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  1. I’d like them to throw Lewis forward, he’s a great kick for goal.
  2. I think a lot of people are missing the point that May is a strong bugger who can really engage one on one with the big power forwards, when he has them tied up and wrestling, it allows Lever and Hibberd to cut across and intercept. OMac does get pushed out out position by the big forwards at times.
  3. If Adam Treloar, Bryce Gibbs are worth two first round picks. Jesse Hogan is 💯 % worth two first rounders. To say he isn’t is short sighted and clearly haven’t seen many of his games.
  4. What happened if May came out and requested a trade to Melbourne? would that force GCS hand to do the best possible deal. It isnt very often a club refuses to deal these days, players get to where they want to go (which i dont agree with, unless they want to come to us of course).
  5. Peter "Jive Turkey" Bell. I stand by my previous comment. Lets get creative to still bring in May. I hope Hogan kicks 10 on them next year.
  6. It’s better then being on the glass pipe and suggesting ridiculous trades like Freo are at the moment. They’re in La La Land. Send in Angry Todd, imagine being on the other end of him breathing fire down the phone at you, Neale to Lions for pick 5, 5 and 11 to the Dee’s and an apology from P.Bell for being s jive turkey.
  7. Josh needs to get a few beers into a fired up Todd Viney and hand the phone to Todd with Peter Bell on the other end. A few home truths to the garden gnome should get things moving.
  8. I wouldn’t put this past Freo, they have leaked this to the media to try and scare the Dee’s into off loading him for cheap, as we’re after May. this isn’t over I don’t believe....
  9. The biggest knock on Hunt is his foot skills, you want your outside mid to kick efficiency into the forward 50, Hunt isn’t that player currently.
  10. He can go to Carlton! they deserve each other.....
  11. i'd like to see what a team would pay for him? if it got us back into the first round, let our recruiters pick another jet. Let me be clear i'm happy to keep him on our list, if someone is willing to give us a top 15 pick for him, you would have to look at it.
  12. Hes becoming one of my favorites, every week he lays a tackle bump that just rattles an opponent, bit off a little bit more then he could chew on the wing during the game but he'll learn from that, you could see the Cats players looking for him. He, Viney, Harmes are becoming scary for opponents. Who would have thought picking naturally tough at it midfielders would work out so well compared to skinny athletes.
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