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    Suggest either ANB or Hannan, but probably depend on how they and the team perform on Saturday. There is no doubt that team is strengthened by Viney who makes Max twice as good. If you had to rank the team above, I would certainly put ANB and Hannan 21 & 22, but we are getting to the stage where we have an embarrassment of riches which is obviously where we need to be...
  2. Josh Kelly

    Partially agree. The rumour I like is the one that says Kelly stays at GWS on a two year contract, wins a flag, then comes to the Dees on a five year deal (after we beat GWS for the 2019 Flag)! Oh happy days!
  3. Changes versus Collingwood

    In: Watts. Salem (Assuming Viney unfit) if fit: Viney Out: Stretch Wagner (If Viney fit: Hannan) TEAM B: Jetta - T Mac - HibberdHB: Hunt - O Mac - LewisC: Tyson - Jones - VinceHF: Watts - Pedersen - MelkshamF: Petracca - Hogan - GarlettFoll: Gawn - Oliver - VineyI/C: Salem - Brayshaw - ANB - Harmes. Substantially better side side than last week IMHO
  4. The principle is the same whether in finals or home and away!
  5. Although a hard fought win on Sunday, we seem to give away far too many unnecessary 50m penalties. I counted five 50 meter penalties against us on Sunday (Tyson (2), Hannan, Hogan, Wagner) and none to the Lions. That is a hell of an advantage to give away. I know we have to play the game hard, but there was nothing hard about these penalties, simply sloppy and undisciplined. It is hard enough to win games at the best of times, without deliberately handicapping ourselves. We simply can't afford this in finals.
  6. It would be interesting to know. somehow they may have more relevance. I suspect a few, but let's see.....It would give a lot more relevance to their understanding of the game. clearly there are doctors and lawyers who post and they often reveal themselves, why not AFL experts?
  7. Changes v Brisbane

    I thought it was a bit more than soreness. At some stages yesterday he look absolutely spent. I think a rest is a good idea, even if it is only a rest from heavy training. The week off will help him enormously...

    I agree. Just finished watching the replay again. We lookED really spent in the last half. Reminds me of the last few games of last year. I know this is a symptom of young sides but we won't give a peeps in the finals if we can't get our mid season spark back. Hopefully we will make the finals. The bye before it will do us a huge amount of good IMHO.
  9. Who do we think will be the most likely winner of the Brownlow from our current list. I'll start the ball rolling: 3. Oliver 2. Petracca 1. Viney honourable mentions Gawn - (I know unusual for a ruckman to win recently, but there was Stynes, Moore, Dempsey). Tyson (if he improves his kicking) Hibberd TMac (left field choice) Brayshaw - yes he is that good folks when he is fit
  10. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    I have them not making it.....their form is dreadful, and have some challenging games ahead. I agree it will be a big fall. I also think they are in termoil over several of their so called stars wanting to leave at year's end.
  11. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Agree sorry. It was bulldogs, swans
  12. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Just did a ladder predictor, with us winning four of our last five games and finishing 3rd. The eight is Adelaide Geelong MFC Richmond Swans Bulldogs Power Hawthorn We beat Geelong at the MCG, then Hawthorn in the Prelim, and play the Swans in the granny which we win by 40 points. Perfect!

    Think the game is in Hobart...
  14. The Don's delusion!!!

    I meant from credibility, not ladder position!
  15. The Don's delusion!!!

    I am intrigued by Essendon's defensive PR about Hibberd (and to a lesser extent Milksake). Tim Watson, who I am sure speaks for the Dons, has said on a number of occasions something along the line as "Hibberd was found out at Essendon. We cannot understand why opposition have not applied the same processes against Melbourne". Well Tim. Maybe it might just be the Demon's game plan perfectly suits Hibberd's style and their back structure. Their back structure both protects him and allows him to flourish... Essendon's defensiveness knows no bounds. They are a long way away!