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  1. Maroochydore training session

    After missing out for the past 2 years it is fantastic! I'll be at both mate, will be slightly worried about the Lions at home, they will not be easy beats this year....
  2. Maroochydore training session

    Now that’s a great name πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ»
  3. Port Closer than Dees to a Flag says Jack Watts

    Of course he was going to say that, hes a power player now. I always liked Jack Watts, wish him all the best, Jack is the kind of Cream you need in a team, that may bob up from time to time to do something special, consistency will always be his problem. If things go south for Port this year, it will be very interesting to see Kochy implode.
  4. I totally agree, i would love some Golf gear done by the MFC, polo shirts, hats/visors, shorts. Nothing over the top just a small logo. I would be many....
  5. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    We need find players who will stand up when it counts, enough with the down hill skiers. 12 wins and finals was my pass mark. Failure of a season for me. We can beat Adelaide on their home turf, west coast on theirs, big win against Port. We follow it up Losses to North x 2, Fremantle. Back to the drawing board MFC
  6. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    You get what you deserve Melbourne! Let's hope this burns all preseason for them, they're probably preparing mad Monday for tomorrow though 😑😑😑😑
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    I couldn't agree more, it just doesn't appear to mean that much to the majority of the playing group. In a couple of hours they will all be out putting up how much fun they're having on social media. The more a watch TMac the more I believe we should test is currency on the trade table. B.Vince just doesn't have it anymore, he should be banned from taken kick ins. N.Jones has been a warrior for us but when the game is on the line he always goes missing. some teams have an off night and 3-4 players play bad, when we have an off night 10-14 players have an off night. the pies pressure in the first qtr was were we should have been, we continue to take teams lightly (hawks,kangaroos, dockers) and it always vies us in the ass. i will be cheering the crows on Sunday night

    Watts, Salem in, Stretch, Wagner out as per Simons selections
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Wagner, Bugg, White and Malks absolutely useless
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 11

    BOOM! needed that!, we're fresh still should run over them in the second half
  11. Sam Frost

    Has really cleaned up his disposal/decision making, has always been an amazing athlete, will be very dangerous for us He has been outstanding!
  12. Gus Brayshaw

    For a fellow who has Watts in his name, I thought patience would come second nature to you.
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 8

    If the Lions knock off the Hawks today, gee whiz I'll be ropeable all over again.....
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 7

    Great quarter, we have the hawks exactly where we want them....... πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
  15. Non MFC Games Round 7

    Footy tipping this year is a nightmare!!!....