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  1. piddz

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    This game is unbearable to watch without mute on. The excessive drooling over richmond is sickening
  2. piddz

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I've been a staunch supporter of Goodwin and for the near future i will continue to be... but my god, in that presser he just accepted the fact he is happy with mediocrity and praised Richmond for the entirety of it. Seemed content with simply remaining in the game for the majority and was star-struck with Hardwick and his mob. FFS. Nothing less than a win is or ever will be satisfactory with this list we have. Capable of so much more and is so f@rking frustrating!!
  3. piddz

    Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Diminished numbers of dees fans is exactly what was going through my head during the pantsing on Sunday. It's always nice to see big dees numbers at the spectacle games. It's hard enough to drag the fickle fans along as is let alone after what we dished up. Oh well, makes for slightly shorter queues at the bar...
  4. piddz

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 2

    On a side note, where's everyone watching the game? I have a feeling most pubs will just have the dons on. The Sporting Globe in Richmond is our affiliate pub yes?
  5. piddz

    Farewell Jack Watts

    But it is crystal clear that Watts is being kicked out of the club? Goodwin even stated that he 'asked Watts to explore his options'. The Dom Tyson SEN interview wreaked of the players dislike towards the decision. I won't post specifics as i don't care enough about persuading nay sayers to throw mates under the bus, needless to say Jack was messaged personally and while he replied professionally open-ended, the message concluded with 'it is hard to succeed when you're not wanted there.'
  6. piddz

    Beamer opens up about Neeld relationship.

    Well that article filled me with some unwanted nostalgia that i thought i had painstakingly buried a long time ago... While i accept Beamer should have accommodated any new game plan put before him, imagine getting behind a bloke with this sort of footy articulation.......
  7. piddz

    The 2017 Membership Thread

    It's so frustrating because we definitely have the 'fans'- we need to convert said fans into 'supporters' and eventually members. Obviously the last decade hasn't been roses, but think back to the Freeze MND game last year when droves and droves of dees flooded the G in support. That game made me look around and think where the f@ck have all these melbourne supporters come from. I see that many cars with decrepit mfc bumper stickers- old, waterlogged and sad-looking from years passed. If only the typical supporter was that rusted on... Sustained success= membership growth, captain obvious i know but it truely is that simple.
  8. He is 19 years old...... he has played 7 AFL games...... i'm not even going to get into the fact he's a key forward and pushing 200cm which is universally understood as IT TAKES TIME.
  9. piddz

    Who do you want?

    O'Meara for mine, sick of being bent over in the middle.
  10. piddz

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    tom mcdonald run down. gee shock me
  11. piddz

    Nathan Jones - 200 games

    Gee wiz that's damning
  12. piddz

    Is Nathan Jones captain material?

    Of course he is. Stupid thread.
  13. piddz

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    For some reason i'll be there again.. In the off chance we somehow manage to top the pies i won't even be that excited, just so numb from the essendon and st kilda games. The thought of putting a nail in the coffin of collingwood's season is rather amusing though. Amused is the strongest emotion i can feel at a dees game this year i guess.
  14. piddz

    Dwayne Russell

    How fkn frustrating is the condescension. Today was like 'aww how cute Melbourne's playing at AFL standard'. SMFH
  15. piddz

    Cam Pedersen: 50 games

    Backing Cam Pettard to kick a bag for the milestone.