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  1. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    Completely subjective of course, but mine in order of how exciting they were for me is: 1. LIAM JURRAH - Perhaps the most naturally gifted player i have seen 2. THE WIZ - Just loved it every time he got the ball 3. JAKO - Always stayed close to the ground but just super clever and strong. Capable of ridiculous goals on a regular basis 4. THE OX - Unbelievable before hampered by knee injuries 5. AARON DAVEY - Kept me going to the footy through the dark times 6. GARRY LYON - Silky smooth and skilful but too often injured 7. DAVID NIETZ - Not so much 'exciting' but just good and strong 8. JEREMY HOWE - Best hands and speccy I have seen. Incomplete footballer though 9. ROBBO - Cause he was ROBBO!!! Started as a lazy opportunist and turn his game into a much more allrounded one 10. JEFF WHITE - Played against much bigger opponents but a great judge of the flight of the ball. Excellent mobility and kicking skills.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    I have lived through the exit of many good quality players from the MFC - Stan Alves, Greg Wells, Ross Brewer, Gerard Healy, Earl Spalding, Alan Jakovich, Shane Woewodin, Jeff Farmer, Scott Thompson, Junior McDonald, Tom Scully, Jeremy Howe and now, possibly Jack Watts (I'm sure there are many I have forgotten to mention). Many of those players went on to be successful clubs and some got to play in Premiership teams. Most Demons supporters were sad, disappointed, angry and sometimes distraught (or a mixture of several emotions) at the loss of these players at the time they left. It is fascinating to see the emotional reaction to the possibility of Jack being moved on. It feels like it is more divisive than any of these others. If you look at the poll on this post it would seem pretty clear that a majority would like him to stay and that some of those who think it is best for him to move on are nonetheless, still sad about it. It seems that "there's something about Jack". We have all invested a great deal of hope and good wishes towards this young man. He just seems like a lovely young bloke who happens to have tremendous talent. On the one hand, we feel bad that he has had to suffer so much public scrutiny and derision but we are also frustrated that he has never been able to be the player that we wanted him to be. A friend of mine (a Geelong supporter), has been ranting at me for the past seven years about how "Melbourne will never be any good while they still have Jack Watts!" That he symbolises all that is soft and unprofessional about the club and that "he will not go when its his turn to go". (A Geelong mantra from their recent successful period). I have always replied with, "Yes that's true but I would rather the ball in his hands than any other player." I would staunchly defend him from the emotional part of my being as well as the tribal loyalty to the Dees. It's weird how these attacks on him have elicited this emotional response from so many of us. Now it looks like the club may be fed up with him and are questioning the same courage and resolve that my Geelong friend has. For many of us, this is really hard to take. It may be the right thing to do for the future of the club and building a winning culture but it may also be fracturing in the short term. We just don't know. The one thing most of us agree on is that we don't like seeing Jack being publicly rejected by a club that has been his home since 2008. It is very difficult to watch a person having their character and reputation denigrated in front of the whole community. I feel very sad about it but also acknowledge that, it may be, for the good of the club and the player. We just don't know yet. If he goes to Collingwood or Geelong it will be hard to watch him realise his potential at the new club. It will be even harder, and more heartbreaking, if he disappears in to obscurity and suffers as a person. For that reason I wish him all the success in the future.
  3. Steven Motlop

    It seems that despite his good skills, we are offloading Jack Watts because of his supposed poor training habits, unwillingness to defend hard and the influence that this has on on the team culture. Replacing him with another highly skilled and lazy player (Motlop), would be incredibly stupid. Motlop's last two games have been two of his best. Don't expect that to be the norm.
  4. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    I like the way Goodwin manages the media. He doesn't hang players out to dry and is very measured in his responses. He gives the impression that he is in control of what appears in the public domain. What goes on at the club might be much more passionate. He is renowned for having good relationships with players and appears to have had a positive impact on the performance of individuals as well as the team. For those who can remember, Neale Daniher was widely criticised by Melbourne fans for not having a big enough public profile. As a response, and in an effort to boost the club profile, he began spruiking the club in the media and it was as a result of this he earned the nickname, "the Reverend". There is plenty of time for Goodwin to build his media profile and impact but I would assume that he would like to establish himself within the club first.
  5. It is now such a midfielders' medal. Everyone raves about how good Jake Lever is and he received 1 vote. In the old days we had ruckmen, defenders, wingers, forwards all winning the medal. It's a shame.
  6. He looks like a reasonably quick opportunist forward as well. If he could play the role of a small forward who is a great mark and kick then he'd be very hard to match up on
  7. Soft Underbelly MUST become extinct.

