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  1. Hunt is amazing.
  2. Tyson has become a liability.
  3. Get stuffed, ANB.
  4. Clarry needs to kick more.
  5. West Coast game last year don't forget.
  6. I'd love us to hold a chest mark.
  7. Dropping crucial marks, great poise by Watts.
  8. Who here would prefer O. McDonald to Frost?
  9. Great touch by Melksham.
  10. Solid first quarter, it's just a few little skill errors that are costing us. Mainly dropping marks in the wet conditions. Great goal by Watts.
  11. Terrible kick by Jones in the middle.
  12. Horrendous umpiring.
  13. Richmond supporters are very up and about.
  14. Australian rules, only rugby is an older football code but even then modern rugby is based on the 1871 version of the game.
  15. It depends how we use the ball, if we over-possess the ball then we will be in trouble.