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  1. North are down and we owe them, they have owned us for years.
  2. Might have to eat my words about Richmond....Farrrrrrrk. What does this say about the Giants. Can we win our next 5 games.
  3. David King : No reduction for Greene due to earlier 2 week suspension. Should cop 2 weeks.
  4. Richmond getting exposed, again.... They would be close to full strength which should be a worry. SUNS : Metricon HAWKS : MCG GEELONG : Simmonds FREO : Domain SIANTS : MCG Could still miss the 8.
  5. No they shouldn't, not yet. Who have they beaten? Yes they're a good side but the only good sides they have played in their 10 wins out 11 games were the Giants and us. Both teams at the time had significant injuries which could of quite easily reversed the result. 3 out of their next 4 weeks they face Hawks (MCG), Cats (Simmonds) and Crows (Adelaide oval), if they win those 3 then yes they deserve to be premiership favourites, if they lose those games the last 11 weeks counts for nothing. They would go into finals with a question mark hanging over them.
  6. Port MCG North Blundstone GWS Canberra Saints MCG Lions MCG Pies MCG Giants are very beatable, no reason why we can't get on a roll in these last 6 weeks.
  7. Who do you have us beating and losing to?
  8. Why the new thread.
  9. VDB may no longer be an automatic best 22.
  10. Thanks Clint, I realised my mistake when I was putting my multis on, I still think if their mids can get the upper hand they are in with a shot.
  11. I'm giving the Lions at home a chance over the Tigers.
  12. Richmond before last night were supposedly an in form team. Swans last 4 wins Suns Dees minus 5-6 first 18 players Bombers Tigers Not much to write home about there. Their next 4 Giants, Saints, Hawks and Cats will tell us more about how they're travelling.
  13. I still believe we're the inform team of the competition when you look at/compare who we've played.
  14. As much as these injuries are hurting us they're also making us stronger. Players able to play multiple roles, playing as a team with a never say die attitude.
  15. A lot of love for Jetta and understandably so, but I thought Frost also played well, I liked his smother of the attempted underground handball. Hunt and Hannan also very good. Vince frustrated at times but also did some good things. Pedo's one hander against Weitering.