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  1. 2017 Brownlow

    Oliver paying $5 with TAB to finish top 5 and $3.25 to poll over 18.5 votes. Both odds tempting.
  2. The Grand Final - 2017

    Go Crows, they have been the best all year in my opinion and I would like to see them win it but it doesn't always work out like that. Tex to tear Richmond a new one and win the Norm Smith!!!
  3. Trade rumours

    Oh yeah... the forgotten man!
  4. Trade rumours

    I will only trade Max for a 2016 Max. Regardless what you we get for him, who plays as our ruck? Honestly......
  5. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Seriously GWS, repeat that 10 minutes you showed against us and it's over, but no......
  6. Adelaide tanked

    Bulls**t thread!!!!
  7. Imagine if Watts ends up with boys as kids, would love to see this thread in 20 years time, I hope the stork delivers girls.....
  8. The Brandon Jack Thread

  9. 29 Years Ago: Dancing on the Big Stage Again

    I remember the ball actually crossing over the goal line from Ricky's shot and the wind swung the ball onto the back of the post. Gosh, I was only a little fella back then but that's how I remember the debate on it from the post match discussion.
  10. Faaark, why didn't we just pick Naitanui, then we'd be discussing how he's offered nothing in the last 12 months due to his knee injury. Then again, he would have headed west 3 seasons in and we would have ended up with Watts in return.
  11. The Jake Lever Thread

    Let me tell you what my Crow friends think of Lever. A slow unaccountable 3rd tall intercept defender who is crap one on one but the same people would like Oliver, Trac, Brayshaw or Hunt in return.
  12. Trade rumours

    No harm in trying I suppose.
  13. The Jake Stringer Thread

    Sorry GCDee but that's gold!
  14. The Jake Stringer Thread

    Stringer speaking out at 11. AFL site reporting he will break his silence, don't think he will give much away. Might be an interesting way though to start the launch of trade radio.
  15. The Jake Lever Thread

    Does anyone have a contact within Australia post? If so, ask them to quietly check if Lever has redirected his mail.