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  1. bluey

    Petracca in a rut?

    He is still a great kick, ball spins correctly, just not going through, not shanking or doing the Hogan stttuttterr, a simple alignment issue.
  2. bluey

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Long q at Center link today!
  3. bluey

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Poorly written article, with no factual information, as if the G man is still pulling strings behind the scenes at the MFC, second time in two weeks she has drawn that scenorio, (Ed has met with Billy G and they have agreed to share Queens birthday) must be more half wits around then I thought if that make believe is journalism..
  4. bluey

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Best bloke I have ever met
  5. bluey

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Didn’t see that coming!
  6. bluey

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Still kicked the fourth highest score (91) points this round, nothing we did worked, just a bad day, it happens.
  7. bluey

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    To be granted an additional home game, you must give one up, if we lose one we must receive another one, that’s how the fixture works, it’s an AFL issue, doesn’t matter if Ed has sorted it out with Bill Guest, Ed is just working the ferals into a lather for no good reason.
  8. bluey

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Didn’t see that coming!
  9. bluey

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    It is what it is!
  10. bluey

    Brendan McCartney - Moved to the bench

    Mahoney says it’s vital the club displays our brand of football tonight, what if they don’t, sounds like an ultimatum.
  11. bluey

    Changes v North Melbourne

    The problem is in the coaches box and on field leadership, a blind man could sniff the change in tempo, tooooooo slow to react to the obvious run on, not up to it in my opinion.
  12. bluey

    Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Jones doesn’t have Goodwins phone number? Jones can not have a comfortable chat with the coach? Jones can not front the coach on the players behalf? Jones goes behind the coaches back to some players organisation to approach the coach at the players behest. The position of either one of Jones or Goodwin is untenable, that’s the only clear outcome here.
  13. bluey

    Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Not surprised at all, normal behaviour from the underachievers that represent the club, just referring back to Mark Neeld who tried to turn them into a hard club, it is what it is, going nowhere for 50 years, and It continues without respite.
  14. bluey

    Yet to debut . . .

    That assessment is a decent reality check where the list is at, lost in space and way too many speculative picks that will keep the club ironed to mid table in the near future.
  15. bluey

    Farewell Jack Watts

    It’s the vibe, fellas didn’t come ready to play agin Collenwood and Nort, “come on I dares ya” try it on again, and line up for delist city! Plenty of seats available in the ever popular Alberton nightclub.