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  1. I agree we should make some changes just based on then fatigue factor. We have basically a 5 day turn around from WA. Stupid FIXturing by the AFL yet again. Casey have had some standouts in the past few weeks so we should look at JKH and Kent to add some fresh legs. If Watts doesn't get up we need to look at Weeds but I would rather he played a few more games at Casey.
  2. It should be where you are first deemed to take control of the ball not where you land in the process of taking the mark unless you have juggled it all the way. This is what I proclaimed in the 1987 preliminary final when Simon Eishold took a lunging chest mark in our goal square but then slide off to the pocket and was asked to kick from near the boundary line and shanked it, instead of being able to line up dead in front. Harry Beitsel at the time said you would pay the mark where the player ends up but that is [censored] because if I take a lunging mark running back toward the goal line with the flight of the ball and slide past the goal line, do I then line up on the boundary fence and then kick back thru the goals for six points? Its OK I have had theraputic help over this issue and have since made a full recovery over the 87 final loss to The Dorks! Well sort of.
  3. Just watched the replay and JL had a lot of slick handballs in traffic I didn't notice last night live. Cane Cornes had a point but it's not a big deal.
  4. Add Morton to the list, started very well, showed promise but with some flaws. Just think the club burned him, he needed very close mentoring, guidance and encouragement but I believe he got jackshyte help in that period both Neeld and Bails. The club had no idea, just thought top picks would deliver in spades with no need for help from above.
  5. Tom Mac's goal was unbelievable! And thanks to some misses from West Coast late.
  6. Agree if a side can kick the set shots and the ones running into an open goal they win. We should be 3 goals further up!
  7. Only saw a bit of the 3rd and the last quarter but very impressed by JKH he looks very balanced, clean hands and knows how to get the ball and delivery was very good. He looks a million dollars at this level. And has the penny dropped for Kent with 8 or so tackles and 30 odd possessions?
  8. Yes most open season from living memory so that is why I am so [censored] off with our injury list. Get Gawn back but lose Jones and Watts in the one week, 2 players who have missed very few games in the past 6 to 10 years. What are the odds? This is the year to keep a full list and have a real crack in the finals. But no not this year for us!
  9. Just reinforces the thinking that all we have to do is get into the finals and we have a big chance. Adelaide at home is not scary in a final.
  10. What is this anti Argentinian Malbec diatribe I am witnessing Uncle. Think yourself lucky to be offered such a luxury in the third world. Invariably drinkable in my experience.
  11. Can't get thru the Hun paywall but I think I can guess if it is in the Hun it is shall we say not quite scientific?
  12. Yes at the game I was wondering what the % time in possession was around half time. No such stats at Etihad. The dogs had a lot of the ball in their front half but we were relentless in our defencive work, they just couldn't score. Still pinching myself about how intense we were at the contest. Never seen it before at this level for consecutive games. Keep that intensity up and we will take some beating.
  13. And Lewis said on SEN he has only played 7 games this year after his enforced layoff so he said he is on that plane!
  14. 6 T Mac 5 Hibberd 4 Salem 3 Lewis 2 O Mac 1 Watts apologies to Jetta, Oliver, Jones, Pedo, Bugg, ANB and everyone else.
  15. Me too and it was amazing how early the Doggie supporters left the ground who were sitting around me, two next to me before half time. I was starting to think I might have a body odour problem or something!