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  1. Colin B. Flaubert

    Do we go inside to get outside?

    And by that I mean do we look inside the club to get a decent outside mid? Or do we look to the draft? Or recruit one from another club? Looking at our stocks of midfield talent, we seem to have an abundance of extractors but a scarcity of midfield distributors/line breakers. Jack, Clarry, Nate and Gus have all been designated as inside mids (with Gus being moved to HBF to get his confidence back). Salo has also been training with the midfield during the off season, and if I'm not mistaken, with a view to take on that role in the future. There have been complaints about our lack of spread but it seems to me that we have recruited in a manner that has given us few players who can do so. Jordie and Bernie were excellent distributors in their day, but clearly they are closer to the end than the beginning. We have tried recruiting via the draft the type of player I have mentioned but the Toump and Cale clearly didn't work out. So my question is: Can we find someone within our four walls to be that guy? Jaidyn Hunt could be a possibility if he can start making smarter decisions with the pill. Tracc wants to go midfield but is his style of play suited to that role? Can we convert one of our insiders into outsiders like a reverse Chris Judd? Or do we look elsewhere? People rightly have mentioned Andrew Gaff.