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  1. If watts was rested (i.e. with sydney match in focus the week after), then our forward line would be Pedo and Tmac as the talls. I don't mind that given they are both in such good form. Anyone heard if Kennedy is back for them? really hoping not.
  2. Garry Lyon on SEN said his sources say no Hogan or Gawn for Queen's Bday this morning. I was hoping for one or both.
  3. I'm not sure, if he averages 20 disposals a match id say 400k for 2 years is acceptable from Adelaide (but as there is interest 500k to keep him more like it). E.g. Daniher is only on 750k. But if hes as good as we think, then i'd offer our first round pick (8-14) and above what Adelaide offers (500-700k). But there are other things at play: Gibbs to Adelaide - yes/no McGovern to WestCoast yes/no What he actually wants to do (we have no idea - atm his manager is being smart and saying await finalisation of CBA). Any of these will influence their salary cap and ability to keep him. Happy with whatever outcome occurs.
  4. And hes still available. Manager said: Currently way off signing. Issues surrounding total player payments (as in incremental rises in salary commensurate with those stated in the CBA) Adelaide is not willing to offer that up Contract talks haven't even started as a result. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/06/01/in-demand-crows-contract-talks-have-stalled/
  5. At the time and with what he has done disposal wise this year it is for one of the best inside mids in the game (e.g. this season if you go by disposals - 354 to date and next highest is 327). Compare Mitchell to the price of Prestia and it's a steal haha. I'd happily take him for pick 14 every day of the week knowing how the draft can toss up duds as much as good players. But if an inside mid isn't what you need then obviously that changes what you are willing to pay. On Jones, if they give pick 14 for mitchell im not paying below pick 20 for Jones (it's [censored] if they ask for our first round pick, when they accept 14 for Mitchell).
  6. Fox sports news has done a report card on the Dees. See link below: http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/midseason-report-card-melbourne-in-midtable-position-despite-loss-of-key-players-through-injury/news-story/2f3b01e4afae837d947d5912e5abb441
  7. Door for Lever is closing by the second according to SEN corespondent Tom Rehn: However, another sought-after Adelaide player, Jake Lever, won’t be going anywhere according to Rehn. “Jake Lever is almost over the line,” Rehn said. “He will stay, no question. He loves it in Adelaide and is very settled. “For mine, he is the next captain of the footy club. He is so humble, a very good leader and an intelligent guy. He is just a superb guy on and off the field.” https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/05/29/west-coast-coming-in-a-big-way-for-crows-youngster/
  8. Would love Gawn, Hogan and Salem as INS. Doubt Gawn will come in but worried about Grundy's influence aka Goldstein. Out i would suggest Oscar McDonald and then i hit a wall. Tom M I'd move back for Oscar and play Hogan, Pedo and Watts as 3 tall forwards with Pedo as relief ruck. Nervous but excited for Queens birthday Go dees!
  9. Noticed may is listed as 193 & 102kg. I'd love a 198cm KD sometime. As for me i want him but only for one pic and no player. if that can't get it done walk away and hope we develop and gel by the end of the year. http://www.goldcoastfc.com.au/player-profile/steven-may
  10. But we don't play 1v1 anymore. We play a zone, which almost always has Jetta on the oppositions tall forwards (LOL). Would love to see us play 1v1!
  11. Don't forget he dislocated (or similar) his fibula in a tackle in the first JLT match when he laid that tackle on the boundary line. That may have influenced it a little. I believe when he was about to come back he did the thumb, and i agree, he would be able to continue running etc.
  12. Interestingly the SEN has been discussing live trading and they put forward the 2015 draft with gold coast and melbourne and they suggest that Gold Coast wanted Oliver and traded down from pick 3 to melbourne for pick 5 which they thought that they would still get Oliver later with. Problem was that we grabbed him so early in their thoughts! In the article from Brett Anderson: "The recent case study involving both the Gold Coast and Melbourne in the 2015 AFL Draft is a prime example of why draft day trading would benefit their list management strategies, as the Suns tried to predict the overall position of late riser Clayton Oliver during the trade period. Clayton Oliver’s stocks kept rising. During trade period Gold Coast was a club that traded down from pick three to five with the idea of being able to get him. The problem was though, is that the pick they traded to Melbourne was the one that came up to take Clayton Oliver,”. See link: https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/04/27/anderson-why-live-pick-trading-benefits-everyone/
  13. I still don't know why. Last week I watched us handball backwards and turn it over. This week I watch us handball forwards backwards sideways in the wet and turn it over or create another ball up. We for 3 quarters got to the ball first and had an option to kick long. We have to STOP handballing over kicking. I can't stand watching us do it every week. PLEASE give our forwards a chance to kick goals, apply pressure. Simple footy is all I ask for. Get ball, kick ball and play one on one.
  14. Would love us to actually make a fast start (5+ goals in the first quarter). Hogan, Ped and Hib sound like good ins to me #godees!
  15. Really disappointed because I have expectations that when we play a team that is bottom 6 we should win well. It's my own expectations that then hurt the most. Upon reflexion we are young and there is still so much promise. Looking forward to next week. The thing I hated most about today was the amount of times we had a first option to kick it long into our forward line and instead handballed backwards. It seemed that apart from vince's torp in the last quarter we either scored or created a ball up when we kicked long first option. That's what frustrated me, the fact that we didn't give our forwards a chance to win (and I think our forwards were much better than freo's defenders - even without hogan)! Bring on Richmond!