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  1. 2017 Player Reviews: # 16 Dean Kent

    Looks like Tarzan - plays like Jane - (might be able to keep a spot on the list if he was a real Jane...)
  2. $2 pies

    Damn right! (Although I was in grave danger of bringing up said pie as part of the days' takings about 20 minutes into the final quarter......)
  3. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Agree - puzzling decision in some ways. But, as mentioned in a related thread, possibly designed to give him a chance when our better performers are in rather than when our playing stocks were very threadbare. Fingers/toes crossed that it all goes well.
  4. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Hopefully it will prove to be a masterstroke from the List Management people - keeping a talented, footy-smart, hardened warrior on the list to plug a gap when the need arises. Like all on Demonland, hoping/praying his selection is justified come siren time.

    Jason Bennett is a refreshingly low-key but knowledgeable commentator. Pleasant contrast to the usual BT waffle and self indulgent bluster.
  6. Jack watts goal v pies (radio versions)

    A big 'thank you' to Brendan for uploading a delightful smorgasbord of that one wonderful highlight. As luck would have it, I am heading out to dinner at a Filth supporting household tonight - any tips on how I can put these clips on perpetual loop (especially the last shot of Taylor 'Big Mouth' Adams on his haunches looking completely rooted)
  7. Trading Brayshaw?

    I suspect that any value attributed will draw the inevitable response: "tell him he's dreaming".........,
  8. Christian Salem signs on for 2 more years

    Exactly what we need - a healthy dose of overdue Public School elitism so that the MCC/MFC Members can employ the time honoured refrain to those who follow The Filth and others of that ilk: "STFU or we'll raise your rent!"
  9. Trading Brayshaw?

    Jousting sticks!
  10. Trenners in the Mix?

    Assuming someone other than Jones is an out, Trengove would have to be considered based upon his consistent form at Casey, provided he is played as an inside mid, especially in the centre square. Whilst there is no doubt he could play a stopping/tagging role on Mitchell off half back, Trenners would be better in the centre square when Priddis is there - good as Priddis undoubtedly is, I doubt that he would be able to 'burn off' Trengrove in the unlikely event that they were somehow in a foot race. Trengrove has always had good vision, footy smarts, very neat skills (both by hand & foot), and knows how to lay tackles that stick - (just ask Dangerfield).
  11. My 3 word player analysis V The Crows

    This + the fact that when he beat Tex to the ball, he would look at Tex and then run around & away from him as if Tex was a witches hat.
  12. The 2017 Membership Thread

    Has the Club commissioned that sculptor yet for the bronze statue of PJ?
  13. Changes vs Hawthorn

    This. Possibly I am experiencing an existentialist form of MFCSS, but I am more than a bit nervous that the theme of current posts on this thread seem to suggest that the game this week is a"given" and that we can afford to start intentionally resting players in preparation for the "harder" games to follow. I know we beat Hawthorn last time ( for the 1st time in an eon) but let's not get carried away with our prospects and that this match as a foregone conclusion - the cringeworthy nightmares of Essendrug in Round 2 and Carlscum in Round 22 are still burnt into my brain.
  14. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    I agree - did seem a bit strange that Pedo was dropped at that point, given that he was instrumental in the now famous 5 goal surge that finally buried our Hawk hoodoo late last year - (IIRC, after gathering a fairly ordinary pass from OMac and dishing off to Billy for a nice running goal, he followed up with a nice lead to a sublime JW4 pass and then kicked truly). Let's hope he has a better run at it this time