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  1. I'd love it if Stretch took it up a level or two. That game last year before he injured his toe showed us something.. Stretch is one of those players who needs time to find his feet at AFL level. Unfortunately these days you have to be able to walk into your role and the team very quickly and adapt. If he gets that time he could make a good winger. I think he's one of two genuine wings on the list - the other being Fritsch. I don't think Hunt is and I have my doubts about KK on a wing.
  2. Nev in the middle is my guess (next to Harmes) although he seems to have Frost's ears stuck on. A serious bouffant on the dude next to Gawn.
  3. It just shows how long I've been lurking on this site. I'm sure all of the Vis characters would have be banned here years ago. Another couple of faves: Two Fat Slags, Finbar Saunders and Milly Tant. Roger's Profanasaurus is not to be missed too.
  4. I'd like to add: Angus Brayshaw to hit a target by (either) foot ANB without the fumbles Kielty with a little more game time. Viney unscathed in particular.
  5. A bit of a guess, but having done some recent knee rehab, I'd say the snow provides a slightly less stable but soft surface to get the muscles around his knee more active in supporting his knee.
  6. That sounds a bit like mine. I'd add scratching around for a training report fix to the list. I also burnt a Peter Bell effigy.
  7. Agree on Brown. His goal tally is also obscenely inflated by the number of dodgy free kicks he is awarded in front of goal.
  8. To me, it looked like a bit of a tap on the chin, but the guy dropped like a stone.
  9. Do the wings have to be on opposite sides or is that assumed?
  10. 87, but the merger game was up there for devastation too.
  11. I am one such member (chump) and I cant figure out any 'premium' advantage either.
  12. The story I like is the one about Jake Lever with a footy in his hands and the other one about Jack Viney looking like he's being integrated into the main group (or doing some of the drills at least).
  13. I was scratching my head when they listed 2 'conferences,' only to find we played teams in both. What exactly is the point of them? Why are they called conferences? I always thought a conference was a company sponsored junket where, if you made an appearance, it was only at the bar. Dumb name for a botched competition
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