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  1. Yes the other consideration is that Hunt more often than not kicks when he is running at top speed, a feature of his game we all love, especially the coaches. It opens the game up and is to our great advantage even if it is sometimes a bit wayward. It is not easy to kick accurately when you are running at top speed. I think we should give him a bit of slack - he is young and will get it right. Right now though I would put him in our ten most important players, and his game breaking will help take us well into the finals. Very very difficult to match up on particularly considering he is also so hard at it.
  2. Nah, if you remember Gawn and Hogan had ordinary games when they came back from injury too, but starred on Saturday until Max went down injured after half time. On Saturday, Max was on track to be on the best 3 on the ground before he got injured, and the injury was the major reason we did not run away with it in the second half. Watts was clearly rusty but we really need him in top form as we move towards finals. He will not get that in the twos. Similarly Trenners if the club believes he has a long term future. Clearly we need to move to our best team asap. That will depend on whether the players are considered to be in our top 22 AND their current form. watts is definitely in the top 22, Trengove possibly not although it would be great to see him put in a couple of blinders in the meantime.
  3. Yes, hope they have the same patience with Trenners. I thought he was serviceable today. Can only improve for the run - certainly hard at it, and plays his role very well...
  4. I reckon 14 is the go, and we play Adelaide in Adelaide in the first final and beat them by 40 odd points like we did earlier in the year.....
  5. Jack was rusty which is understandable. So was Max when he first came back and was outstanding in the first half today until he got injured. It just shows how important he is to us as we dominated completely a top 4 side for two quarters when he was on song. Jack Watts will be too in the next couple of weeks. He is a gun. Very exciting!
  6. Mmmmm. Fantastic. I watched it on Fox first half, then turned the sound down in the third quarter and listened on ABC Radio, then couldn't stand the tension, and just watched Foxtel in silence. Was a great win. Such guts in the second half, and brilliance in the first: dare I say it was Bulldogs like from last year. We could win the next five - GWS are certainly vulnerable to that style of play. Go Dees!
  7. This is real 1950's stuff. Clearly you have never had to manage groups of people. People management at its most basic references that people are different from each other, particularly races, gender, religion. The most successful organisations are those who manage that best so they make sure they get the best out of people individually and collectively. Study after study have identified by far the most successful organisations in the world are those with a high degree of diversity, but they have concious policies which recognise difference but treat everyone on merit so they get the best out of everyone no matter what their backgrounds. They also have systematic processes which promote cross-fertilisation of new ideas particularly across those differences. You might also say this about countries aka Australia, Canada, NZ, and prior to Trump the US. Indiginous footballers rightly are seen as one of the AFL's great strengths, many with sublime skills which only they seem to possess. They are therefore over represented in the AFL when compared to their population (I think something like 3% of the population versus 14% of AFL players). The AFL in general, and the MFC in particular, would be very much the poorer without them. For the MFC not to develop a program which maximises our chances of being able to attract the best of them, would frankly be a major gap in the professional running of what is now an elite talent club.
  8. Google the headline and you usually can see the full article. Same goes for HS.
  9. Yes, very interesting that he gets his chance when we are approaching full strength. Let's hope he slays them and locks in a place in the finals. With him, and hopefully a fully fit Angus Brayshaw, we would get two top three draft picks going into the finals, and considerably strengthen our line up. i wonder if Bernie will ever get his place back? Go Tenners! Couldn't be more pleased for you.
  10. I watched Casey last weekend, and Trenners was clearly a class above the rest. So clean in his movement, a great kick and mark, and hard at the ball. He is no Jaden Hunt, but neither are Jones, Petracca, Tyson and even Viney. I think he still has huge potential. I would love to see him back.
  11. Yes, the Pies game last home and home in the season could be one of the hardest particularly if they win a few in the meantime and it becomes the "saving Buckley's job" game. You can do a lot riding on emotion, especially if we are ensconced in the eight by then. Still we should have everyone back by then and it will become a dress rehearsal for the finals.
  12. Maybe he could "do a Nev Jetta", now that would make us interested....
  13. It was in the Southern Stand. I understand Carlton are determining whether he is a member. Caro said on Footy Classified that the fan visited the Age Office and she said they were less than impressed. A typical Blues bogan I would suggest.
  14. I know. That is why I think the post was totally out of line....
  15. I think this is outrageous. You are virtually accusing him of cowardice. It does nothing to help Gus in his recovery and certainly stirs up a hornet's nest when we should all be doing everything possible to support the club it its recovery to full fitness. I'm sure you would be the first to criticise if we missed the finals through poor morale in the latter stages of the season.