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  1. 2 ideas to make the club money

    The Footy Department should discuss the strategies put forward at the head of this post or certainly be receptive to them. Achievable avenues to strive at more fund making are welcome. At present all we seem to get from the ideas tank at HQ is an offer to buy more flaming scarves.
  2. 2018 Membership Thread

    Unfortunately contacting the footy department will have no impact. I don't believe they listen to us, the members, (that includes me who remains as yet unsigned after round 23). Last 2 years I have asked them not to send YET ANOTHER SCARF in my pack. Made no difference because they are not listening. I want a year patch I can sew onto my scarf, not a new scarf every flaming year. What, I'm going to find a use for them? It's landfill. They just want my money and despite taking out my first membership in 1964 I'll be blowed if I will support them in 2018. What's it matter - the AFL will prop us up anyhow, my cash won't make a scrap of difference in this day and age.
  3. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    I'm with BTDemon on this one. But Jaydn Hunt for Jeff White.
  4. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    In reply to Ox (" Can u imagine the build up with the bald one returning for his first game. God help us.") Down in Cat Town he may not be God -that was his dad - but he is the messiah
  5. Assistant Coaches 2018

    In reply to CBDees - I had to twice contact the dolts at the Club website to get them to update it. They still had Roos as coach and only Jones as captain. and this was around Round 3! Don't know what they do there but they don't seem to be paying attention.
  6. 2017 Player Reviews: # 1 Jesse Hogan

    This is good, people seeing beyond the Hogan interpretation of our forward line. I keep saying he's fragile. Our latest version of Kelvin Templeton (remember him?) although his non-performance was linear, Jesses's is multifold. I love the guy, etc. but he can go of it gives us a better scoreline ATEOTD.
  7. How about Tippett for Watts as a straight swap?

    I don't think we need midfielders or small forwards as we much as we need a power forward like Joe Danaher, Ben Dixon or Ben Brown. Of course an extra mid won't go astray. I don't believe Spencil going is a good thing, not at all, at all.
  8. 2017 Player Reviews: # 1 Jesse Hogan

    It's clearly an AFL Conspiracy to get West Coast back into contention - and with the collusion of the Crows. Sceptical? Then ask yourself this - why did the Crows lie down against the Eagles? Because this gave them the chance to tip us out of the finals. Forget the Swans, we are the team Adelaide fears above all and with the AFL's imprimatur they tanked! and then that free kick in the last few seconds of last night's game? All to clear a path for a West Coast v Adelaide GF.
  9. 2017 Player Reviews: # 1 Jesse Hogan

    He's fragile and misses too many games through injury. Trade him for Dixon, Ben Brown or Daniher.

    If Kirby arrives as a danger player but can be put off his game then swing Bernie on to him. If the shearer gets reported, many posters won't mind and this will free up a spot for JV if he is suspended. Re West Coast v Crows : WTF, won't affect us if we win and the Eagles won't anyway. Don't be alarmed....
  11. Glaring weakness in defence

    Seems to me the biggest problem with our back line is our forward line. Points against are relatively low (compared with Adelaide, say) but we are just not kicking enough scores as the season progresses. Hogan's unable to get on the paddock, T. Mac has been kicking a few and so has Jeffy but we seriously lack firepower up forward. The back line are doing their job, no doubt in my mind.
  12. Hey Doug, just a bit of help from someone that watches the Dees from overseas.

    Try: http://gofirstrow.eu/sport/aussie-rules.html


    or http://www.stream2watch.cc/livenow/football/

    Put an ad blocker on your page and be patient as there initially you'll be inundated with all sorts of advertising.





  13. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Completely off topic : can someone tell me how to access games while I am out of the country from this Saturday please?
  14. Changes vs Hawthorn

    I'd like to see Hoges in for Oscar. Possibly Wagner for Milkshake.
  15. Demonland Player of the Year

    What is good about this post is that there are so many players in contention.