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  1. Sydney should roll us with all our injuries, will be yet another great win if we do beat them.
  2. It disturbs me that people are more concerned with how a victim acted as opposed to what the perpetrator did.
  3. It's not rocket surgery.
  4. Lyon is being a fool, Oliver can do whatever he liked, he was the victim here. The way people are carrying on you would think that Schofield was within his rights to elbow Oliver.
  5. Go back to the start of thread.
  6. No, the umpiring was pathetic, it simply makes our win all the better.
  7. Go Freo!
  8. The umpires must be kicking themselves that they let that one go. Seriously, that umpiring from about the second quarter onwards was pathetic. Frost tripped, Hibberd grabbed over the shoulder, Melksham penalised for a West Coast player falling over. We need a supporter with too much time on their hands to make a video with them all like the nuffie Collingwood supporter did.
  9. No need for him in the team, plus let's see him consistently dominate in the VFL before rushing him back.
  10. I do wish we could have cleared the ball into our forward line in the last 30 seconds.
  11. It was a disgraceful interview.
  12. We need fresh legs. Out: Garlett, Salem In: JKH/Kent, Watts
  13. Who came up with that name? What a legend.
  14. Surely not, he was clearly going for the ball.
  15. 75% win record with Pedersen in the team.