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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Meaning? Because I am watching the hitchickers guide to the universe! Who is winning?
  2. Lumumba documentary

    What have the Romans or the English for that matter, supply ever done for us eh, You could say! Actually it would be interesting to know the life expectancy of our indigenous peoples pre contact. The more you read about their known life styles as it is being reinterpreted in recent times (refer Bruce Pascoe) it seems they may have done as well as anybody up until the recent invention of pharmaceuticals. They had no viral, contagious diseases, no plagues, no bacterial diseases associated people living in close proximity in cities. And they only worked a few hours a day to meet their food requirements because they weren't required to supply arms and time to some hierarchical tyrant and his army. Which was a requirement of European society of the day. Other than that trade has been good for everyone. Interesting subject though.
  3. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Except if the Dorks win this week and next to go to 46 points and we lose the next 2 to stay on 44. That scenario will do my head in big time!
  4. Dieter it might look like I am about 3 foot tall with strings attached but I am actually 6' 5"! And believe me I left the Dee's in 1992 because they blamed me for the loss to the Weagles in the semi final in 91 where I played with a broken bone in the hand.
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    Reports are the the Dorks are chasing him, replacement for Gibson just as they covered Lewis and S Mitchell with Mitchell and Jaegar. How the hell do you kill this club in the modern era where they just keep cherry picking top talent based on their recent, past success to fill holes?
  6. If I owned up that I am really Earl Spalding would I finally get some respect on this forum?
  7. Match Review Panel Farce

    Yes Mono, very odd, the MRP trashed their own brand by giving Greene a fine. This means he transgressed the rules in some way and given his record, the third transgression this year, he would have to pay a price in games, most would think. He either did nothing or he was reckless, inflicting a medium impact, head high use of my boot studs to protect his space, not to allow him to mark from a kick but to just receive an errant handball. The boot was used to fend off a tackler, to gain time and space for a release, not to protect his body in a marking contest. There is a difference I think. The precedent set is I can lift my feet to fend off a challenger at any contest with perhaps only the threat of a fine if you collect their face. Still remember Steven King got off Scott free after kicking Jeff White in the face with a crazy head high hoof at a bounced ball! Jeff needed cosmetic surgery and a face reco as a result but apparently it was not negligent, high and high impact back then.
  8. Redpath 3 weeks shocker.

    Much worse of course, an open palm push to the upper body, than a boot to the face which was high, medium impact and reckless but only gets a fine for a 3 time offender? Yes it is all making sense to me.
  9. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    Skeeter Coghlan?
  10. My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    Watts - he didn't play
  11. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Thanks Nut was about to post the same article. Just more climate conclusions from the observed data from 13 different US agencies, no less. But of course they are all part of the conspiracy. Why they would be doing that is a mystery of course to all except the C deniers who can't see why corporations with multi billion dollar vested interests in fossil fuels might be causing confusion and doubt via any number of so called and falsely labelled "Think Tanks". Such as the Heartland Institute funded by the Koch Brothers who shall we say are a menace to modern civilisation, along with Rupert Murdoch. In a rational world they would be dealt with forthwith. If not violently, perhaps we could send Rupert off to Manus Island and the Koch boys to Guantanimo Bay. The world would be a better place for this I assure you.
  12. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    Last 5 games we are 18th for points scored, tackle and clearance differentials and scores per inside 50 entries. Something has gone horribly wrong while we have had key players coming back.
  13. 2015 the hottest year on record

    DC the last 2 summers we have been saved by unusual summer humidity drifting south from the tropics as Sydney experiences but we usually don't. I work with people who manage our water supply catchments and I can assure you they were concerned in the past 2 seasons when we had not received our Spring rains to wet the catchments and were expecting the worst in January or February.