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  1. Brisbanedemonfan

    Fun fact

    Looking at some stats on the AFL website, and noticed something positive about Melbourne. In recent years one of the criticisms labelled at Melbourne is fade-outs across a game. A strong first half followed by a poor second, or a strong first quarter followed by a shocking second, and so on. Well this year we seem to have improved markedly in this respect. So far this season we have been consistent across all four quarters, winning 9, 9, 11, 11 across the four. This places us equal 3rd for total quarters won, tied on 40 with Richmond and West Coast. We're equal 4th with Geelong for first half performance, but the second half as you can see is where we really shine. We've won 22 second half quarters, to be ranked 1 in the competition! Just something little that's positive we can take away from the year so far. Full rankings: First quarter wins 1st - Richmond & West Coast 11 2nd - Melbourne, Geelong, Swans 9 3rd - Filth* 8 4th - Port & Hawks 7 Second Quarter wins 1st - Richmond 11 2nd - Swans & West Coast 10 3rd - Melbourne, Geelong, Filth* 9 4th - Port & Hawks 8 3rd Quarter Wins 1st - Melbourne and Filth* 11 2nd - Port, Swans, Hawks 10 3rd - Geelong 9 4th - West Coast 8 5th - Richmond 6 4th Quarter Wins 1st - Richmond 12 2nd - Melbourne & West Coast 11 3rd - Port & Geelong 9 4th - Filth* 8 5th - Swans & Hawks 7