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  1. rumpole

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Deadly serious. You can’t use that word on a forum visited by women and children.
  2. rumpole

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Please refrain from abusing other posters.
  3. rumpole

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Welcome back to the world of AFL delisted free agency. DPFA2 opened very quietly yesterday and runs till Friday. If you blink you might miss the stampede. Seriously, what’s the real difference between DPFA1 and DPFA2 and what does this period promise for the players who weren’t picked up in the first?
  4. 1. Do we have anyone in mind at that pick? 2. Do we have permission to trade next year’s first round pick?
  5. rumpole

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Drum roll: “Thursday, 8 November: AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes” So at some time tomorrow, the AFL delisted player free agency period (1) will close. Is there any chance that there will be a frenetic period of last minute wheeling and dealing that lands a swag of DFAs at various clubs or is it all over, red rover for them? It seems to me that this entire concept of DFAs is going the same way as the pre season draft and the dodo. Gawn.
  6. Clubs can trade future picks during the trade period but can they also do so as part of the live trading?
  7. rumpole

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He has to recover from his navicular injury as well. Let’s not forget that the Dockers cancelled their due diligence on him a few days before they did their trade for him.
  8. The Trade Period isn’t over yet.
  9. rumpole

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Nobody listens. Jesse Hogan isn’t going anywhere, says Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin
  10. rumpole


    I don’t get it - if Lachie Weller is worth a pick #2 and Lachie Neale is worth better than #4, then how can Jesse Hogan, a 23 year old strong marking KPP capable of 50 goals a season, not be in the elite class worth two first round picks? How do the so called judges place a 27 year old defender in the same category as Hogan?
  11. rumpole

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think they have described themselves more as being realists rather than shrewd which is how they dealt with the charge that giving away two draft picks early to get Jake Lever might have been “overs”. They are now in the exact opposite situation where they hold all of the cards and the Dockers want to snare a big fish. Let’s see how shrewd they are now.
  12. rumpole

