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  1. All of the media people who are saying the Dees have been "getting ahead of themselves", "drinking their own bathwater", "have a serious internal discipline problem" are same ones who last week said, they can "go all the way", "they're the real deal" etc. etc. .................They are WANKERS!!!! Giving themselves a job by making up stories. Pathetic!
  2. I agree, Bruce is ridiculous but the whole commentary team was appalling. BT is a complete fickwut. Why do we have to listen to moronic comments in such high profile games. I had to turn the sound down.
  3. Not dead, just more realistic. This is a young team and we all got swept up in the bullish media hype. "Are they the Real Deal" and "Dees could go all the way in 2017". The "lid was off" for me BUT, not to the extent of playing in the last two weeks of the finals. I hoped we would make finals and maybe win a game. After that, it was probably unrealistic and not necessarily good for the trajectory of the team in the long term. There are still big gaps in the list and the Swans showed us a little bit of finals strength around the ball and composure under pressure. Hopefully guys like Oliver, Petracca and Hunt will learn from this. We will struggle over the next few weeks now with the injuries we have. Making the finals is now the goal again rather than overblown hype about Grand Finals. For the moment, the lid is back on for me.
  4. Exactly what I'm saying. The guy clipped him with his elbow and now Clarry is the villain. Bulltish
  5. Media tryhards attempting to paint Clarry as a stager really p!ss me off. He wasn't looking, wasn't expecting it and don't tell me he would have the presence of ind to instantly stage something he didn't see coming. While not a massive hit, it obviously connected with his jaw and surprised him. Suggesting he is overplaying it are a slight on his character and we know that to be very tough and combative. Many questioned the veracity of the punch that knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of the Ali vs Liston rematch. Liston didn't take a dive! He was wobbling all over the place. I'm not saying that Clarry was badly hurt at all but it obviously caught unaware and to suggest he staged is BS.
  6. Imagine.......... it was us who had taken Paddy McCartin over Christian Petracca. In his third year with patchy form, limited impact, injury worries and a cloud over his long term health, he would been lynched on this site by now. In the wider football public the club would been ridiculed for adding to its pantheon of bad early round draft picks. The Saints would have Petracca, who would be now beginning to star. We would hate his talent and arrogance and secretly wish we had him........... WELL WE DO! YESSSSSSS!!!!! What a 'sliding door moment' that was
  7. "Pencil in"? I dont pencil in any game with the Dees
  8. It was interesting to hear him interviewed after the game. He used all of the team cliches - "lucky to get on the end of a few" etc, etc. The fact that he is using the team language suggests that he has really "bought in". A couple of years ago he was much less focused about why he had a good game. He is really working for the team now and the chasing and tackling are really working for him. He must be aware that he is now in the top performers for "forward pressure" and that makes him feel pretty good. We are so lucky that he is happy in the Dees team environment. He's an enormously valuable player for us now. Our leading goal kicker and most reliable avenue to goal. He'll hopefully improve further when Hogan is back the the forward structure settles.
  9. corrective spelling thingy. Mozzzzz
  10. The most ferocious player in the competition. We have not seen such a bulldozer at the Dees. I don't remember Barassi that well. He must have been similar in his determination. Viney is up there with Sellwood and the former Swan, Paul Kelly.
  11. Tonight's win represented the best team effort for a long time. No outright stars, just amazing pressure all over, against all odds. A watershed game that we may well look back on. I hop I don't put the moss on next week.
  12. Never again!
  13. I've done my ladder predictor so many times now and it makes less sense the more the season progresses. The recent upset wins and losses like GWS and the Crows makes it even more difficult. The bottom line is, we need to win games. It doesn't matter who we win against as long as we start to rack up the four pointers. So far we have lost games we should have won. Now we have to win some where we aren't favourites. (Statement of the bleedin' obvious, I know.)
  14. Viney is a crazy terrier but he's never been a sniper
  15. Mike McGear - (Real name Mike McCartney, Paul's brother)