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  1. Lever on SEN Tuesday 21/11 @ 8:25am

    Lever yesterday at training " I want to help this club become great again." Today on Sen " I spoke to Collingwood but it was always Melbourne due to the age demographic." Good on you Jake!
  2. Current Television

    Hi Macca, we finished season 2 of 'Stranger Things' a few days ago. We thought it was brilliant entertainment. Knew very little about the show, so glad I had a look at this thread. I'll put 'Chance' on the list, we enjoy the thrillers, cheers. We need to watch as much TV as possible to combat the long wait for the ' Game Of Thrones' finale.
  3. The Irish

    We see it time and time again, but how good is the Jetta sidestep? Great to hear the Perth crowd cheer when he left a couple of Irish players standing still.
  4. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Looking forward to it. Yes, McLeod rode much better today, my mate is still in a bit of shock after losing to that horse. The eventual winner trialled and finished 9.8 lengths 5th of 5 last month at Echuca. Lol, you just have to love racing!
  5. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    6 - Jack Grimes? Captain Jack
  6. Hibbo and Nev Selected For International Rules

    I heard an Aussie player was injured and taken for X-rays, any idea which player it was? I did notice Jetta and Hibberd walking around after the game.
  7. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    10- Shannon Byrn-es?
  8. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Thought it was home also, had my friend on the phone and he said the same thing. Beaten by a horse that's been out since January 2015 and the only horse to make ground from the back all day. That's racing though! Will definitely keep you posted on future runs, my friend also part owns a stablemate called El Magnificence which has shown some promise with a 4th and win in his only two starts. Currently spelling but when it returns it could be one to keep an eye out on.
  9. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Final word. Horse has travelled well, looking to get a sit one out one back. There's a possibility the pace won't be on early so he could end up leading if he can't get a sit behind the leaders. They are there to win today, hopefully the horse fires. Hope that helps, this is not a certain tip by any means. I would be a tad upset if he got up and I didn't have a dollar on it, it would be nice if some fellow demonlanders were on it if it gets up. Good luck all.
  10. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    A few scratchings in the Dan Zephyr race, the horse comes in a couple of barriers and I see he's into $10. I should be receiving a call within an hour or so to see what the latest is.
  11. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    My thoughts exactly. Connections most of the time think their horses have a decent chance of winning a race. Rhys McLeod rode a horrible race last start and they are a bit worried about him being on board again. I have followed the horse from day 1 as I sold out of him when he was a 3 year old. It's more of an interest for me these days. Pat Carey has given the horse every chance of winning by his training for this race, it's just comes down to the horse being good enough tomorrow.
  12. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    The horse has trained well and connections think he's a good chance. Best fixed I have seen so far is $13. They thought the horse might be longer odds than that. The aim is to be on pace again and hoping the horse gets an easy run across from the wide barrier. He will get back to me tomorrow lunchtime with the final thoughts and I will post an update. Hope you all had a good final day of the Flemington carnival.
  13. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Lol, I'm so crap at this game, I'm enjoying it though!
  14. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    12 - Tomas Bugg?
  15. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Q6 - Jack Watts?