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  1. Oscar plays off scratch and recently won the AFL longest drive comp with a drive of 292m. What is May’s handicap that’s what I need to know!
  2. Earl Hood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I hope so we need a decision from Hoges pronto!
  3. Earl Hood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    No not pushed out the door, more the case that he would not commit to an extension beyond 2019 so we are moving early as you say while the price is right. Not because he struggles for distance on kicks for heavens sake. You pass on a potential 60 goal a year key position forward at your own peril and certainly not for a gorilla marking backman a la Sam May by choice. I think the FD believe he is going if not this year, then next year.
  4. Earl Hood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yes this possibility crossed my mind as well. I haven’t followed all the media discussions closely enough but with Josh Mahoney saying that we couldn’t get May unless Hogan decides to go and Hogan supposedly only recently asking if a trade back home was possible this year and then hearing that the Club has spoken to May on two occasions already.....well something doesn’t seem to add up! I think the club put it on Hogan to extend his contract past 2019 now and if he didn’t commit they decided to act.
  5. Earl Hood

    Jack Scrimshaw

    I went to Swinburne Institute of Technology in the 70’s studying engineering and there was a Scrimshaw there who had played a few games with Hawthorn or Richmond. Can’t recall his first name but wonder is Jack a son or nephew?
  6. Earl Hood

    Jayden Hunt

    Could be off to the Swans, family issues, father passed away during the year, and AVB has been trying to run the family business in Canberra from here. Hope he stays.
  7. Earl Hood

    2018 Player Reviews: # 44 Joel Smith

    I believe he could be anything with an injury free run over the next 3 years. He has all the athletic tools needed at AFL level but also the footy smarts and pedigree to be more than just an athlete playing footy. In the future he could go forward or he could play wing as well although not sure of his tank at the moment. Could he develop into an Isaac Smith type running player? I am very positive.
  8. Now that the Eagles have won the 2018 flag we know all other 17 clubs will be analysing their list, their game plan and just how they won on the day. The AFL is full of copycats as we know. It now seems to me that chaos footy and small defensive forwards, small running halfbacks with intercept marking backs may not be so much in vogue next year. Today’s win for the Eagles was also a victory for 2 legitimate ruckman, two key marking forwards and at least two big marking/spoiling key position backman. It’s like 1990’s footy reborn. Yes there are still running halfbacks, inside mids and small, crumbing forwards but there always were I think. The ramifications are I think that the value of secondary ruckman (Pruest), key position backman who can handle the gorillas (May) has now gone up but so has Hogan’s value as a key forward to offset that for us. The WC structure wants the ball played predominately in the air and this would also help alleviate some of the AFL’s worries about congestion. Interesting to see how the recruiters react to the WC blueprint.
  9. Earl Hood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Well yes if he stood on the grassy knoll I suppose. But then that knoll was chock full of Mafia, FBI, CIA, KKK and Cuban Operatives as I remember. Very crowded at the time.
  10. Maybe but today’s GF result has just improved his stocks in the competition. West Coast have won a cup with traditional big bodied defenders who could hold the line early. Intercept marking forwards are great and so are receiving half back runners but old fashioned big bodied marking KPB will now be well sort after.
  11. Earl Hood

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Cut down in his prime, could have been anything really. We will never know.
  12. Earl Hood

    Grand final Gameday

    Yes taking your advice. I live in Fitzroy but just 100m from the Collingwood border and the Police Helicopter has been circling around my battened down warehouse for the past 30 minutes, just assuming the filth are on the rampage down Smith Street!
  13. Earl Hood

    Grand final Gameday

    Yes, somehow. Finished 4th in his heat.
  14. Earl Hood

    Grand final Gameday

    Early Channel 7 coverage has Oscar MacDonald winning the final of the longest drive off the tee competition they have been running during the season. 292 meters, that’s up there with the tour guys! I think he plays off 1. You wouldn’t pick him as having exceptional hand/eye coordination sometimes on the footy field. Well done, won a set of Taylor Mades and the gold jacket.
  15. Yes the way things are unfolding you would think we had a bad year. We will have to get into trading picks for experienced players big time. No use going to the draft with 7 or 8 picks for 18 year olds.