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We all know our own Club theme song, but singing such a thing has not always been done.

Over many, many years those songs have evolved, with the majority borrowed from other sources with the lyrics suitably adjusted.

So where did they come from, and what insights into the team and its own history do they give?


This clip explains a lot about Richmond supporters. Remember this when you next hear it! Especially the sexual overtone ... no, doesnt bear thinking about ...

But the best version of their team song is this one:



Freo supporters should be serious vodka drinkers ...



Sorry for the American overtones ...



and even more American overtones ...



Visions of the prohibition era ... not much has changed at the Dons!



There was something wrong with this played at the Grand Final in front of 100,000 Australians



Its bad enough listening to the original song they pinched but their supporters havent changed over the history of the club:



Surprisingly they tried this version in 1992, when they thought they would parody Pinball Wizard by the Who:


you have to wait a bit for the chorus to recognise it ...



More Americanism, but gotta love Cagney!



If you listen to the words it simply wouldnt be written today!

The song was No. 21 on the White Star line orchestra play list when the Titanic went down.



Shortest lyrics of any club song. Satchmo is great regardless!



What does shake down the thunder from the sky mean?

West Coast:



Why do all Mike Brady songs sound the same?...Very 80s


The song is based on an old sea shanty called Sons of the Sea

Its such a catchy little number that no-one has recorded it.

Port Adelaide:

The original was penned local composers Quentin Eyers ( who plays in a Sikh band ) and Les Kaczmarek (the original bass player with Cold Chisel). Like the people who support the club, it is a shocker, and the alternative lyrics are probably more appropriate:

We've got no Power at all

Our ****s are so small

Come on, Port Adelaide are wankers

We are the Bogans from Port

We're always in court

It's true Port Adelaide tradition

We'll never stop, stop, stop

Growin our drug, drug crop

There's history here in the making

Port supporters are sad

No-one knows who's their dad

Paternity tests is ours for the taking

With our drug network so strong

We can't go wrong

We're the Alberton crowd

Port Adelaide proud

And the losers are those

Who've earned the right

To wear the silver - teal

And black and white

And the Port supporters

Oh so small

True Ferals

One and all

Gold Coast:


However I much prefer the Kazakhstan version ( rarely heard):


Put together by Harry Angus of The Cat Empire! But could he have recently attended a Jewish wedding when he composed this piece?

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This is brilliant, George - well done. That Richmond 'Row, row, row' is very funny.

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For Footscray try this one which almost makes me want to barrack for the bulldogs

And then this one which I think is a glimpse into a secret Bulldogs training camp for new recruits

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I would like to share some lyrics I penned which I think are suitable.

Oh we're from Tigerland

We are pretenders we're from Tigerland

In any weather you will see us with a grin

But we don't like to put in

We'll get a good start

Then we'll break your heart

We need a new Royce Hart

For we're from Tigerland

We always weaken when the pressure is put on

UNLIKE the Tigers og old

We always get rolled

For we're from Tiger

We're YELLOW and black

We're from Tigerland

Good old Collingwood forever

We learned how to spell our name

Side by side we steal together

Yet we do not feel ashamed

Victims of crime they are a shouting

At us whilst we're in the docks

It's a familiar feeling

when the good old cell door locks.

Sons of the west

If you can play then we don't want you

Dempsey, Templeton & Browny

And Brian Lake left too

Our supporters "work" at Centrelink

Others say our club is dag

But our toothless fans over 70

Can recall our only flag

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What about in The Club when Hawthorn sing "bobbing up and down like this" because nobody wanted to pay for the rights to Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Meanwhile why did the Crows change from "we're the mighty Adelaide Crows" to "and we're known as the Adelaide Crows"?

Some other novelty version theme songs

Geelong - 1961


Geelong/St Kilda - 1980's


Sydney 1980's/90's


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