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  1. Injured Draftees

    The problem was we took the Toump not as a bargain because he had the hip injuries, we paid top price for an injured player. Who then struggled to show why he was a pick 3. No weapons that I could detect, small in stature, no speed, not particularly evasive, not a great kick. Maybe he had that before his injuries that led us take him early. Certainly many rated him as top10.
  2. The next logical step is a movie, how about "Looking for Jako", adapting the script directly from Looking for Eric! After all there are many similarities between Cantona and Jako in terms of mercurial talent, goal scoring and eccentricities on the field. Similar age and playing period the only difference was longevity, I suppose.
  3. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Wrecker climate is about long term averages for temperature, rainfall, wind etc. So we already have a 1C rise in global average temperatures above the recordable historic average. Weather is what you experience, locally and now. I am trying to point out that climate change is not some abstract theory that may occur in the future, it is happening now and people are being affected in the weather they are experiencing now. The raft of heat records I referred to back in September aren't about to happen, they occurred! They are on the record even though I am sure you will dispute the BoM data and that the people in northern NSW and western Queensland were duped into feeling like they were dealing with 40C plus temperatures in September, temperatures that they had never experienced before so early in spring. It is very much about the weather now, extreme heat and drought are occurring more often. Why don't you go and ask someone in the insurance business about their thoughts on "the weather" and what it is costing them in payouts and their predictions for the future effects of changing climate on their business models. They pay out on the bad weather not the climatic averages but they are factoring in that climate change equals more extremes and more damage from sever storms or more intense and frequent fires.
  4. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Yes LG very timely post. You won't get any arguments from me on that!!
  5. Colin, in Osaka to catchup with Japenese exchange students who have stayed with us over the years. Whirlwind tour and great fun so far. Wish it would stop raining though. Still haven't had time to listen to the Jackovich podcast yet! Maybe tonight.
  6. Shyte missed it I am in Osaka forgot about the 2 hour time difference. Sounds like it was a great interview. My favourite player after Robbie.
  7. Mature Age Recruits

    A Jurrah/Wizz hybrid? Certainly can take a hangar, would have liked to see some other skills displayed.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    No Moons my discussion two days ago was with someone who taught Sam and spoke to him 2 weeks ago on his thoughts on JW. Doesn't mean a lot but I have some concern about the impact on the playing group so I hope a management plan is in place.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Not what I heard second hand from Sam but I hope you are right, but fear otherwise.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Let's hope the surviving members of the playing list know the reasons why! That is my point.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yes my point is not whether the FD got this right or wrong, pick 31 and still picking up a percentage of Jack's wage is testing me, it is just that they have a contengency plan for the Watts trade fall out and sell it well to the playing list. This is vital for next year.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Spoke to a friend who taught Sam Weideman as the resident phys ed coach, in VCE last year or the year before? Not sure what year but he spoke to Sam last week and his comments were that Sam couldn't work through this issue. Sam thought Jack is the ultimate club player, everyone loves him and Sam thought he was performing. And OK I can see this as part of the problem identified by Goodwin. The main thing here is that the FD has a management plan in place to reduce the collatoral damage of Watts treatment and the move amongst the kids. Anyone want to discuss James McDonald or Cam Bruce? Let's hope the club has learnt something over the past 10 years! Not. Confident.
  13. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    I am off to bed I have to work tomorrow. I will check who won what tomorrow. I haven't time for this elongated supper! What the hell are they serving up to the punters with their desert!
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Interesting point I had totally forgotten that contracts mean anything these days in the AFL. The usual discussion is about a player in contract who wants to go so the club makes it happen as they don't want a disgruntled player hanging around. But in this case we have a guy wanting to stay and see out his contract agreement even though the new coach wants him out. Interesting times ahead. I still think he will jump probably to Sydney as for compo I don't think the club can expect too much as they have telegraphed their thoughts to the AFL world.
  15. Trade rumours

    I think that is exactly the attitude the MFC took back in 2009 when they failed to even interview Dusty who was a widely regarded top 5 pick. At the time I thought he would be a good option as we had picks 1 and 2. Take Scully at one as the outstanding endurance athlete of the draft and although Trengove looked good I wanted Dusty for that mongrel element the list needed. Scully and Trengrove were always the vanilla, nice boys option for my thinking. But yes Dusty would have struggled to fit in at MFC but he also had problems at the Tigers and shopped himself around only 2 or 3 years ago with no takers believe it or not! What a transformation. Maybe an omen for Jack Watts if we can't do a trade and he ends up back at home? However I suspect we will take any offer and there will be suiters because he has a much less threatening demeanour.