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  1. shorty

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    I wonder what the free kick count was , never seen such poor umpiring! Joke
  2. shorty

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    I expect Shuey🚑 to be Steamrolled by Nev early if the last two weeks are anything to go by . Selwood ✔ Mitchell ✔
  3. shorty

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    I feel no change,unless we have to bring in another defender, but what ever happens , Tyson's days are numbered, he just can't play with the intensity that Goody requires, I feel for him as he did a lot over heavy lifting for us in the Roos era. To the blues for a 2nd round pick.
  4. shorty

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Got to get near him first ,like a SEAGULL waiting for someone to throw him a chip. Let's just tackle him without the ball and drive that shoulder into the turf anyway.
  5. shorty

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    blood# flight has been cancelled , onward and upward from here, should still make it. Go Dees
  6. Minus Hogan , strongest team this year, let's bash the ol handbaggers up. Lewis don't get reported. On the plane tomorrow can't wait. Go Dees
  7. shorty

    Opposition Watch: Elimination Final

    I hate this mob, seriously I do, All of them and the coach. I want to beat them so bad It's doing my head in. I wish we were playing anyone but them. Am I the only one, what is it about this team.
  8. shorty

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    If the changes to the game go through, outside run will be very important, We definitely need outside run. Good one on one players will be worth their weight in gold. The game may resemble AFL X, if comments by some players are anything to go by.
  9. shorty

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    Connor Menedue and Corey Ellis might be worth a look.
  10. shorty

    Which Dee has X-Factor?

    Last Demon was Jurrah, must hit the scoreboard to have X factor.
  11. shorty


    Me too, we were looking to save our lead, I thought that would end in tears, we play better attacking and just prayed we could do it.
  12. shorty

    Get SHORTY

    Definitely need a classy running defender who hits the scoreboard , the window is open, we just gotta get one, Gaff is off the market so we should still have the cap room. If the 6+6+6 changes come in every club will need more run on the outside. Hunt could have been the one but his disposal is poor.
  13. shorty

    Get SHORTY

    Got Hibberd out of the bummers for a 2nd Rd pick
  14. shorty

    Get SHORTY

    Rolls Royce version of Jayden Hunt, money well spent here, he'd be on bugger all at Richmond.