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  1. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    Greene is a phenomenal footballer.
  2. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    Lewis Young is playing one of the worst games of football I've ever seen.
  3. Round 21 - Non MFC Matches

    Patton's going to kick 10.

    When you're on Twitter (mobile) click the three vertical circles and select 'copy link to tweet', then just paste the link in your comment on Demonland. Should embed automatically 👍
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Thank god for Melksham. Never thought I'd say that.
  6. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Our tackling has been awful.
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Better effort from Watts. We're doing OK
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Handy goal.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if Maynard comes in for JKH. Not that I think JKH played poorly, but with the forecast of wet conditions, Goody might want another big body around the contest, rather than a lightly framed, outside player.
  10. Considering McKenna was already on the LTI list, I imagine Maynard has been upgraded because he will playing this week. Who for is the question.
  11. Round 18 Non MFC Matches

    Medium impact, intentional hit to the head, prior record, exact precedent set by the Vince hit last week. So yes, expecting a fine.