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  1. The murals can change daily, weekly... Love it, but the mural needs more hair. Tommy Bugg has big hair
  2. I have no idea what he's thinking. I'll put it more simply... the kid couldn't buy a goal. When he finally kicked one, he played a lot my opinion.
  3. Watching the Weed last weekend and the games he's played in the Ones, he looked to me to be suffering from 'Cant-kick-a-goal-itis.' He looked low (not devoid) on confidence and largely ineffectual. He was mostly in the right spots and laying tackles - trying to get all the little things right, but not hitting the scoreboard (other than points). IIRC, he hasn't kicked a goal for awhile and, for some, the longer it goes on for, the more confidence you lose. Last weekend it looked to be more of the same and I thought, we'll see a completely different player if he could just kick a goal. He finally did and I thought he played really well after kicking the goal. In fact, he kicked another and looked to have a much stronger impact on the game. My interpretation only.
  4. Nice blast from the Demonology past. Great, heart-stopping win today!
  5. Perhaps Sydney would release Z Jones if they could offload Tippett as part of the deal. I could see Brisvegas still going for Tippett
  6. Great post! For me and not necessarily in the same order each week: 1. Goodwin's press conference 2. AFLCA Votes 3. Watch the game again (without so much emotional investment - cant often bring myself to do this in the losses) 4. Fanfooty or footywire for the stats 5. Plapp's review 6. Lewis on 360 7. On a really good win, or to look at a specific player, I might watch the game or part of it, one more time. And of course all things D-Land
  7. Same - couldn't breathe at all with them in. That was some time ago when it felt like there was half a flipper stuffed in your mouth. They are, no doubt, a lot better these days.
  8. 6 Jones 5 Oliver 4 Hibberd 3 Garlett 2 Harmes 1 Melksham Stiff - ANB, Hannan
  9. In the first half I thought we were years off playing finals. The second half showed what we are capable of, but until we can eradicate how we played in the first half, we'll be pretenders. I agree with prodee about the Macs, both were horrendous
  10. He was also error-ridden in the first half, like most of the team. I thought it was his worst game for the club up until half time. Hey presto, different player in the second half
  11. I reckon Zak will work as hard as Nathan to improve his game and will end up being a good player, probably more role player than anything else. I don't think he's a first rounder though, at this point in his career.
  12. You have bad hair and a beard. Your glasses suck and I wouldn't be caught dead in a green and white bowling shirt. You also need to see a doctor about punching computers all day - it's unhealthy!
  13. I'd have him in if spud Brooksby's playing. Otherwise no
  14. Agreed, the only thing this club is owed for is Lumumba
  15. Yes, like Lynden Dunn, but Kent's specialty is more the push and shove between play.