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  1. Totally agree. I think he is understandably knackered. When we have maxy back - he will be much freeer to concentrate on where he should be playing and as a fan base we should prob look back and thank him for being a work horse (one that cops a lot of flack at times) that kept in games when we had zero rucks. I thought he was great on the weekend but does look knackered. I think he's one of a few that really need the break this week.
  2. 6. Jones 5. Garlett 4. Hibberd 3. Oliver 2. Watts 1. Lewis
  3. Olivers handballing was super human at times yesterday, haven't read this entire thread but haven't seen his name pop up much. I know it's expected of him now as he's been doing it all year - but some of his disposals out of a scrappy congested centre were simply amazing and set us up on many occasions. N Jones as well - what a legend! First half couldn't have been more painful to watch, 2nd half was cracking. Happy to take the win have a rest for a week (hopefully watch the hawks best port next week....) and watch our run into the finals! Go d's.
  4. Said it so many times - ANB is the worst kick in the afl. Back to vfl. Stay there.
  5. I would take a Higgins kicking 1.4 over bugg at his best any day. Not a great comparison of players there.....
  6. God pease no - not ANB or milkshake in. Both absolutely dreadful footballers. Prefer to give the goal umpires a run before those two. In fact the goal umpires tied together like a 3 legged race would be far more effective than those two. Bugg needs to go - he cost us so dearly last week. Stretch or Harmes in. Or anyone but ANB (he is insipid in both his unforced errors and efforts) and I'd prefer even ANB before Milkshake.
  7. Bugg has to go - such poor kicking is inexcusable. We lost because of a very poor team effort not that of one man, but his inability to be at all composed cost us dearly today. Inexperience can be excused and he did get his hands on it and created space, but a total lack of composure or goal awareness (or even just some confidence over an easy set shot!) cannot. The cost to the team is too great for such poor performances and they shouldn't be tolerated.
  8. Bugg-er off! Four sitters we needed - just terrible
  9. Was reading the age article going through what they deem as the most successful trades of last year - and whilst lewis got a tiny nod, was amazed to not see one word written about Pig. yes he was injured but he's been huge for us since coming into the side and just gets better each week. Broader accolades outside the club or not - he's been a phenomenal pick up for us and I've no doubt if this article is re-visited at seasons end his name will be well up that list.
  10. Totally agree. We lost. We should have won. Not good enough. Nuff said.
  11. As someone who has been in hk for over a decade - whilst it's great there is a game expats can go to and aus kick is massive in hk with expat kids of all origins that traditionally (and also do) play other sports (including Europe / us / Australasia) - I don't believe china will ever be a market we should bother with. Yep great for little kids - aus kick is an amazing program and the constant feedback from all parents i know from around the world is how well run it is and how much the kids love it. I however do not believe for a second other than a very fringe following (think NFL in Australia as a good analogy) that any of the local Chinese kids will play it post that or that it will lead to any quality footy. Other than as a semi expat supported league. The china game will be great as a spectacle and excellent for footy fans that life aboard but otherwise - prefer to go chasing rainbows or hunting unicorns.
  12. Ron use the website you should be able to watch the whole match replay (i.e. games from fri night still on there not sure how long they keep them up for). I find outside aus - the website much better for stability and quality than the app. Same feedback from other mates living overseas as well. There is an option to switch match score off so you can't see them before watching.
  13. As a list they have almost a full year more of experience than us. And am sure they'd love to reminds us, "A young man is a theory, an old man is a fact." But I prefer Miles Davis' wisdom. "A legend is an old man with a cane known for what he used to do. I'm still doing it." Should and will win today.
  14. Good luck to hogan today, he deserves a win and I hope the club delivers it for him. I do think on paper we look stronger this week and great to see Bernie starting in the middle. Expecting another big game from lewis. Wouldn't say - especially in this week of upsets (Kangas - wtf??) am rock solid confident but still believe we can and will win.
  15. With ANB out our kicking accuracy should automatically improve this week - just need to keep Bernie in the middle and stop him kicking out and we are golden! Go the d's!