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  1. Who plays in jlt v north melbourne?

    With only 2 JLT games it will be interesting to see if we go full strength for both games. Are we happy for some of our best to go into the opener on the back of one JLT game?
  2. Can't imagine how you've hung on OD, it's only 30 years for me, yet we keep coming back.
  3. A Day at the Races

    Today I played the 4 combos x3. Lol, of course we'd get two. Can't complain though, Santos made me a small profit. Maybe with a slightly easier run Cliff's Edge wins. In the Apollo I had Global Glamour to win straight out, she ran well considering she put a quick pace on up front. Redkirk Warrior is a specialist first-up horse down the straight but I couldn't see Redzel losing. It flew home.
  4. A Day at the Races

    It looked like something happened to Deploy the way it stopped. Finished a bad last. Cliff's Edge was very game sitting 3 wide the whole trip and only tiring the last 50m after kicking away early in the straight.
  5. A Day at the Races

    Nice pick Binman, it got smashed late in the betting.
  6. A Day at the Races

    Best longshot. Flem Race 9 No.1 He's Our Rokkii.
  7. A Day at the Races

    Sheesh, it won well, they told me it was primed for a first-up run but that was impressive. Hopefully for my mate, it guides them towards the Golden Slipper. Spewing you missed it Wadda, I had a small each way bet on it.
  8. A Day at the Races

    Definite chance in my opinion, up in class but looks a promising galloper. Santos up in 5 mins.
  9. A Day at the Races

    Are you still celebrating last nights triumph Wadda?😀 3.01pm for the first leg.

    It would be interesting to hear thoughts from anyone else that attended the games. Took the kids for a night out and it was an enjoyable evening for most part. The sideshow grew tiresome though. There were a lot things going on during the games but it was good to see some of our boys around and add some cardboardware to the cabinet. The clash strip was pleasing to the eye, looks like a winner. We are running out of words to describe Jetta. The games tonight were really quick and his ability to read the play before an opponent even disposed of the ball was just incredible. Absolute marvel.
  11. A Day at the Races

    Best Bet. Randwick Race 8 No. 3 Alizee $1.80. I struggled to find anything at longer odds. Alizee is definitely a class above her rivals and is well weighted. She trialled well recently and I believe she will be hard to beat. It's probably a bit silly not to declare Redzel as my "Best" as the horse is the same odds as Alizee but my record with straight races isn't very good. Edit: Sorry Macca, quoted you by mistake.

    Woo Hoo, we could fit another 12 blokes in this team!!!

    Can't believe it! Our first grand final in 17 years and they won't let me back in the stadium cause I pinched a zooper dooper from the kid behind me.

    If anyone's thinking of making a late trip down to Etihad, there are plenty of bean bags available behind the goals at the Lockett end. They might even provide a stable table for your Hot Dog and Chips!!! BTW, ANB is the only player I've seen on the ground so far ( for those remotely interested).