    Former Demon Cam Johnston has great NFL Debut

  13. On that note, it’s incredible that Collingwood received a double chance after beating only one other team in the top 8. They made it by virtue of recording 1 win from 8 against this year’s finalists (now 1/9) and 14/14 against the bottom 10.
  14. The final 10 in Bucky’s Top 30. 21. WILL KELLY Key defender, 193cm, 83kg, Oakleigh Chargers Buckenara says: The son of Collingwood premiership player Craig Kelly, Will should be snapped up by the Magpies because he’s exactly what they need – a key defender. He had a good under-18 carnival and showed he can play on a variety of forwards because he’s very athletic. I’m positive he’ll join Darcy Moore, the Brown brothers and Josh Daicos as father-son recruits in black and white. Plays like: Jake Kelly (Adelaide) 22. XAVIER O’HALLORAN Midfielder, 186cm, 82kg, Western Jets Buckenara says: O’Halloran is a genuine ball winner. He’s a brilliant kick, is clean with his hands and makes good decisions on most occasions. Named Western Jets captain this year, so shows great leadership potential. Plays like: Luke Parker (Sydney Swans) 23. LUKE VALENTE Midfielder, 186cm, 80kg, Norwood Buckenara says: The South Australia under-18 skipper led his side well during the carnival and his performances were very consistent, which led to winning the South Australian MVP award. He has a good mixture of inside and outside game and should be looked at closely. His draft combine results will be interesting. Plays like: Jacob Hopper (GWS Giants) 24. ISAAC QUAYNOR Small defender, 182cm, 82kg, Oakleigh Chargers Buckenara says: A versatile defender who can play both tall and small, Quaynor is quick and is able to use that to provide drive off half-back. He’s also a pretty good mark for his size. Quaynor is available to Collingwood via its Next Generation Academy and I don’t think they’ll let the opportunity to draft him pass them by. Plays like: Lee Spurr (Fremantle) 25. JYE CALDWELL Midfielder, 184cm, 78kg, Bendigo Pioneers Buckenara says: Another player that was unfortunately injured during the under-18 carnival, Caldwell is a nice inside and outside player who has clean hands and good disposal awareness by making the right decisions most times. I’m sure clubs will see the longer term options for him. Plays like: Liam Shiels (Hawthorn) 26. CHAYCE JONES Midfielder, 180cm, 74kg, Launceston Buckenara says: Another Tassie hopeful after a consistent under-18 carnival, Jones is classified as a midfielder but I’d describe him more as a small utility because he really can play all over the ground, whether it be forward, in the midfield or down back. He’s a real competitor who should improve dramatically in a full-time AFL environment. Plays like: Jarrad McVeigh (Sydney Swans) 27. CONNOR McFADYEN Midfielder, 190cm, 81kg, Queensland/Brisbane Lions Academy Buckenara says: A Brisbane Lions Academy product, McFadyen will surely generate interest from a number of clubs which will force the Lions to use an early pick to get him. He’s a big-bodied midfielder who is a pretty good mark overhead. He’s got a cricket background but at 190cm he’s the modern-day midfield prototype and I don’t think the Lions will pass up the chance to get him. Plays like: Dayne Beams (Brisbane Lions) 28. JACK BYTEL Midfielder, 188cm, 82kg, Calder Cannons Buckenara says: The Calder Cannons co-captain is a goalkicking midfielder and a very smart footballer who generally makes good decisions with ball in hand. Bytel has a good balance of inside and outside ball-winning ability. Plays like: Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood) 29. LUKE ENGLISH Midfielder, 180cm, 76kg, Perth Buckenara says: English is a running machine and there’s so much to like about his work ethic and desire to win the contest. He does need to tidy up a few areas in his game but these types of players can be gems when given the opportunity to learn and improve in the right development program. Plays like: Bradley Hill (Fremantle) 30. KIERAN BRIGGS Ruckman/key forward, 200cm, 98kg, NSW-ACT/GWS Giants Academy Buckenara says: Briggs is already a very big lad and is one of the few ruckman/forward types available in this draft so clubs will definitely have a look at him despite the fact he’s available to GWS via its academy. He’s a long-term development player who needs to strip body fat and replace it with muscle. Plays like: Shane Mumford (GWS Giants) Source: https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/afl/gary-buckenara-names-his-top-30-draft-prospects-ahead-of-what-has-been-labelled-the-next-super-draft/news-story/3e632480d76f92ab844973d18586c028
  15. The next ten in Bucky’s Top 30. 11. CONNOR ROZEE Midfielder, 184cm, 72kg, North Adelaide Buckenara says: Another South Australian who has really impressed, Rozee has footy smarts and is a good decision-maker with ball in hand. He shows great poise and is a really skilful player. Plays like: Bryce Gibbs (Adelaide) 12. IAN HILL Small forward, 175cm 76kg, Perth Buckenara says: The cousin of Fremantle’s Stephen and Bradley Hill, Ian has a lot of tricks. He’s a quick and dangerous small forward who is really clever around the goals. He does need to work on his endurance but he has class, so it would be a surprise if he’s overlooked in the first round of this draft because he should continue to improve. Plays like: Eddie Betts (Adelaide) 13. XAVIER DUURSMA Midfielder/defender, 185cm, 71kg, Gippsland Power Buckenara says: I really liked what Duursma produced in the under-18 carnival and I think a lot of AFL recruiters would be thinking the same. He’s a talented and versatile midfielder/half-back who attacks the ball hard and uses his skills to create. He’s captaining Gippsland Power this year, so he shows great leadership potential. Plays like: Sam Docherty (Carlton) 14. CURTIS TAYLOR Half-forward/midfielder, 186cm, 79kg, Calder Cannons Buckenara says: Taylor has a touch of class about him. He shows genuine footy nous and a good goal sense, while he can also push up into the midfield. He’s got good speed, is a long kick and can influence a game without winning a heap of the ball. Plays like: Isaac Heeney (Sydney Swans) 15. LIAM STOCKER Midfielder, 184cm, 83kg, Sandringham Dragons Buckenara says: Stocker had an early injury setback this year so we didn’t get to see him play in the under-18 carnival but he’s really started to shine for the Dragons, which should see his draft stocks rise. He’s a bit of a bolter at this stage but I really like what he does around the stoppages. He’s not afraid to win the hard ball. Plays like: Nathan Jones (Melbourne) 16. ZAC BUTTERS Midfielder, 181cm, 70kg, Western Jets Buckenara says: A lightly-framed midfielder, Butters unfortunately injured his shoulder but has shown enough to be taken in the first round of this draft. He’s got that combination of speed and endurance clubs are looking for, combined with a lovely kick. Butters has also shown good footy nous, which will hold him in good stead. I think clubs will see and take the long-term view with him. Plays like: Zac Fisher (Carlton) 17. RILEY COLLIER-DAWKINS Midfielder, 193cm, 88kg, Oakliegh Chargers Buckenara says: There’s a lot to like about Collier-Dawkins because even though he’s 193cm, he’s a midfielder who can go forward and take a mark and kick a goal. That’s the prototype for the current-day midfielder and I think it will see him have a lot of clubs ready to pounce in the draft. Plays like: Nat Fyfe (Fremantle) 18. RHYLEE WEST Midfielder, 180cm, 80kg, Calder Cannons Buckenara says: It’s a good draft for father-son selections and West is one of the best available. The son of Bulldogs champion Scott West, Rhylee should develop into a nice midfielder. He has no trouble finding the footy, is a competitor and has good hands. Wouldn’t it be great to see him join Mitch Wallis and Tom Liberatore in the Bulldogs midfield? Plays like: Scott West (Western Bulldogs) 19. EDWARD McHENRY Midfielder/small forward, 176cm, 71kg, Geelong Falcons Buckenara says: McHenry is an exciting small midfielder/forward who is fierce at the contest and is willing to tackle hard to win the ball back. He’s apparently a real character and an ideal type to come into an AFL club environment and win people over with his sense of humour and work ethic. Plays like: Rory Sloane (Adelaide) 20. LUKE FOLEY Midfielder, 187cm, 75kg, Subiaco Buckenara says: Foley is a bit of a smoky but I think he could be a real gem as a midfield pick-up. I have a feeling there will be some interest in him because he does possess AFL traits clubs are looking for. He’s a smart footballer. Plays like: Rhys Mathieson (Brisbane Lions)