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  1. Movies/DVD's

    Fair cop Macca!
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Rjay if they are setting up Spud Frawley, they are struggling surely? Or am I misjudging the audience? Maybe it is me but Spud is a not very interesting relic of the 70's and talks like he is still in the change rooms from when he played. Very cringeworthy at times, blokey talk about not getting enough from the missus, [censored] ups with mates etc. And importantly not much analysis of the games when he is supposed to be talking about it rather than him so what is the attraction?
  3. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Well this is interesting because my first reaction was who are the replacements! Appalling treatment of employees by the way, and this speaks volumes of the management, are we talking Hutchy and Doctor Turd? I liked the Ox for his sense of humour and Marko for his golf but if you are listening it is not for intellectual depth for heaven's sake. I think SEN is on the way out. Garry Lyon is hard work in the mornings, KB is gold mid morning but now they have nought till Finey in the night who I find irritating but some like. If we are talking Hirdy forget it, the great non personality surely?
  4. Movies/DVD's

    Yes great film, watched it last month on 70mm at The Sun in Yarraville. Superb vision apparently on 70 mm, depth of vision you don't get with digital, so they said. Now in the final scenes I interpreted the German bomber attacking the English minesweeper off Dunkirk with the central characters escaping on board being depicted a number of times from the spitfire pilot perspective, from the characters on board the sweeper and from the Dunkirk rescuer's small motor boat. The same event depicted 4 times. Initially I was thinking, for heaven's sake what does it take to kill this German bomber? Then I realised what we were seeing. Yet when I have mentioned this to 3 people who watched the film they didn't see it that way. Any thoughts? One other thing, I used to have a pilots license and I doubt you could fly a spitfire without fuel for the distance they managed in the film, take out a Jerry bomber and still emergency land on the beach intact.
  5. 2015 the hottest year on record

  6. One final trade

    Can't forgive her for "The Vault" article, the first ultra beat up from her on the tanking episode! It was debunked over subsequent weeks and it became obvious that it was just a regular coaches meeting not some clandestine meeting of the inner sanctum of evil as she tried to portray it. Later on she was still at it, accusing Pettard of deliberately fumbling a ball on the wing in the dying minutes of controversial loss to Richmond where we were ahead when the final siren sounded! Absolute shyte, in a year when MFC players fumbled balls all season.
  7. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Paul Johnson was 6'6" and good below his knees but that was about it, at AFL level. He tended to dominate the next level down winning a JJ Liston for Sandy I think.
  8. 2015 the hottest year on record

    No I am into facts and measured data and observation, not sure what you work with? The 20 year pause, give me a break, 1998 was a hot year but as hot or hotter years of global average temperatures have occurred regularly in the 2000's. We are on track in 2017 for a top 3 hottest years ever recorded with no El Niño in operation by the way. But gee 98 was fricking hot, so what? Forget the the religious rubbish, you are the myopic ideologue here. What are your scientific qualifications and what scientific papers have you published to justify your statements of so called facts? You make a lot of polemic like assertions about the science based on what? All you do is cast aspersions on NASA and thousands of scientists who are working in the field, observing what is changing, collating data and interpreting what they are seeing, delivering scientific papers for peer assessment. But no I am supposed to listen to your ravings, give me a break! I am an engineer who works off facts and logic. I have no qualifications in the field of climate change so I don't know, but my response is to trust in those who do know, the scientific community and the respected agencies who report on climate change. If there is a conspiracy altering facts it is most likely to be coming from the vested interests in the fossil fuel industry than from corrupted university scientists. We have listened to deniers like you for 20 years and done nothing, now we need to act
  9. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    What were CC's recruiting years for MFC? I thought he was active in the latter part of Daniher's tenure and our poor overall recruiting from 2000 to 2006 is why we fell over a cliff in 2007. We got some first rounders right in Jones, Rivers and Chip but otherwise we had more misses than hits.
  10. 2015 the hottest year on record

    As I have said numerous times to all your skepticism on this subject, (and of course your not a denier)Just sit back and observe what is happening with the world's weather! Climate change is happening now and we are experiencing it across the globe, in extended droughts, intense storms, wildfires in the USA, the list goes on. But go study the data further for possible errors and ignore what's happening as we blog all this!
  11. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Denier, skeptic why should a climate zealot like myself differentiate. And yes in your definition, I put my hand up I am a zealot then because I believe in the science and therefore we need to act now and even though we are a small player in local emissions, but a large world player in our exports of future emissions, we need to take a leadership role. Skeptic, Denier either way you are about doing nothing while the evidence mounts, denier, skeptic, same thing. You realise Margaret Thatcher spoke out on the need to deal with climate change in 1989! She had a chemistry degree and believed in the science but she spoke a year after the IPCC was formed to evaluate the climate problem but before the fossil fuel industry had realised they had a PR problem and started their rear guard action to muddy the waters on climate change. How much longer do you want to evaluate the data? But then you don't believe the data so where to now for the skeptic? Sounds like more non action. US agencies just released a 500 page report stating that climate change is happening and it is very highly likely human induced, all this in defiance of their political masters of the Trump administration who are stated skeptics. Where is the conspiracy for this? As I have said before forget the predictive models if you believe they are corrupted and the data which you believe is manipulated and just observe what's happening. Temperature records are being broken regularly, 12 to 1 in favour of hotter than average vs cooler than average. Great Barrier Reef and all reefs in the Pacific bleached in successive years. 15 of the last 16 years have seen the hottest global average temperature years have occurred this century, yet skeptics say heating has stopped? Wasted billions on climate change you say, wasted on what exactly? Are you referring to subsidised Solar cells? Or wind energy turbines?
  12. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    No Hemingway yet again! I walked passed a place in Osaka where he obviously frequented in the past, drinking Sake, whiskey shots, who knows what else.
  13. Loyalty issues as well I have heard!
  14. Famous MFC jumper number

    4 Norm Smith - 4 and 6 - greatest football strategist, player manager in VFL history. 31 Ron Barassi - 6 and 4 - most competitive and successful footballer ever? 2 Robert Flower - our most exceptional and graceful player 11 Jim Stynes - the most inspirational player story in the VFL/AFL's short history!