people who have supported the club for 40 years and have that support rewarded with a spit in the face!!

Yes, we the Melbourne supporters are MAD! Angry MAD that we have been treated so badly, and simply MAD to even contemplate turning up to watch the team play when next in Melbourne.

We dont appreciate the way you have treated us!

Melbourne 2.4.16 2.9.21 2.11.23 3.16.34

Greater Western Sydney 2.1.13 6.4.40 10.7.67 15.8.98


Melbourne Garland Kent Watts

Greater Western Sydney Palmer 4 Hoskin-Elliott 3 Kelly Smith 2 Boyd Mumford Shiel Treloar


Melbourne Kent, N Jones, Tyson, Michie

Greater Western Sydney Mumford, Palmer, Hoskin-Elliott, Smith, Shiel, Greene, Kelly, Tomlinson


Melbourne Nil

Greater Western Sydney Nil


Melbourne Grimes (hamstring)

Greater Western Sydney Davis (concussion), Patton (knee), Ward (calf)


Melbourne Nil

Greater Western Sydney Nil

Umpires Craig Fleer Simon Meredith Stuart Wenn

Crowd 17,218 at the MCG

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Lower than low.

Let this putridity never infect us again .


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