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  1. I'd appeal the fine for the bump on Richard Douglas. That's taking the pi55. He had less options available than Zac Jones and all he did was brace for the contact. Should have no case to answer. The other one I'd appeal if there's no threat of an increase in the suspension. Good one Bernie!
  2. We'll have to agree to disagree. I don't dispute we were crap, but I cant pretend the conditions and travel didn't have any bearing on the team's performance. I remember reading how players would lose 4kgs and more after the game. We are an older, better and more experienced team in 2017, but I still anticipate a fair toll on the players after Saturday.
  3. How is this so? His argument is we lose (often badly) the week after a Darwin game and has provided precise evidence in chronological order.
  4. He'd need a decent attitude adjustment. He didn't do any of his preseason programs in his time at the club. Made Oliver look like Captain Commitment
  5. Here it is without the paywall:
  6. Bernie for me. Back into the middle for the game and the toss. Will step up to the challenge. Lewis has been average for the last month They'll probably rotate it
  7. My outs would be Kennedy, Hulett, Lumumba and Trengove :-( Spencer: Rookie or 1 year renewal if he doesn't walk under FA (still need ruck depth) Upgrade J Smith and maybe Maynard later. If not, another year as a Cat B. If Kent proves to be uninjured, then trade or delist. The only change for me is I had ANB as a trade or delist. I'd now give him another contract or elevate his trade value. Don't know enough about the rookies. Unlike most, I'd be happy to see M White given another run at AFL level. It's not unusual for players to take more than one game to adjust to the pace. Haven't seen Filipovic or King in action so no opinion.
  8. Agree, would prefer a little more than his marshalling ability and space occupation
  9. It's unfortunate (putting it mildly) that our only game on the Friday night stage was after such a heavy schedule.
  10. I don't see how. Because they're both small? No
  11. I think you did just that with your next sentence.
  12. I'd prefer Kent or JKH to Kennedy, if one was to come in. Kennedy is more of the same - pressure forward with iffy disposal. The difference between Kennedy vs Bugg, Harmes and ANB is the latter 3 all have tanks. Kennedy might be a bit zippier, I just don't think we can entertain too many wayward kicks, even if there has been improvement.
  13. Chris from Camberwell?
  14. The only way Hannan will miss is through injury (hip?)
  15. Was it Kingy who said Adelaide would go through the season undefeated?