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  1. In one of the contested forward drills where the ball was lobbed in high to T Smith and Weid vs Keilty, Hibberd and OMac with smalls running in for the crumbs and snap on goal, Tim took a blinder, chest mark on top of the pack, contender for mark of the season, except it hasn’t started yet! Both Tim and Keilty took a couple of clean marks in packs under pressure. I watched Weid closely and he doesn’t seem to be able to work his way into position in that type of situation, didn’t take a mark, got one defensive fist in from behind and kneeing Hibberd in the head in the process. They did a number of tackling drills, very entertaining where a player has to pick up a rolling ball and get past the tackler who was instructed on how to wrap the ball carrier up. Very physical stuff. A later drill focused on how not to get wrapped up and we saw a lot of Dusty don’t argues being dished out to ward off the tackler. I think it was Bugg who putJones flat on his back with a straight arm to the chest much to everyone’s amusement. If we tackle with the intent like I saw today in these drills we will break open a lot games. Re injuries - Harley Balic who is looking much fitter than when I first saw him train seemed to strain something at one stage, got some treatment on upper thigh and retired from the drills to do laps. Nothing serious. Nev running laps, everyone else present was involved in the drills.
  2. Yes I saw Stevo’s report on 7 tonight and certainly didn’t see him at the ground so I assume he was at training very early before heading up to the Lexus centre! If Viney was running laps in the first hour before I got there then he has put in a very solid 2 hour session, that is all I can say. He had boots on as far as I could tell for the 45 minutes he was running and kicking the ball with the 4 assistant coaches. As Saty has reported he gives every appearance of being on track for round 1.
  3. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Is there a church nearby and a mass scheduled? Go in the main doors and sneak out through the side alter, through the presbytery and help yourself to the sacrificial wine on the way through. My guess is BBO, if he enters the church, will be struck down before he gets to the Presbytery!
  4. Hunt was there today and took part in all the action and was quite energetic and vocal in a couple of the routines. Didn’t standout that much but I do remember he nailed the last routine, the kick on goal from an angle with a torp from 50 m. That went through the middle. Now that I think of it, though unrelated, was noting how vocal Spargo was in one of the routines, yelling at players to get on queue! As a newbie I liked it and it caught my attention. Spargo is one to watch I think.

    World champions!
  6. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Huh? Gun control is a Democrate issue then? You never cease to amaze Wrecker!
  7. The Barnaby

    Not sure what your point is Wrecker? Are you equating the Age with Breitbart in credibility? Are you going to back the deputy PM our new Bazza McKenzie, with his silly hat, against Malcolm the PM? Happy to watch the coalition implode over this [censored].

    Petracca Zooper!!!
  9. Yes it was interesting that our form fell off a cliff from round 15 onwards, after Bugg was rubbed out for 6. On the surface it seems he was an important cog in the wheel and if had kicked straight, well....
  10. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    More info required DC.
  11. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    Don’t tell me Lethal got him as well? I remember Steve Smith and Peter Giles. Amazing how thugs with some football talent can be feted in later life. I am thinking Dipper as well.
  12. The Barnaby

    So we can’t make any judgement on Barneby’s behaviour because others from Labour have been found wanting in the past? What is your fricking point Jnr! I mean why have you left out Ben Chifley? Surely you have something on him as well.
  13. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    At Pioneers, juniors and seniors?
  14. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    My brother played against him at golf in the club championships at the Heritage later in his short life and yes Sean was a hard man to beat, off single figures so you can add golf to the list of sports he mastered, not that anyone ever masters golf.
  15. Hi Nut thanks for the Richard Broome reference. I will follow that up. May I also recommend Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu. You may have read it? It looks at aboriginal society pre 1788 based on archeological studies but mainly on the observations of those who had first contact, the writings of the explorers, surveyors and first squattors. It paints a fascinating picture of pre European life here, a varied society that farmed, hunted, built stone houses and had permanent settlements. What was going on here for nearly 60,000 years was unique and needs to be further explored, studied and celebrated. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen when the 40,000 year old bones of Mungo Man could not get government funding for a dedicated rested place in Lake Mungo recently.