    Yesterday was crap. Collingwood "came to play" (please excuse terrible cliche), we didn't. When the penny dropped at the quarter-time break we started to do the things required to get us back in the game. Unfortunately, Collingwood's pressure remained really good and forced lots of poor decisions and skill errors from us. We didn't have the right stuff to get us over the line. That's it. The positives are: That we are way better than we have been in the past ten years, we have some potential match winners, in Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Gawn and Hogan. They didn't all play well yesterday or play at all In the case of Viney). We have a pretty good list that still needs some tweaking - bringing in some talent and delisting/trading some NQRs. Statistically we are heading in the right direction. Goodwin is a good coach and will learn from this, as will the players. Our improvement is trending upwards all the time. The disasters are happening less often and the expectation of the players is higher. We have a club that is now properly structured to provide the football department with the best resources. Thank you PJ and Paul Roos. We are developing a much better club culture which will further improve as we build a history of success and finals experience. We are now a club that other players see as a viable destination because they can see that we are heading for a period of success built on sound foundations. Next year will be better again and we may be a genuine finals team rather than a inexperienced team that scrapes into the final eight. BUT YESTERDAY WAS HORRIBLE!
  8. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    This is spot on. We are moving in the right direction and I expect us to play finals next year. It would have been great to have one or two finals matches this year for the experience. This could still happen but I am not overly optimistic. I think Goody is building a great team structure but the rebuild is not complete yet. I posted earlier this season that those who thought we were "the real deal" and could "go all the way" were media types cranking up stories to fill there columns or have something to say on various footy shows. It was never realistic and those on this forum who got sucked in are those who are now saying that the year has been a failure. Our game is built on pressure around the ball and frenetic play-on footy. It can fall apart under pressure and this has happened over the last couple of games. We still have some NQRs and have showed that our game requires a higher skill level when the pressure is on. GWS, Swans and Crows have shown us that. As well as TMac has played, he ain't no forward. We all know that. Hopefully next year our back six and forward six will be more settled and our young players won't be burnt out by round 18 or 19
  9. Media Going Hysterical

    All of the media people who are saying the Dees have been "getting ahead of themselves", "drinking their own bathwater", "have a serious internal discipline problem" are same ones who last week said, they can "go all the way", "they're the real deal" etc. etc. .................They are WANKERS!!!! Giving themselves a job by making up stories. Pathetic!

    I agree, Bruce is ridiculous but the whole commentary team was appalling. BT is a complete fickwut. Why do we have to listen to moronic comments in such high profile games. I had to turn the sound down.

    Not dead, just more realistic. This is a young team and we all got swept up in the bullish media hype. "Are they the Real Deal" and "Dees could go all the way in 2017". The "lid was off" for me BUT, not to the extent of playing in the last two weeks of the finals. I hoped we would make finals and maybe win a game. After that, it was probably unrealistic and not necessarily good for the trajectory of the team in the long term. There are still big gaps in the list and the Swans showed us a little bit of finals strength around the ball and composure under pressure. Hopefully guys like Oliver, Petracca and Hunt will learn from this. We will struggle over the next few weeks now with the injuries we have. Making the finals is now the goal again rather than overblown hype about Grand Finals. For the moment, the lid is back on for me.
  12. Oliver is no 'stager'!

    Exactly what I'm saying. The guy clipped him with his elbow and now Clarry is the villain. Bulltish
  13. Oliver is no 'stager'!

    Media tryhards attempting to paint Clarry as a stager really p!ss me off. He wasn't looking, wasn't expecting it and don't tell me he would have the presence of ind to instantly stage something he didn't see coming. While not a massive hit, it obviously connected with his jaw and surprised him. Suggesting he is overplaying it are a slight on his character and we know that to be very tough and combative. Many questioned the veracity of the punch that knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of the Ali vs Liston rematch. Liston didn't take a dive! He was wobbling all over the place. I'm not saying that Clarry was badly hurt at all but it obviously caught unaware and to suggest he staged is BS.
  14. The Petracca v McCartin debate reprised

    Imagine.......... it was us who had taken Paddy McCartin over Christian Petracca. In his third year with patchy form, limited impact, injury worries and a cloud over his long term health, he would been lynched on this site by now. In the wider football public the club would been ridiculed for adding to its pantheon of bad early round draft picks. The Saints would have Petracca, who would be now beginning to star. We would hate his talent and arrogance and secretly wish we had him........... WELL WE DO! YESSSSSSS!!!!! What a 'sliding door moment' that was
  15. Demons - Finals bound

    "Pencil in"? I dont pencil in any game with the Dees