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  1. Richmond took their opportunities in the forward line - we didn't Richmond's back 6 held up - ours didn't. That's pretty much it. You can still factor in the injuries and that Richmond are still [censored], but if we'd capitalised on our forward play, the Toigs should've been out of it by half time. Just like the last 3 weeks. Get well very soon Jake
  2. Hats off to you for going to the game and thanks for an excellent write up. Great news about King!
  3. Jeezus - I've stumbled into a wettest blanket competition
  4. Great, if you could just see who was playing on him, we could continue the theme.
  5. Agree, plus toss in the lack of defensive pressure. But being an ins and outs thread: Out Weid,, Tyson In: Hogan, Brayshaw Hibberd in next the following round for Melksham
  6. Issue for me was in the midfield - Tyson, Viney, Jones. A mix of poor form and/or bad days. Viney's been ordinary to date, but IIRC, this happened last year, so I hope it's not a (too early) captaincy thing and he'll come good. I thought Tyson was just plain awful - whatever the stats say! When the chips were down there was no pressure from him and howlers. When we were doing OK there wasn't much pressure from him and howlers. I'm hoping Jones just had an off day. Spencer was terrific for his first senior game in over a year. Weideman isn't offering much and while I get that he will learn more playing in the 1's, he will also learn to loose confidence, so it would make sense to take the pressure off for a while. Happy to let Hannan find his feet and IMO wasn't the worst by a long shot. Melksham, T Mac and Vince ordinary, but I would cast eyes back to the midfield. Nibbler good with some horrendous disposal
  7. To date, they have never pulled any tall out of the back line when Gawn is off the ground. They've all come from the forward line - Watts, Frost (when playing forward), Spencil
  8. Where did Daisy finish in the B & F? I was quite surprised she didn't place higher and couldn't find anything on placings other than the winner. Thanks
  9. From who?
  10. Plus we need to factor in our atrocious tendency to take teams like Carlton lightly, irrespective of our abysmal recent playing record. God I hope Goodwin puts an end to that.
  11. Analysis of St Kilda's game: Tom Hickey looks like Tina Turner with that mop. Gawn killed him.
  12. It's a beautiful thing! I hope they dedicate the win to Roosy to make up for the last game Go you mighty Demons
  13. Jones Oliver Vince Lewis Gawn Petracca Plenty stiff starting with Hunt and Hogan
  14. That's just the pits. I thought we might, just might be able to mend our relationship with Hankook given the vast distance between now and the previous administration. Not to be though.
  15. It's hard to tell which if any are the red herrings in Goodwin's press conferences. I think he's opting for speed over everything, so at least against St Kilda, Trengove, Jetta and Tyson wont get a look in (maybe Tyson back for Round 2). Again on the speed theme Spencer shouldn't get a gig unless they play 2 rucks, which the Saints have said all along, they wont. I also cant see them being scared enough of Hickey to want a tag team of Spencer and Gawn. Garlett in because his injury was short term relative to Tyson and Kent (plus others). I expect to see Lewis in the middle for half the game or more, but have chucked him up the back for now. I cant really see underdone players coming in. An outside chance might be Pederson for versatility back, forward and ruck but I don't think so. I'm unsure about Watts but the alternatives in Spencer and Pedo slots him in. As mentioned before Pedo as an outside chance for Watts (out of favour) or Weid (not quite ready but should be good enough to cancel out any McCartin in impact) I think ANB is keeping Kent's seat warm. The team (version 2 or 3): Hunt O Mac Vince Lewis T Mac Melksham Salem Jones Stretch Petracca Hogan Brayshaw Harmes Watts Garlett Gawn Viney Oliver I/C J Smith, Bugg, ANB and Weid