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Found 1 result

  1. So 2015 is the hottest year on record? Announced just before the Paris convention... NOAA came up with this scare. The satellite data that accurately measures the atmospheric global temperature shows no statistical warning for 18 years (and 9 months). Of course if there is no atmospheric warming there can be no global warming. (PM me if you don't understand the basic physics) But NOAA has come up with a "new" formula that ignores the accurate and unaltered atmosphere figures, relies on temperature stations on the ground, that are subject to the moving of weather stations, increased and decreased concrete surroundings, sample ocean scooping's, from ocean liners and homogenization of data. And of course nobody is privy to how the data is manipulated. Just so we are clear: -Satellite data uses infrared technology across the atmosphere and is entirely accurate - NOAA's "new" global temperature findings use man made weather stations and a raft of other inaccurate temperature gages. Then they "adjust" them and then they come up with the hottest year on record, just in time for the Paris convention. Now NOAA is in a world of hurt because congress has requested the raw data, adjusted data and method of manipulation of data that they used to claim the hottest year on record. But of course NOAA wont release it, at least this side of the Paris convention. Are there any on here that argue Essendon should be hit with the full force of the law for not providing their body of evidence on allegedly drugging 40 players but think it is fine that that NOAA wont supply their data that effects the world policy and could potentially leave millions in poverty?