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Found 6 results

  1. In Part Two of my chat with Jack Fitzpatrick, he talks about what makes Alistair Clarkson special, how drafting top-end players was never going to solve Melbourne's problems without development, the similarities and differences between Nathan Jones and Luke Hodge as captains, his thoughts on free agency, the moment he found out he was never going to play the game he loves again, and so much more. Listen to Part Two and if you missed Part One with Fitzy, here it is.
  2. MFCPodcast

    Melbourne Demons Podcast

    Hey Guys, I thought you might be interested in a Dees weekly podcast my friend and I have created. We are looking for passionate Dees supporters to be a part of it and build it from the ground up. We have lined up a few ex-players to guest host (one from the 2000 Grand final side). If you are interested you can like our FB page here and msg us with any ideas or suggestions. Our website is www.deespodcast.com We are both long term visitors of Demonland and love the content. Especially the training reports and articles. Would love any feedback! Cheers guys
  3. MrBurns

    Demon Podcast Rd 17

    Anyone have any topics they want covered on tonight's podcast? On the rundown tonight: 1) Etihad Curse 2) Whose on the 'blacklist' 3) Skiers 4) Retroview: Dees V Roos Prelim Final 2000
  4. Hey Demonlanders, As a spin off from the 'A Saint, Demon, Tiger Walk Into A Bar' podcast, I'm broadcasting our own show on Dee's Footy without the riff raff. Part of the segment is to wonder onto Demonland and use some forum posts as discussion points, so some of you may get a shout out! Anyone interested, have a listen and feedback is welcome! Like a few others on here, just building it from the ground up. Main target audience: those Dees who have been through the Daniher Years and enjoy a good mix of tunes from 90s to today, mixed in with some (attempted) meme humour. Link: https://www.spreaker.com/user/a-saint-demon-and-tiger/demon-outside-the-bar-rd-17?fb_action_ids=10153510128677581&fb_action_types=spreaker_radio%3Aupload&fb_ref=image_bigbutton Skip to Demons Segment: 20.30sec. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1134416319944910/ Go Dees! Mr Burns
  5. On tonight at 7.30 if anyone is interested in hearing 1 Melbourne fan facing off against 2 rivals (a Saint and a Tiger)...especially after our shocker on the weekend. Also: a very tall...very lofty...very beardy guest will be on the phone...so if anyone wants to hit him up with some questions, go for it.