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  1. If we did, we wouldn't have Oliver.
  2. Who else will play at full forward with Smith injured, Hogan not playing and Watts most likely having to play a lot in the ruck?
  3. Out: Spencer (inj), Smith (inj), Melksham, Hogan In: Pedersen, Weideman, Bugg, Lewis
  4. He's a star.
  5. Correct.
  6. Want to sound a little bit more heartless?
  7. Incredible to see that Viney does not have a single vote, what a strange year he is having so far.
  8. He's a lot like Trengove who is a slow mover and slow decision maker. His skills and decision making have been poor also. He's a shadow of the young Pendlebury he looked like being a few years ago, fingers crossed it's just a lack of a pre-season that is holding him back.
  9. We would be 4-1 at a minimum if he played the last three weeks. He takes so much pressure off the likes of Jones, Viney and Vince through his leadership. With Hibberd in the team now this should release Vince back into the middle of the ground, preferably as a tagger who can get his own ball.
  10. That's great, but his decision making is cactus, he's slow and not damaging at all. He's got all the hallmarks of being another Trengove (whose demise I could see and noted on here in 2011 well before his injuries).
  11. Out: Spencer (inj), Smith (inj), Melksham, JKH In: Pedersen, Weideman, Bugg, Lewis
  12. That's the Anzac spirit.
  13. The worst part is in the third quarter when we could have kicked away we still over possessed the ball. As is often the case this was because we didn't have enough options forward of the ball which didn't help with Hogan cracking the sads.
  14. 6. Hibberd 5. Oliver 4. Watts 3. Hunt 2. Frost 1. Garlett