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  1. Mono no crystal ball needed here. The thread is about list management, my translation is contingency planning; planning for the worst, while hoping for the best, of course. We went into the season with two experienced ruckman, both of whom have had injuries over the years. The backup was Mitch King who would not be ready till mid season at best following his knee reco. The question was asked of the club As I remember it about bringing in an experienced ruck journeyman thru the trade period but Josh Mahoney replied we would go thru the draft for a ruck. It turned out to be Filipovic, a skinny kid, miles away from AFL. So here we are with 2 injured rucks, one young ruck still in rehab, an 18 year old playing in the development league and no other player on the list at 200 cm who can at least compete physically. For heavens sake this is the MFC, always expect the worst, at least I have since 1994 and been proven right most years. As I pointed out in an earlier post the Hawks, who traditionally don't get many injuries, have 6 ruck options on their list! They have kept Fitzy going around with no intention of playing him, he is just insurance, while brining in Vickery. These players don't claim to be ruckman but they are 200 cm plus bodies who can play that role. Again I say unacceptably poor list management by MFC for 2017 and it is going to cost us finals. And can I also add that playing finals this year would have been an important stepping stone and experience for our team to push toward a flag
  2. I remember having this discussion before last year's trade period with some fellow Demon fans, we discussed how vital Max would be and if he got injured we also discussed that Spencer was a good back up but was also prone to injury, missing weeks over the past few years. We also discussed that Mitch King had done his knee and wouldn't be in contention till what mid this season? So we had 2 ruckman for 2017 really. So we hoped they would search out a mature ruck forward type in the trade period as insurance. I remember the response from the club was no we will go to the draft and we got the young and skinny Filipovic. Thus we entered 2017 with two ruck options. Forget hindsight or foresight, this is poor list management. You plan for the worst and hope for the best, that is planning, list numbers restrict your decisions but how many specialist positions are there in today's game? We can always cover midfielders, small forwards, half back flankers to a better or worse degree. The game is about 2 rucks, 15 midfielders and a key back and a key forward. We have left ourselves exposed for the next 6 weeks with few options. And may I say it is only a matter of time before Jack Watts gets taken out physically in the ruck by a Mumford type. And that would be doubly tragic for Jack and MFC. Can I also point out that my wife who is a Hawthorn fan points out that they have 5 ruck options, McEvoy, Ceglar, another rookie plus Fitzy and this year Vickory. All players around 200 cm. In short poor planning by us. And if you add Roughy that is 6 options in an emergency.
  3. Yes I was screaming a number of times for someone to protect the back of the throw ins in the second half in particular. Very basic football to protect the corridor space especially when you know your ruckman is undersized and not going to win the taps. Some blame has to go to the coaches, runners should have out there to tell the midfield to cover the corridor and be between the opponent and their goals at all stoppages as we were trying to defend a 20 pt lead with an undermanned side.
  4. 6 Hibberd 5 Watts 4 Oliver 3 Hunt 2 Petracca 1 Jones
  5. But we don't get value for our dominance should be 2 goal up at least
  6. What is this football related rant doing on this thread? Where are the moderators? However it is a fair comment, but my reply is we have reverted to our normal state over the past 20 years. Last year was an anomaly for so few injuries, our norm for as long as I can remember is 10 to 12 on the injury list with 4 or 5 of those being in the best 24. That is our lot I am afraid, unlike the Dorks, the Cats over the past 10 years.
  7. Now we have been threatened with a thermo nuclear response for comments made by Julie Bishop and our US links! We live in bizarre and dangerous times. Where is Doctor Strangelove when we need him?
  8. 20 possessions, 2 goals. And was basically starved at half forward for 2 of the quarters before spending some time in the middle. Short answer he is not playing at Casey any time soon.
  9. I never said we did lose because of that selection, although that said when the margin is 2 points , who knows. All we do know is the Weid did nothing, was playing injured of course but when he got a free in front, missed. Smith may have picked up the tempo with another game and kicked the odd goal or just applied some forward pressure.
  10. Agree we stuffed up at selection. Weid had a shocker against the Cats and if Pedo is underdone then I thought Smith should have got a second game, if only to add some muscle to a very light forward set up and give him another chance to pick up the tempo of AFL.
  11. 6. Oliver 5. Watts 4. Garlett 3. Tyson 2. Spencer 1. Petracca
  12. When we were 3 points up with 90 sec to go we chipped it around from the goal square to the southern side and back again while Salem and I think Hunt were set up on the northern stand boundary with no opponents, I couldn't believe it that our back man did not look over to the obvious target that would have soaked up more time and provided an avenue to attack again, instead we ended up kicking to a contest and coughed up a goal. However it wasn't just Vince we played a lot of dumb football today, kicking to contests when there were players in the clear. Over use of handball allowed Freo to bottle up play and take control in the 3rd.
  13. Sorry La Dee I was referencing the Byzantine calendar which is somewhat off set from the western calendar so I believe the fall was the 12th of May of the year 6961 Annus Mundi and I believe Demonlanders were all over this on the day! Says a lot about Deelanders I think.
  14. Or was it the anniversary some years later of the fall of Constantinople in May 1453?