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Found 7 results

  1. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Listening to Gawn on SEN. Hilarious and: Camp with the AFLPA was a beat up and they were already cancelling the camp before the AFLPA got involved Gawn has put on 4kg since he came back Hogan in great shape and might play midfield, but clearly the best forward Lever talking a heap, looks like he'll be in the leadership group Gawn says he's a better barrister than Jobe Trac is going to play midfield and Gawn is looking forward to Danger, Selwood, Ablett v Viney, Oliver, Petracca Gawn looking at wine bars in New York but unsure; looks like there might be one in Melbourne and some food trucks as well. The best story was talking about the Simmons story. So not sure if it has been covered on here yet, but Trac had courtside seats, Harmes and Tyson were in the nose bleeds. The Trac was in the limo to NYC, H&T had to Uber there ($150 later), the uber turned up after the limo so H&T had to wait in the line outside before finally making it in. And apparently, Trac was in an area with Simmons and Le Bron that the other 76ers werent allowed into.
  2. Big Treebeard Gawn

    Thoughts on his game? He looked like he was playing like a man that had a midweek pump up Great clunks!
  3. On tonight at 7.30 if anyone is interested in hearing 1 Melbourne fan facing off against 2 rivals (a Saint and a Tiger)...especially after our shocker on the weekend. Also: a very tall...very lofty...very beardy guest will be on the phone...so if anyone wants to hit him up with some questions, go for it.
  4. Games MFC 2012 0 MFC Total 4 Goals MFC 2012 0 MFC Total 1
  5. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/newsarticle/tabid/7415/newsid/128234/default.aspx Great initiative, although I'd be surprised if no other team in the comp had a program along the same lines. I think initiatives like this will be the real value of having Neil Craig in the position we created for him. Something that maybe Neeld would think of, but never have the time to implement effectively.
  6. Positive article about Max Gawn

    I found a positive article in regards to Max Gawn and his knee rehabilitation. I really hope he can fully recover and become our number #1 ruckman at the Melbourne Demons in a few seasons' time. Here is the article in question:- Gawn's strong resolve I would also like Max Gawn to aim to become the strongest player at the Melbourne Demons if he builds up in the gym for the whole year. Doing a PE Teaching degree at Deakin University will also keep him busy. All the best to Max Gawn in his recovery! GO DEMONS IN 2012!