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Found 1 result

  1. 2017 Post Mortem

    The strange 2017 season for the Demons ended appropriately, in other words, almost there but not quite, reason being, we stuffed up when we didn't need to. No use now dwelling on what might have been, time to look towards 2018. What do we need? A back up ruckman who is reliable and can get a kick and take a mark. A backline that doesn't have as many holes as a rusty plastic sieve. To find a player or two who can and will deliver more than the sporadic contributions players like Harmes, Stretch, Hannan, Wagner, Vince and Tyson consistently deliver. A big, big improvement in our turnover ratio. An appetite to get the job done from the opening bounce, to stop relying on catch up footy. That's my 2 bob's worth. So near, yet so far. Rue the day, lads, that you allowed North to beat you twice, Freemantle once too often and Hawthorn when they were seriously down and out. So as you reap so shall you sew.