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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Nailed it Ken!
  2. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Is Zac Fisher the twin brother of Wednesday Addams?
  3. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    The VFL MRP or whatever they are, don't appear (to me anyway) to be nearly as over the top, inconsistent or influenced by the media frenzy as the AFL MRP. The Watts report will get tossed out in record time.
  4. Lumumba documentary

    Nathan Buckley confrontation was the final straw at Collingwood for Heritier Lumumba Interesting insightful article
  5. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    I think it was mentioned that Kennedy was the emergency.
  6. Max Gawn

    Can Max jump?
  7. Jack Watts (again)

    The last time Watts was banished to Casey, he ended up playing (arguably) his best footy once back in the 22. I would like to think Goodwin's motive is just that. Rattle ya dags Wattsy
  8. 2017 Contracts


    In no particular order: Hunt, Frost, Garlett, Hannan , Watts (only in straight lines).....maybe Kent or Johnstone
  10. Aaron Vandenberg to Re-sign?

    I thought he kicked quite well early on. It then when to [censored] and I wondered if it had something with his ankle / heel problems.
  11. Oh, so that's what you were saying. In that case I agree. It appears, to me anyway, that the emphasis during the game is to rectify the problem with the game plan or where we're falling down rather than adapt or react to the opposition's strategy (as well as conditions, ground considerations etc)
  12. James Sicily...

    Bit of a tool
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    No there isn't. If Tyson were to be traded, it would be to a Victorian club.
  14. Changes vs St Kilda

    I (now) cant see Watts going out and Weid coming in. A forward line of TMac and Weid would be too unfamiliar. It would have to be Pedo for the Weid.
  15. Changes vs St Kilda

    Bring in the Weid for Pedo or Watts. Bring in - Brayshaw, Stretch and Hannan. Don't care who comes out. Those that really stank (other than Watts and Pedo), are unlikely to come out Our game plan isn't holding up and we haven't found a way around it.