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  1. Clint Bizkit

    Demons are the team to beat in 2019: Champion Data

    We're doomed.
  2. Clint Bizkit

    Our Tall Forwards

  3. Clint Bizkit

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    I think my Apple TV is too old to download apps, I need to look into it.
  4. Clint Bizkit

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    Normal Foxtel is dying anyway, this will save them.
  5. Clint Bizkit

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    It's full resolution, basically all of Foxtel sports in a Netflix situation.
  6. Clint Bizkit

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    Kayo is great as someone who does not have Foxtel I've signed up for the free trial and will keep it going. It should have been done years ago. However, do you how I can watch on Apple TV without mirroring off the phone app on to Apple TV? Does anyone know if there will be an Apple TV app for it?
  7. Clint Bizkit

    Daniel Menzel

    Menzel is a massive upgrade on Rohan.
  8. Clint Bizkit

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Booing a guy who wanted to go home after he survived cancer and had his dad pass away from the same disease with within a few months? Cool.
  9. Clint Bizkit

    Jumper Revamp

    I like the 2010 jumper but with a slightly sharper and deeper yoke for me.
  10. Clint Bizkit

    New major sponsor?

    I agree. As already mentioned the NBA has moved to adding in small sponsor logos which is a massive shame. I would imagine they make far more from jersey sales than they do from allowing sponsors to have their logos on the jerseys.
  11. Clint Bizkit

    New major sponsor?

    The last two.
  12. Clint Bizkit

    New major sponsor?

    That's horrible isn't it.
  13. Clint Bizkit

    New major sponsor?

    I noticed this too. The iSelect logo with its orange was a bit of a clash so not the worst thing.
  14. Clint Bizkit

    Jumper Revamp

    I'd like to see the yoke a little bit bigger so that the AFL and sponsor logos sit within it so you can clearly see the whole yoke design.