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  1. Roger Mellie

    Training - Friday 18th January, 2019

    If that's terry towelling, I want one.......now!
  2. Roger Mellie

    Vanders raring to go

    AVB has spent a long time out of the game. When he first arrived at the club his disposal was more than adequate. It has steadily gone downhill ever since. Not surprisingly this coincided with a constant run of injuries with sporadic games (usually playing with an injured foot). With a decent run at it, I would expect his disposal to improve markedly. Just not sure he will get that continuity with his injury record.
  3. Roger Mellie

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Sad for Mitchell and wish him a speedy recovery. A year out is a huge blow. Having said that, I'd be very happy for a year out for Hawthorn too (no Mitchell, no Hawthorn).
  4. Roger Mellie

    Operation Re-Sign 2019

    In 2021 he should be a restricted FA
  5. Roger Mellie

    Operation Re-Sign 2019

    Salem and Kelly are best mates. I'm sure we'll be doing everything in our power to bring them together a la Lachie Neale and Lincoln McCarthy at Brisbane.
  6. Roger Mellie

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    Melksham was Essendon's whipping boy. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that played a big part in his form there. He comes to the mighty Dee's and after a brief stint as a potential whipping boy (to continue the tradition), the coaches put a whopping amount of faith into him (Goody, Jennings, Egan), he matures a little, gains confidence and hey presto - gun! If he can shake the injuries he'll go to another level again. Exciting stuff
  7. Roger Mellie

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    There's no way you would take up a Saints membership in July even if it was only 2 games. Probably decided to add in the 'free' pet memberships. Very dodgy!
  8. Roger Mellie

    I love the MCG, but...

    I briefly worked at the G in one of the many food stands many years ago. I was chip fryer extraordinaire and was constantly getting told off for waiting until the chips were golden before pulling out of the fryer. They didn't care how soggy they were - just get 'em out NOW! Way back then, the food was all packaged and arrived in microwaveable bags (burgers and hot dogs) - inedible! The pies etc were already in bags as was everything else. In other words, 90% the food could not be touched - apart from me slagging on the chips of course!
  9. Roger Mellie

    The Jack Harmes Thread

  10. Roger Mellie

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Ankle surgery in the offseason as has ben mentioned in the injury list post
  11. Roger Mellie

    Injury List - Season 2019

    You couldn't get much slower (cautious) than Docherty in his recovery. He could've played this season but Carlton didn't bother as they were so woeful. Had he been right to go round 1, Docherty's recovery would've been 16 months. This recurrence was just rotten luck rather than being rushed back to play. Feel for the bloke.
  12. Roger Mellie

    Does Height matter that much?

    I'm not sure of the logic behind Preuss coming in to enable Max to spend more time up forward. Max is the best ruck in the league. Why would anyone want to change that? When Preuss is in the side, I would expect him (Preuss) to be the one up forward to a) provide another tall target, b) provide ruck relief and, c) act as ruck in the forward half (or third) to reduce the amount of ground coverage required by Gawn. It's not like Max is a goal kicker* and I'd still expect him to spend time resting in the forward line. *It remains to be seen whether Preuss is a better or worse in front of the big sticks.
  13. Roger Mellie

    Gary Pert?

    I noticed that too and wondered why. I don't recall PJ being there in past drafts but could be wrong. He also was there in the front wave of the drooling throng when Natalie Portman swung past. He might be trying to get a handle on how the MFC works, or just a handle on Natalie Portman
  14. Roger Mellie

    Peak Petracca

    FFS there's some ill-informed rubbish floating round. Petracca's issues are nothing more than: 1) He has / had no tank. Picture Jack Ziebell with loads more talent. It took North years to get Ziebell to run out a game. It's not an effing attitude issue. He's just building a tank - very slowly because that's his dna. He works incredibly hard but he'll never be an ANB on the track. 2) He had the goal kicking yips in 2018 Last year was a different picture IMO
  15. Roger Mellie

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Edit (function doesn't seem to be working): Just remembered C Wagner doesn't join training until 1st December