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  1. A bit of banter between May and Lynch at a dinner the other night. From the AFL site. "We went out for dinner the other night on the Gold Coast," May said. "We were talking about the Anzac Day Eve game. He said he was looking forward to playing on me, but I said I'd probably be playing on the best forward and that's Jack Riewoldt.
  2. Dee Zephyr

    The Daniel Menzel Thread

    Not sure, looking at all the delisted players most or nearly all are ‘meh’ whereas Neade raised an eyebrow. From what I have seen of him he looked ready to explode in some games, he’s an ‘almost there’ type of player imo. At 24 you would think Port might have kept him when you look at some the players getting close to or above 30. Then again you might be onto something with the draft, they have 3 picks in the top 15 to target certain needs.
  3. Dee Zephyr

    The Daniel Menzel Thread

    Hartung no and I’d prefer Jake Neade over Menzel. Didn’t really ignite at Port but maybe we can work some magic with him.
  4. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    Goodness me Macca, Withhold beat home 33 runners two starts ago and that run was in October last year. A field of 34 in a flat race? It’s common for the steeples, can’t say i have ever seen a field of that size on the flat. Withhold is 33rd in the ballot for the Melbourne Cup and $15 to win it.
  5. Dee Zephyr

    Random MFC encounters

    In 2006 I travelled out to Hoppers Crossing for a wedding. Chris Lamb was one of the guests and after introducing myself we talked a bit about his career to which he didn’t give too much away. We mainly talked about the epic 2002 semi against the Crows. He said it was the most incredible game he ever played in and labelled Trapper’s performance as the most incredible individual one he’d seen as a participant. He remembered a couple of the players vomiting during the 3 quarter time break such was the effort in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. He said unfortunately we didn’t have many petrol tickets left in the last quarter. Free beer and a chat with a former MFC player, top night.
  6. Dee Zephyr

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Reading benefits : - Improves your concentration - Helps you relax - Can motivate you - Makes you smarter ( We’ve learnt a lot about bananas, so yeah) This thread delivers the above. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
  7. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    Looks like today’s Cranbourne meeting has been postponed. Just tuned in to hear there was some kind of fall in the 4th. Higgins and Brad Rawiller the jockeys involved. Not sure the extent, but ambulances have been on the track for a while now. El Magnificence will have to wait for another day. Jockeys seem to be ok according to one of the stewards just now. Good to hear.
  8. Dee Zephyr

    Official Nicknames

    At a couple of kids clinics this year I’ve heard the players call Salem ‘Salo’ Or ‘Say-Lo’.
  9. Dee Zephyr

    Monkey Business

    Hmmm....some questionable defending by Chelsea.
  10. Dee Zephyr

    Monkey Business

    A bit of pinball in the box and United equalise. Come on Chelsea, come on. Goals are good I guess, just get the winner now.
  11. Dee Zephyr

    Monkey Business

    Go Chelsea!! Are you watching it on Optus Sport? I’m having slight trouble with the connection at the moment. Yes Macca, I was telling a guy at work this morning I had a feeling the overseas horses might dominate the spring. I placed a small tri (boxed 6) with my initial selections. With the F4 I excluded Ventura Storm, Ace High and Youngstar after I saw the drift in the market especially with the latter 2. I added Homesman after the horse was mentioned by Properdee, Duretto (hoodoo horse) and Red Verdon. My win bet was on The Cliffsofmoher, I thought he ran a terrific race too. Edit: Never mind....just realised it’s on SBS🙄
  12. Aaron Black suffered an ACL from memory, when will he be fully available?
  13. Dee Zephyr

    The Soccer thread

    Was a cracker Layzie. VAR played a huge part again. Bozza was spitting chips at half time and I mean he was going ballistic, he couldn’t believe City were awarded the penalty upon review and subsequently equalised. I’m pretty sure the bloke that scored the winner did it with his first touch of the game. 40,000+ in attendance. Edit: Real Madrid 2-0 down at home to Levante just before half time. Goodness me.
  14. Dee Zephyr

    Monkey Business

    Good luck Macca, I’m locked and loaded for tonight after a good day at the races. Was fortunate enough to collect on a small percentage of the F4 in the Cup thanks to everyone’s input. Just finished watching the Victory game and it was a corker. The wife ‘tipped’ me the Melb City 2-1 correct scoreline at $11. Riding the wave so to speak. It could be a long night, Chelsea about to kick off.
  15. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    I’m shocked Biff, seriously....how did you know I had a pet camel?
  16. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    A 1st vs 1st protest, I’m sure it’s happened before but I can’t remember the last time. Gytrash left its run too late imo by the way Macca.
  17. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    DEAD HEAT!!!! Mask Of Time refused to lose, great finish to that one. Edit: The aerial view showed some contact close to the post, will we hear more?
  18. Having a quick look at the AFL tracker KK has been in the top 5 on the ground for total distance covered 6 times this year out of his 8 games. Lowest amount out of those 6 games was 13.8km and highest was 15.3km. Only a small sample and judging by the stats above his tank seems in good shape.
  19. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    What’s going on here? I’ve missed the first 3 races, where’s Francesca Cumani?
  20. Dee Zephyr

    Let the Yawn Fest Begin

    It was an exhausting end to a great season. Happy to relax for a few weeks with the EPL and NHL.
  21. Dee Zephyr


    One way traffic in Arizona so far this morning. Sounds like the Broncos have more fans than the home team.
  22. Dee Zephyr

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    1. May 12. KK/MGA 32. Preuss
  23. Dee Zephyr

    A Day at the Races

    Best Bet Morphetville Race 6 No1. Gytrash $2.70 Win Ran second by 0.2 of a length to Written By last start. For those interested El Magnificence (10) Race 6 will go around at Cranbourne on Sunday. From the 4 barrier they will look to box seat behind the pace and strike in the straight. Good luck all.
  24. Dee Zephyr

    Monkey Business

    Best Bets. EPL Saturday at 22:30 Chelsea v Man Utd Chelsea win/over 2.5 goals $2.60 Spanish Primera Division Sunday at 03:30 Villarreal v Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid win $2.20