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  1. Dees2014

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Yes it’s interesting the way some of our best kicks occasionally have absolute howlers sometimes: Vince is certainly one although generally I think he has been a lot better this year than last; Salem is another. His kicking is a real asset most of the time but has had two or three times when he has tuned it over in the back half through poor delivery and selection.
  2. Dees2014

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Great win Dees. I love the consistency we are at last showing. I thought a really good all round performance. One question....I am trying to work out why with Max dominating the ruck, why we were very clearly beaten in the clearances. This has been one of our strengths this year, along with contested possession, where we have been almost off the charts. Doesn’t seem to add up. More importantly, what should we do over the next 9 days to make sure it doesn’t happen Monday week where we will be up against a much better ruckman.
  3. It is, but you may not have noticed I have since retracted my comments re Goodwin. There is nothing wrong with questioning decisions, but there is something wrong when you do not admit when you are mistaken.
  4. Yes let our performance absolutely do the talking. Let us to continue to scare them by our performance on the field. However, I think we are missing what scares them. If you listen to the folks from champion data they say what the Demons are doing is quite unprecedented in term of their KRAs. They cannot reconcile how they might respond. The other thing the media companies are doing is to say games which are very onesided is leading to lower television ratings. Guess who is the biggest culprit?
  5. Having watched very favourable media (as it should have been) media coverage about Sunday’s game, last night and this morning, there appears to be a supporter backlash. Basically much of the audience are saying they are sick of listening about how good the Dees are and what a superior gameplay and list we have. Even people like David King whom I regard generally as an authoritative AFL commentator started his piece on SEN this morning saying he has been instructed not to talk about Melbourne anymore as the audience are reacting. Sounds like the Eddie and Pies mafia to me. I guess this is also a reaction of the AFL competition to the fright they have got from the Dees superior performance over the last month.They are struggling to respond. May it always be so...
  6. I think it is realist to reserve judgement on us. I am delighted about our form and find it incredibly exciting and am more confident about our successful future than any time in the last 30 years, but it is understandable for many of us to be cautious given our history. So far this side has outperformed expectations, but I prefer at this stage to “take one game at a time” and enjoy the ride. It is going to be wonderful to watch it unfold.
  7. Really good long term thinking by the club. As we play through Max’s career peak, we will have a superiority over nearly all teams onball through Max’s silver service, but That can’t last forever. What better than to recruit a giant, very athletic individual with great sporting pedigree to be taught by the best over an extended period, and we all know how long it takes for big men to develop. I suspect given Austin’s size, his athletic pedigree and his learning under Max’s guidance, he may well come along a bit quicker than we expect. The great part about it is we have plenty of time to get it right. What a great prospect!
  8. Dees2014

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    As the originator of this post, I have to say that I think what has happened since it was posted, that the club has made significant progress. At the time of posting I believed the question needed to be asked just after the Hawthorn game, but at no time did I advocate any radical surgery on the Club. Significantly, many people at the club identify the aftermath of the Hawthorn game has been the catalyst for our vast improvement since then. All power to them. Goodwin and his team have more than proved themselves over the first half of the season , and our performance over the last month has been elite, and over that period we lead the table on most key performance measures. I cannot remember as a supporter being more confident no only about the club in general, but also about its success on the field. I now think we can beat anyone and no doubt will in most occasions. I think it is quite possible we will turn 9:3 by the bye (it should have been 10:2) and end the home and away season with 16:6 or even 17:5 I would now expect us to finish top 4, and maybe even top 2. I would not underestimate how much the ladder could change as a result of the game in Perth at the weekend. The Tigers were found out by the Eagles and they may well have provided everyone with the blueprint on how to beat them. It can only be good for the Dees. i think we now certainly have the list and the leadership to go all the way, and have sustained success over the next 5-10 years. It is a great feeling as a life-long supporter.
  9. Dees2014

    What the Fritsch

    And he can kick...
  10. Dees2014

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Still a major step forward in that we now seem to be beating comprehensively teams we should beat, something we have not done since the Daniher days, and even then there was a certain inconsistency. Well done Dees, a major break threw. Oh yes, and I now formally withdraw any criticism of Goody and the coaching staff - they are clearly on the right track. Wonder how long before we have some true believers in the football media!
  11. Dees2014

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    And Bailey days! (Roos Swans)
  12. It is beyond me why anyone takes Robbie seriously: he is a bumbling clown with very little insight.
  13. Dees2014

    What is Petracca's Position?

    Half forward flank/wing for me. It is interesting when you analyse our tall forwards. They are not just mark kick forward specialists. Macdonald/Hogan are both endurance athletes, so for much of the game they play up the ground and run their opponents off their feet. They are also elite marks and kicks for goal so can be very damaging when they eventually do go forward. Weideman I think is a perfect foil for them. Although he doesn’t get a great deal of the ball at the moment (although I’m sure that will come), he is a ferocious tackler, is an improving second ruck, and has the size and strength to be in most contests to at least bring the ball to ground. When he does mark it, he is an elite kick for goal. He will be an important player in our future. Max - what can you say apart from superlatives? He constantly amazes me about his endurance: when he is on the ball he is always ready for the contest, and has an amazing ability to get back to defend, as well as being the best hit out ruckman in the league giving Jones, Oliver, Tyson silver service. And of course as a bonus Goody is increasingly using him up forward (another advantage of having Weideman in the side), where he has been a very effective high marking option. Even his kicking for goal seems to be improving! So where does that leave Petracca! I think I would at the moment play him on the wing and get him into the play more, and put it to him that he is a bullocking midfielder who can come forward to kick goals. His strength and his disposal are both real assets which we could use more, but at the moment he is simply not in the play enough. Like the Weid, I have no doubt he will be crucial to our future, but more involvement would be welcome and soon.
  14. Dees2014

    Changes v The Blues

    He’s also a pretty handy relief ruckman for Max. A lot of pluses for the Weid.
  15. Dees2014

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Agree. We did get the job done. 3 games in 12 days is tough, but in future we need to be more ruthless. The next two weeks will be a real test, and if we can win them and win them well it should set us up for the season, with hopefully Salem and Viney back. We did play some good play on footy today which was pleasing, and the form of Brayshaw and T Mac very encouraging. Fritsch and ABN’s form a concern so they may not make the cut when the others return. Adelaide will be a biggest challenge since the Cats. It is to be hoped that we are able to build some momentum from there into the second half of the year!