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  1. Bombay Airconditioning

    Finals Tickets

    Being a Redleg my GF ticket awaits. Cant wait to watch the boys put Richmond to the sword.
  2. Bombay Airconditioning

    How far will we get?

    Dream big, on our day we can beat anyone. Stating the obvious we can’t afford any more injuries.
  3. Bombay Airconditioning

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    I think the Pies will have the higher %. They play Freo while Hawks play the Swans.
  4. Bombay Airconditioning

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    A hypothetical..... We beat Giants next week and the Hawks beat the Swans. If we were to beat Geelong and the Pies beat WCE in Perth. We could potentially play all our finals at the G if we we’re good enough to progress through.
  5. Bombay Airconditioning

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  6. Bombay Airconditioning

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Can anyone remember how the swap over occurs in the finals? The winner of 5 v 8 plays loser of ? The winner of 6 v 7 plays loser ? Is there a real potential to play week 1 Geelong week 2 Pies week Hawks/Tigers
  7. Bombay Airconditioning

    The Elephant in the Room

    I’m saying all teams have injuries. We didn’t lose the mentioned games because Lever and Viney weren’t playing. I think mindset is the reason we lost, and that’s an area the Hawks have us well and truly covered.
  8. Bombay Airconditioning

    The Elephant in the Room

    Hawks currently have a couple out.
  9. Bombay Airconditioning

    Trade HOGAN

    How would Hogan go on Buddy, Ben Brown or a Joe Danniher type. If the answer is for Hogan to play in defence that actually strengthens the argument to trade him and a trade should be sought before any such move was to happen. If Hogan was to play in defence it would be an admissioyn of defeat. The no.1 trait of a key defender isn’t contested marking or kicking, it’s the ability to beat your opponent. That can be by out marking his opponent, but it can also be by punching/spoiling the footy. In order to be at the contest you also have to have the physical attributes to match up against some of the games best forwards. Hogan is a great mark leading up onto the ball but that doesn’t necessarily translate to outmarking fwds that just up at the footy. As for kicking, yes Hogan uses the ball well when passing by foot while others such as Frost and Omac often get criticised by their disposal but that’s why we’ve got the likes of Salem and Lewis down there. All players are required to kick the footy but there have been numerous times in most games where the ball could/should be passed off to our better users of the footy. In short I’d rather another gun mid than Hogan playing at CHB.
  10. Bombay Airconditioning

    Trade HOGAN

    Agree with this, but with this comes a significant pay drop.
  11. Bombay Airconditioning

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    I hear you B.B. and totally agree, but the wheel has to turn in our favour at some point. I’m not confident but hopefull, so until it’s confirmed, for me we’re still alive.
  12. Bombay Airconditioning

    Trade HOGAN

    I wasn’t aware of the interest from Essendon. I would do that deal without hesitation.
  13. Bombay Airconditioning

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Mastering the art of bafoonery. I posted several times in the “trade Hogan” thread yesterday and I stand by my comments, mainly “you ultimately get judged by how you perform in the big games”. For you to suggest some of us take any joy out of this news is just plain stupid. And no I don’t feel ashamed, I’ll leave that to those who either can’t or refuse to deal with reality. Its happened, we process it, park it up and move on, we’ve still got two games to play and a potential finals campaign. I personally believe this news doesn’t mark the end of our season.
  14. Bombay Airconditioning

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    The Suns game provided that opportunity but wasn’t taken.
  15. Bombay Airconditioning

    Trade HOGAN

    So he played hurt against the Suns for what reason?