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  1. Earl Hood

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    They may have put the cue in the rack for the season, chasing some early picks in a draft with some good local talent.
  2. Earl Hood

    The Soccer thread

    Its the World Cup after all when have we not been dudded against the top teams? They bought in the VAR but we still get dudded!
  3. Earl Hood

    The Soccer thread

  4. Earl Hood

    The Soccer thread

    It’s one all!
  5. Earl Hood

    The Soccer thread

    Strewth nearly got a goal!
  6. Earl Hood

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Great to see Kyle Cheney out there for the Crows. There is an ex demon who has made the most of his talent. Third club and 10 years since he was drafted by us with pick 53. Always liked him as a player, dependable type but didn’t have enough speed. Delisted by us in 2010 when we thought we had a star studded list of young talent.
  7. Earl Hood

    Islam in the West

    Sorry I can’t listen carefully to something you have written, I can only read it. But no matter, you refuse to recognise the false premise of your argument. Oh FGM is practised MORE in Islamic communities than others. Is it? I don’t know the absolute numbers but for umpteenth time I am not defending the practice, but I suspect you are too wedded to a side, the wrong side by the way.
  8. Earl Hood

    Islam in the West

    Your too thick to work it out aren’t you Pro. My point is FGM is not directly related to Islamic beliefs. Muslims and Christians and other animist communities in Africa and Asia carry out practice and have done for millennia. Through decades of immigration, this practice has unfortunetly come through to the West. We can only hope better education and community pressure brings it to an end. Absolutely nothing to do with lefty mental illness. That is why I do not rail against one particular group on this issue. By the way have I missed you marching in the streets on this issue?
  9. Earl Hood

    Eddie Betts.....So what did happen??

    Re No 1 I was told some female half wit Freo supporter asked Eddie for a selfie after the siren on the ground which he obliged and she then posted the selfie on FB complete with racial slurs. Where do these people come from?
  10. Earl Hood

    Islam in the West

    Hey weren’t you on about soot in the third world yesterday? Now it is all about the West! I said I don’t condone the practice but you are now telling me I do! Do Christians practice in the West? Are you inferring that this practice is only abhorrent if it is done in the West? In short are you a complete idiot?
  11. Earl Hood

    Islam in the West

    Have you ever thought of a career in the Diplomatic Corp Pro? Such subtle language. Of course I can’t tell you something you don’t know because you know everything, that is a given, you are omniscient. A legend in your own mind! Now back to reality Did you read my post? I said it is a barbaric practice I do NOT condone it but I am at a loss about what I can do about it. It is practiced across numerous poor and uneducated communities in Africa and Asia, irrespective of their religions. CHRISTIANS Do It TOO! SO ARE YOU A BRAIN DEAD RIGHTY? These modern religions of Islam and Christianity are an add on to the beliefs of communities that have an animist past and continue their old practices. There are many stories of African people that worship in a Christian Church but still believe in spirits and demons, what we would deem to be superstitious rubbish. But that is our thinking, not theirs. And for the record I challenged your take on poor cooking practices on the grounds of context, relevance to your war on Islam. I still can’t make sense of it. I am aware of the issue. I give to charities such as World Vision so I get plenty of information on Third World problems thank you very much. And please can you make sure you take your medicine.
  12. Earl Hood

    Islam in the West

    I did a quick review of the history of female genital mutilation just to confirm what I thought was its history. The practice is widespread across Africa and to parts of the Middle East, it predates Islam and Christianity being mentioned in Ancient Greek writings and in Ancient Egypt. It is practiced today by poorer people’s who are Animist, Christian and Muslim. There are links to its use as part of the slave trade in the 17th Century which might explain its movement out of Africa to Asia. There is no mention of FGM in the Quran or the Bible. In summary it is a barbaric practice from our pagan, superstitious past that is still occurring in the modern world. It is not exclusively an Islamic issue. That might be why I am not railing against Islam on FGM!
  13. Earl Hood

    Islam in the West

    Pro I accept your data on this issue just flummoxed as to its relevance to this thread. This thread started with the dangers of Islam and has strayed at times into the usual attacks on lefties, fair enough I suppose, but then to throw this statistic into the mix just didn’t seem to make sense. Poor cooking practices due to poverty are widespread across the third world, not linked to any religion nor any political persuasion I believe. There is a hell of a lot of misery and injustice happening on this planet every day that lefties or conservatives just can’t resolve and never will unfortunately.
  14. Earl Hood

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 12

    Upon sober reflection I give the following votes: 6 TMac 5 Oliver 4 Gawn 3 Lewis 2 Brayshaw 1 Fritsch
  15. Booked in to see my doctor tomorrow as I was obviously at a different match today. Thought I was at Dees vs Pies but I must have been watching Lewis on replay when he played for another team.