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Found 2 results

  1. It could nearly be upon us: the cancelation of Australia's premiere bogan mirth factory, the Footy Show. Yet again, it has been smashed in the ratings by the Front Bar in most markets (though it was pretty close in Perth). There are reasons for this. A style and manner of presentation that has been pretty much the same for nearly 25 years (with slight changes to the format). The inevitable use by date of most TV programs. Sam Newman's gradual metamorphosis from boorish lad (who at least seemed to be enjoying himself) to the footballing world's version of Walt Kowalski from Gran Torino. However, and this is something that may threaten the AFL's longevity, I believe that essentially that the show continues to present a vision of Australian society that is far removed from what Australia actually is becoming. I will try very hard not to veer into partisan politics and make this about cultural demographics and values. However, the Footy Show STILL lots forth a version of AFL culture which is akin to jocks tripping up nerds and weirdos in the corridor. Take one look at Street Talk and tell me otherwise. More than anything else, it is mostly loaded with a bunch of 'good ol' boy' types who are mostly white as ivory, ragingly heterosexual (and in some cases chauvinistic), and dripping with plain old 'I was lucky to pass the intermediate he he he' dumbness. Be anyone from outside those demographics and you would wonder if this game wanted to exclude you of you were to watch the Footy Show off one were to view it as emblematic of AFL culture. Believe me that it was for many years. Thoughts?
  2. Wrecker45

    Eddie Everywhere

    I know this thread will probably struggle to get a reply but thought it worth noting Eddie today. 1) He is under massive attack for the continuation of his Collingwood presidency. Wakes up expecting to bat that off in every interview. 2) In the morning he was spruiking some republic luncheon or large function where he is the head promoter of a transition to becoming a republic. 3) Mid afternoon he announces he is going to host the footy show again. I don't like the bloke but am seriously in awe. He is some kind of ninja waariror with his organisation.