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  1. rumpole

    Mark Neeld

    Wouldn’t it be much easier if, instead of that, you simply resisted the urge to open this thread in the future?
  2. rumpole

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Thanks to one and all for your training reports but I still can’t help but feel that there are one or two common denominators about all AFL clubs at this time of the year - blue skies and rose coloured glasses. I’m not getting carried away just yet - especially in light of the number of our key players still in rehab.
  3. rumpole

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    You’re the recruiting manager for Casey?
  4. rumpole

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Well now, DPFA2 faded into obscurity with little more than the whimper we got from Daniel Menzel who crossed to Sydney. Is there any more excitement coming our way before next Thursday night’s first round extravaganza?
  5. rumpole

    Training - Monday 19 November, 2018

    That should cover what? About half of the list?
  6. rumpole

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Deadly serious. You can’t use that word on a forum visited by women and children.
  7. rumpole

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Please refrain from abusing other posters.
  8. rumpole

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Welcome back to the world of AFL delisted free agency. DPFA2 opened very quietly yesterday and runs till Friday. If you blink you might miss the stampede. Seriously, what’s the real difference between DPFA1 and DPFA2 and what does this period promise for the players who weren’t picked up in the first?
  9. rumpole

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    1. Do we have anyone in mind at that pick? 2. Do we have permission to trade next year’s first round pick?
  10. rumpole

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Drum roll: “Thursday, 8 November: AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes” So at some time tomorrow, the AFL delisted player free agency period (1) will close. Is there any chance that there will be a frenetic period of last minute wheeling and dealing that lands a swag of DFAs at various clubs or is it all over, red rover for them? It seems to me that this entire concept of DFAs is going the same way as the pre season draft and the dodo. Gawn.
  11. rumpole


    Clubs can trade future picks during the trade period but can they also do so as part of the live trading?
  12. rumpole

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He has to recover from his navicular injury as well. Let’s not forget that the Dockers cancelled their due diligence on him a few days before they did their trade for him.