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The Casey Scorpions led Frankston from start to finish to win by 19 points in Saturday's final tune up at Casey Fields for next week's season opener against Williamstown.

The victory was the senior team's third win on end under new coach Brett Lovett to give it a blemish-free practice match series but it was nevertheless a somewhat unconvincing hit out against the competition's perennial cellar dwellers who admittedly do look to have improved this year but they are as ready as they will ever be for the tough season ahead.

Following the win, the club's jumper presentation was held in its function rooms at the ground and the following 2012 leaders were announced:

• co-captains - Kyle Matthews and Evan Panozza, and

• vice captains Rian McGough & Daniel Nicholls.

Casey opened full of run and welcomed the lively Kyle Matthews back with a bright start. The team had three goals on the board before the Dolphins looked threatening thanks to Jai Sheahan, James Strauss and Michael Risely mopping up everything coming their way. It took an indiscretion and a 50 metre penalty to concede the first goal. 

The second quarter saw both sides go defensive with plenty of flooding. It was not a great spectacle and the home side dominated thanks to the hard hitting determination of young Jack Viney and the fine work down back of Sheahan and Strauss. Wade Lees and David Collins were the best of the Casey crew while Gysberts and Morton added their stamp to the game. 

It was a different story after half time when the visitors kicked two quick goals thanks to some accurate kicking to position and by quarter's end the Dolphins had narrowed the deficit to 11 points and the tiring Dolphins looked to be in trouble.


Jack Fitzpatrick struck a purple patch up forward for his team, first combining in the ruck for a Gysberts goal and then kicking one from way out on an angle. The pressure valve was released and though Frankston continued to fight hard, Casey held on to a well earned 19 point win.

Only six AFL listed players were available on Saturday.

Jack Fitzpatrick - alternated between the ruck and forward line. Kicked a couple of goals and gave some drive on the ball.

Jordan Gysberts - worked hard and won the ball well at the stoppages and could work his way into contention for a round one berth with the Demons if he shines next week.

Kelvin Lawrence - flashes of pace and brilliance but needs to produce more often and more consistently.

Cale Morton - first up after injury and obviously needed the run. Has plenty of time and was effective at half back.

Jai Sheahan - the surprise packet, he was very impressive at full bank, showing great poise and creativity. Needs to bulk up but he he has the makings of a senior player as attested by his 23 disposals and 10 marks.

James Strauss - defended well in his three quarters and impressed with his strong tackling and excellent field kicking.

Then there was Melbourne's future father/son pick:

Jack Viney - in his first hit out in senior company, the 17 year old Viney acquitted himself well and had a hand in a couple of the early goals before finishing with 10 disposals in the first half  which got him a well deserved break in the second half. Challenged physically early in the game and gave back as good as he got.

Casey opens the season at home next Saturday night against premiership favourite Williamstown.

Casey Scorpions 3.4.22 6.8.44 7.9.51 10.12.72

Frankston 1.1.7 2.5.17 5.10.40 7.11.53

The development squad got up with a late goal to beat the Dolphins 9.6.60 to 8.6.54.

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