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  1. I got sucked in too. I thought China Southern or Virgin were putting on a flight and MFC were doing a reasonable package to get members to and from the game. Not too much to ask eh! SIX tickets FFS
  2. Roger Mellie

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    I loved the fact that the crowd was 60-40 our way. How did that happen? I loved the fact that the crowd was 70-30 our way v the cats the week before. Those two clubs are way bigger than us on the membership scale. It just goes to show what a few decent wins can do to drag all those Melb supporters out of the woodwork.
  3. Roger Mellie

    GF Ballot Barcode

    I'll be in the queue for a Priority 2 ticket and will be mightily effed off if some non-member barcode beggar gets a seat ahead of me. On ya bike (putting it very politely)
  4. Roger Mellie

    OMac has arrived.

    Oscar's field kicking has been excellent for some time now. He just doesn't miss targets. Very happy to have the ball in his hands at the moment (for kicking )
  5. Roger Mellie

    Hosier Lane, MELBOURNE

    Probably a Hawthorn supporting loser
  6. Roger Mellie

    Chaos Theory

    It's sad this is the case. It was only last year he was lauded for his forward pressure. What the hell went wrong? https://thewest.com.au/sport/goals-a-bonus-for-melbourne-demons-tackling-machine-jeff-garlett-ng-b88528653z
  7. Roger Mellie

    Would we take $cully back?

    I think Tom and Phil should be at Gold Coast. Phil could be the nutrition expert, along with Dewy. If Gold Coast looked like making finals, it would be opportune to move Scully on, to say Carlton or Freo.
  8. Roger Mellie

    Dees shutdown star eyes biggest scalp yet.

    Hannan isn't the elite runner that Smith is, particularly with his dodgy knee. Harmes isn't slow either, but I don't think he'll go to Smith (at the start anyway).
  9. Roger Mellie

    Dees shutdown star eyes biggest scalp yet.

    Chaff bandits
  10. Roger Mellie

    Open Mike with Mark Neeld on Fox Footy (4/9)

    He left Geelong because he had kids really young ? To sum up - nothing was his fault and to echo Steve above, rambling rubbish.
  11. Roger Mellie

    The Trading and Drafting Board ... has begun

    Followed by Cheddar Hughes
  12. Roger Mellie


    Would Carlton do Pick 1 for McGovern and Adelaide's Pick 7, or whatever it is?
  13. Roger Mellie

    The Billy Hartung Thread

    The Toump is available too!
  14. Roger Mellie

    Camp wars

    I think the intimidating guts help with the overall look too.