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Found 1 result

  1. Psychic

    This is just for the record, folks. Last year, when Jesse Hogan went down with his hammy I had a flash that morning that Jesse would be hurt that day. Sunday morning another flash came: Hawthorn would beat us by 10 goals. As you know, Flash was wrong. It was eleven goals. Yes, I know some of you think I'm psycho, but in reality, I'm also very psychic. Just thought, on what will be a week of gloom and dark weather, a gloom overshadowed by the lunatic shenanigans of the most dangerous man who has ever been the Pres - and he has a lot of competition on that front - I'd share that with youse all, hopefully to make you consider that there is more to life than the MFC. Become a Psychic, I say unto you, you will be healed.