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  1. KC from Casey

    Casey Demons v Williamstown

    The Casey Demons are at home against top-of-the-ladder Williamstown this Saturday in the Channel 7 game of the round and need the win to keep alive their hopes of a top four finish. The teams met at Burbank Oval in the opening round of the season when the home side won by 23 points. Casey had Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald and Cam Pedersen among its Melbourne contingent of a dozen. The team makeup will be different this time and the team has matured. Look out for the return of Tomas Bugg from suspension. It's also the PINK RIBBON MATCH - please give the cause your support PETER JACKSON VFL 2017 CASEY DEMONS v WILLIAMSTOWN Casey Fields [Channel 7 TV Game] Saturday 19th August, 2017 at 2.10pm CASEY DEMONS B: 59. S. Frost, 1. J. Hutchins, 64. A. Brayshaw HB: 65. J. Watts, 44. T. Bugg, 6. J. Munro C: 19. M. Hannan, 54. J. Trengove, 15. B. Stretch HF: 45. D. Keilty, 26. S. Weideman, 48. C. Maynard F: 2. B. Fritsch, 55. L. Hulett, 63. J. Wagner FOLL: 34. M. King, 69. B. Kennedy, 57. J. Kennedy-Harris I/C (from) 5. W. Collis, 23. M. Cox, 35. A. Ferreira, 49. N. Foote, 9. M. Gent, 51. B. Giobbi, 25. D. Gordon, 36. Dan Johnston, 42. M. Lefau*, 24. G. Lok, 17. E. Morris, 27. A. Scott, 7. Y. Zijai IN: A. Brayshaw, T. Bugg, M. Cox, N. Foote, S. Frost, M. Hannan, Dan Johnston, M. Lefau, C. Maynard, J. Wagner, S. Weideman OUT: D. Johnstone, C. Porter, C. Salem WILLIAMSTOWN B: 17. J. Charleston, 7. N. Sing, 21. J. Tippett HB: 35. B. Myers, 30. K. Gray, 16. B. Bewley C: 22. J. Pickess, 6. M. Gibbons, 5. L. Schultz HF: 10. L. Masters, 13. A. Cordy, 19. D. Kempster F: 33. T. Currie, 14. A. Siposs, 2. B. Cavarra FOLL: 49. N. Meese, 9. A. Marcon, 24. W. Wheeler I/C (from): 47. L. Bramble, 28. C. Buykx-Smith, 27. J. Chisari, 32. T. Condon*, 36. T. Davies, 11. J. Dorgan, 40. B. Monk, 26. J. Newman, 20. M. Norton IN: B. Bewley, L. Bramble, C. Buykx-Smith, T. Currie, T. Davies, K. Gray, D. Kempster, , B. Monk, M. Norton OUT: S. Dunell, P. Faulks, J. Greiser, B. Jolley, J. Pongracic * 23rd player AFL VIC DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE 2017 CASEY DEMONS v WILLIAMSTOWN Casey Fields Saturday 19th August, 2017 at 11.00am CASEY DEMONS B: 12. J. Lovett, 20. N. Gardiner, 32. J. Briggs HB: 22. G. Lok, 36. D. Johnston, 46. D. Johnston C: 75. S. Dwyer, 3. C. Ambler, 23. M. Cox HF: 5. D. Collis, 51. B. Giobbi, 17. E. Morris F: 63. K. Byers, 24. J. Moncrieff, 18. B. Hillard FOLL: 16. J. Gains, 8. T. Vander Haar, 49. N. Foote I/C (from): 80. D. Allsop, 70. T. Armour, 31. T. Baker, 10. A. Cotte, 81. K. Dickson, 39. J. Di Pasquale, 68. E. East, 4. J. Freeman, 62. L. Gill-Renouf, 21. J. Kingi, 66. P. Lewis-Smith, 33. C. Machaya, 29. J. Rout IN: A. Cotte, K. Dickson, E. East, B. Giobbi, L. Gill-Renouf, J. Kingi, G. Lok, E. Morris, J. Rout Out: M. Lefau WILLIAMSTOWN B: 37. N. Ebinger, 41. J. Minogue, 40. B. Monk HB: 12. C. Yeo, 36. T. Davies, 45. L. Carter C: 50. F. Carroll, 51. M. Philpot, 42. B. Romensky HF: 1. E. Carr, 34. L. McMahon, 44. J. Owen F: 48. T. Wilkinson, 29. J. Burke, 28. C. Buykx-Smith FOLL: 46. J. Gray, 47. L. Bramble, 39. L. Knight I/C (from): 56. L. Andrew, 54. J. Dundon, 43. J. Eales, 38. A. Giuliano, 53. L. Goetz, 57. J. Haddara, 55. D. Smith IN: L. Andrew, E. Carr, J. Eales, A. Giuliano, L. Goetz, J. Haddara, C. Yeo OUT: T. Currie, K. Gray, D. Henderson, D. Kempster, M. Norton