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  1. Does anyone think we will spring a surprise by selecting Petty over Frost?
  2. Interested to see if GWS have the welcoming committee out for Shiel’s return. Wonder if we will hear the boo.
  3. Damn shame. Just when Vanders seems to have his issues under control, bang, misses another chunk of football. He was flying in the preseason of 2017 also before the foot issue. Although not ideal, a month or so on the sidelines is better than the 18 months it took him to get back previously. Hopefully it’s not the latter again.
  4. Probably one of the most anticipated training threads coming up tomorrow. Which ‘landers are reporting for duty?
  5. Horrible video. Even when you throw out the garbage LH the stench of bin juice remains. How can publishing this be helpful in any way? I hope he’s now surrounded by people that really care about him, it’s been open slather since he joined Freo. To some a snap on a phone seems more important than the well being of a person. Sad times and it won’t change any time soon unfortunately.
  6. This happened on a weekend so I could only email them but jumped on the blower Monday morning after their generous bonus bet offer to say Thanks, please close my account now.
  7. Some real Monkey Business happening here fellas. It’s also happened to me a few times with TAB online in the past. The worst one was when I was alive going into the last leg of an NBA multi. Needed Wizards to win and they were up by about 8-10 points with 5 mins or so to go. A cash out offer was available and it was more than a 3 quarter pay out so I decided to accept the offer. When I clicked accept it came back with cash out unavailable, I just assumed live betting had been suspended so I tried again a minute later as live markets were still up. Offer was the same and I got the same response, cash out unavailable. Well, this happened about 5-6 times and by that stage Wizards had given up the lead, game was lost and so was the bet. I emailed them asking why I couldn’t accept a cash out offer when they kept offering it. The got back to me with ‘ we experienced technical difficulties with our cash out offers in the system even when they were showing.” I replied cool, your fault, pay me the cash out amount at the time of request. Well, no cigar, their excuse was unforeseen circumstances and nothing can be done. I said whaaaattt?? A few emails later and I finally got them, they credited me with a $10 bonus bet for the inconvenience 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. That was a lot less than what I wanted to cash out by a long long way. I guess there will always be issues online, I don’t mind doing the old walk to the local now for some paper tickets.
  8. Monday Special Portugal Primeira Liga Monday at 04:30 Moreirense FC v Benfica Benfica Win & Over 2.5 match goals. $2.20
  9. It will be interesting D_I_O. I’d like to see all out attack early, throw everything at them and hope we open up a 2-3 goal lead. That might force the Crows to take some risks in trying to reduce the margin then we go ‘kapow’ on them again as they open up. I can’t see us outscoring them by the 4-5 goals late in the game if it’s close for the first 3 quarters. Build the lead then build Fort Knox. Demons by 27.
  10. Best Bet Rosehill Race 7 Number 14 Savatiano Place $5
  11. T Mac taking care of little bro. He’s seriously good to listen to.
  12. This article suggests a training session Friday, I’m assuming tomorrow. “Co-captain Nathan Jones says restrictions on runners have forced players to adapt “That will as good as be confirmed if they successfully negotiate "a huge training session" on Friday designed to see who is ready to go for the season proper.” The above is about Jones, Viney and Melksham.
  13. It would be an interesting discussion 56, where would you rank Jetta? He’d be in my top 5, irreplaceable imo.
  14. I’d like to see some kind of protest by Dogs’ supporters, either by flooding the club with emails or simply not turning up at Marvel Rd 1. We are starting to cross lines that shouldn’t be crossed, when a club starts to lose part of its identity for garbage jumpers and portrayal of players as superheroes, we are getting awfully close. I find it a bit sad actually if they have to resort to this for extra dollars.
  15. Indeed, as long as the word foot is nowhere to be seen, happy days I guess.
  16. Ah, a new laugh thread. Brilliant!
  17. Is there some kind of magic potion down at the Holden Centre regarding ACL injuries? Dunn suffered an ACL a month after Lever and he’s listed as 1-2 weeks away. From memory Goldsack recovered in less than 12 months also.
  18. Umpire contact from memory. He was demonstrating to the ump after he gave away a free kick against us. Put his head or arms into the ump to show him how it played out. Offered a week, Suns challenged successfully and he was off to China.
  19. So it’s careless and medium impact but Whateley stated on 360 it was judged as intentional and low. Good to see everyone in the media is on the same page.
  20. Intentional and low was the grading I heard on 360. Has the rule changed where you don’t risk more weeks if you lose a challenge? If so, off we go tomorrow night.
  21. Disappointing long weekend in the end. Jane Bunn was Moomba Queen and no Banana float in the parade. Terrible!
  22. What’s the actual issue with him? An article earlier had him suffering from groin soreness. I guess we’re running with that.
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