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  1. Wunders

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    I agree too, his fantasy scores the two weeks prior were ~100 both weeks, and then with the ankle/neck last week he was down at ~30 and dropped... Against Adelaide his aggression at the ball was Viney like. Hopefully Pedo can provide a similar role for us (if not Smith back in).
  2. Wunders

    Changes v Collingwood

    One thing a few are not discussing is that Collingwood may decide to 'tag' Hibbo (if i was an oppo coach i would to try and stop his run; i.e. Carlton game with Jed Lamb i think trying to get into Hibbo for the first quarter and a bit). So say Collingwood do this, then he probably couldn't play Lever's role (plus i love Hibbo and Jetta as 1v1 kings, but with attacking flair once they win it). Similarly, I'd be putting ANB on that Collingwood wing/backman (Tom Phillips; like hibbo) to stop his damaging run and meters gained. Interesting to think about anyway. I'd bring in someone fast and hard, who can repeat gut run at a high intensity to cover any potential fast breaks.
  3. I can't help but feel that we lost those early games because we had people like Wagner, Frost & Hunt in the team. I think we struck gold by dropping them all and going on this 6 week winning run. I'm not saying they are bad, more that they all have a weakness compared to Lever & the way we play (i.e. Playing them attenuated the way we play now - although maybe it was all T-mac coming back). I'd personally like to see Petty (early season reports said he reads the ball really well and takes some nice intercept marks), Smith (i think he will get the game & i'm excited to see what he can do) or Weid (played down back - because i like weid but don't want him back in the forward line as its functioning atm). Even pedo to the defense would work (i could see pedo as a McGovern marking type - but poorer in quality). In the end, if we set up well and dominate the middle then the defense won't have to do much (hence it won't matter as much who we bring in). Go Dees!
  4. Wunders

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 11

    It's almost boring for us all the sudden on selection night these days :P (not that I'm complaining as i love our side). Even if we played West Coast i wouldn't change it as I'd back our team.. Hopefully play well again :)
  5. Wunders


    Really happy with Bull in our team, he's really added to that hardness that the team exemplifies. Although i really love the idea of Weid, on the seasons form so far i much prefer Bull for our chances to make and win finals.. But it's nice to have a Pedo/Weid in reserve just in case!
  6. Yes, some weird statistics... I did like that as a team we are second for distance covered behind Collingwood (and GWS is almost the same as us). Should mean that we are all working harder as a team - well i hope it does! Against Gold Coast jessie & weid were close to 8km at half-time, so i would've thought someone like that would be up there..
  7. Wunders

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Happy for no change (even if weid is ready, send him to the VFL for a match and see how he goes), wasn't happy with how Bull started the match (holding the ball, not killing contest, etc.), but he adjusted to the tempo of the game and ended up having a statistically nice game. Anyone have thoughts on us flying up the day before the match? I personally like the idea of going up 2+ days before (as any flight exposes the body to radiation due to thinner air and less molecules to deflect incoming cosmic rays, and i think that's an additional stress on the body that can have a small effect on performance; might only be 0.5% - but i want to be in peak physical condition). Example article looking at endurance performance and dose of radiation (greater exposure = poorer exercise time to exhaustion, hence performance is decreased). https://atlasofscience.org/solar-radiation-reduces-endurance-exercise-performance-in-a-hot-environment/
  8. Wunders

    Angus Brayshaw

    In retrospect, it's really Brayshaw who has taken Dom Tyson's spot this year (not Viney) and it seems to be for the better. I like Dom, but i like our current set-up more.
  9. Wunders

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    And thus Charlie is up first!!! http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-05-15/tribunal-live-curnow-brothers-ziebell-from-5pm-aest
  10. Wunders

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    May Gets off, can they get off? Although may was talking to the umpire, whereas both curnow's don't seem to be.. interesting
  11. Wunders

    Changes v The Blues

    twitter gif of the touch https://www.zerohanger.com/new-footage-shows-charlie-curnow-make-contact-with-an-umpire-19922/
  12. Wunders

    Is that all there is.. No 6

    Gary Lyon also mentioned the top 8 being set ater the last round in previous years on SEN this monring. But they went on to say that realistically there are still 3 teams outside the 8 who could make it in & that it's not really set as yet (they then went on to say % is a good indicator of the top 8 too).
  13. Wunders

    Changes vs Gold Coast

    I think the thumb will need more time to heal than just a week off (think about when you tackle, you may grab with four fingers, but only have the thumb to oppose those & grab the player/arm/jumper... hence i think you don't want to be tackling someone with a broken thumb as 2 weeks off isn't enough time for it to heal). Sure he could just not tackle or handball on that hand, but i think that with a competitive team that's also not an option. Plus Lewis had a small break in a finger, not his thumb, hence quicker turn-around. Lastly, are we actually missing Salem (http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-05-01/thumbs-down-as-bad-break-sidelines-demon#/)? Kicking efficiency below average (I think hes more effective as a half back than a mid so far this year. I felt his best match was (where he broke his thumb) back as a half back - i think from recollection. as a result, I'd leave Salem out another week or two = no changes or Viney in due to coaches desire to have him in (and praying hes ready).
  14. Wunders

    Salem to miss Saints

    Interesting to see that Salem's disposal count (18.7) and disposal efficiency (67.9) are below average this year, and Contested possessions 9.8 (average) in that same article. Probably a fact of putting him in the midfield for the first 5 rounds, i'd prefer to have him coming off the half back - rather than being in the middle (feel that we perform worse with him in there unfortunately). Hopefully recovers soon and get's back in to improve the teams kicking efficiency (although 6 rounds of stats imply otherwise).
  15. Wunders

    My 3 word player analysis V Richmond

    And we seem to be a contested ball / get hands on it first team, but because we have no forward structure we muck around with it (although we do try and run the (or multiple) spare(s) off the back of the square to get the easy receive), but why not play 1v1 (i.e. to our contested strength) and get that ball forward.. I'm sure im missing some key stuff as per why, but i've always been annoyed at our ability to get hands on the ball and not kick it forward and then stuff up..