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  1. Wouldn't it be nice to be 5 & 0 heading into Sunday's game, that was a very realistic possibility. But some unnecessary suspensions and injuries to key players we find ourselves at 2 & 3. Today we learnt the sad news that Jesse's father has passed away. Understandably Jesse will be away from the club and miss matches, he should be given as much time as he needs, however long that ends up being. In years gone by this would be an automatic write off of the season, players would simply put it in the too hard basket and the losses would begin to mount up. But I would like to think we've grown as a club, both physically and mentally. Questions about leadership were again raised over the last 3 weeks, and to be fair some of them were warranted. If there's ever been a time for our leaders to stand up and be counted it's now. We are in the midst of one of the most even seasons ever. Someone on SEN this morning made the comment "With the exception of GWS and Adelaide any team can beat anyone else on their day". Our season is far from over, we still have enough talent to win not only this week but the games in coming weeks. The boys must unite and hold the fort until Jesse is ready to come back. Finals must still be our goal, Gawn could be back by round 15-16 giving him enough time to be match fit come finals. Moments like these can not only define this season but shape us mentally for years to come.
  2. Essendon are now favourites.... Bombers $1.88 Demons $1.92 Once again comes down to mindset. We will win.
  3. Appreciate the stats, is there one for how many handballs hit the ground or were at a players knees? i think it would be ok if we hand 2-3 mids having more handballs than kicks but not all of them.
  4. All the signs are there, he's played 17 (I think that's right, club website says 19) games. Selwood was drafted in 2006 winning a flag in 2007 when the Cats won their first of 3 (07,09, 11). Selwood walked into a team of the brink of greatness, he was always going to be good but let's give Petracca some time, and I don't mean 5 seasons.
  5. Considering how the first 5 rounds have gone anything can happen. I still think we're a good chance to play finals.
  6. No, it's the players mentality that gets us nowhere.
  7. Too many skiers.
  8. Put a line through the Eagles, might make finals due to home games but will have no impact. Again, what a bizzare season.
  9. Yes and no, I know everything's great in hindsight but both North and us nearly beat the Cats. I tipped North last night as well.
  10. Not big on the Saints but hoping they beat Geelong.
  11. Can't agree more, both Geelong and Richmond 4 & 0 yet I can't bring myself to rate either of them. At the moment it's a 2 horse race, Crows & Giants, it's still early days. What a bizarre start to the season.
  12. I don't share the love for Richmond, they are one loss away from the sideways, backwards football they are known for. They are very beatable.
  13. And the ability to miss from 20 metres out directly in front.
  14. (For those that can post photos) Titus Orileys take on Hogan is pi55er.