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  1. Bankers and shankers

    Melksham, Salem, Vince, Watts, Jetta
  2. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    They can criticise all they like, I blithely ignore them, it is only entertainment after all, isn't it? I could argue a case about the lawyer statement

    Benny is not a patch on you, you make me laugh all the time Mr Flip Flop On the game, one side played like they were afraid to lose, the other played like they had nothing to lose We won, it was horrible, move on
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Take a breath you are sounding silly Just need to reset, hopefully Goodwin is taking the paint off
  5. Lumumba documentary

    That's no way to speak about Bill Shorten
  6. Lumumba documentary

    He'd do well on here then
  7. Lumumba documentary

    Not particularly fond of the English myself being of Irish/Scottish/Romany origin, but my ancestors probably helped populate Australia, not by choice of course
  8. Lumumba documentary

    Sorry, you do mean H, that statement could cover a few posters on here You know him personally? Says more about you than him
  9. Lumumba documentary

    Everybody is entitled to their views, it is having them rammed down my throat that I object to, or the whining that if you don't agree you are being PC H was different, patently not allowed in Australia, so we need to immediately denigrate, it takes balls to tread an individual path in life. You only have to read some of the topics as the pack senses weakness in a poster and goes for the kill, I am speaking from personal experience of course, but as I regard this forum as nothing but trivial entertainment ( this topic being an exception) it has no impact on me, anonymous keyboard warriors are what the name suggests I have been here over 40 years and knew from the first week that Australian culture includes a healthy dose of racism, to all races who are not your classic Aussie as described above He was respected by the other players for his on field achievements, he tended to keep to himself off field, but that occurs at every club as a player matures and develops interests away from the game, family, business etc
  10. Like some of the past delisting threads and topics?
  11. He realised that no matter what he said it wouldn't be listened to He wasn't challenged, nobody is on here, you seem to be another who thinks this forum matters, it is entertainment, like all other forums
  12. Changes v Brisbane

    Absolute rubbish, he is the leading goalscorer for the Club, averaging just under 2 goals a game, he has had a couple of quiet games, one where the delivery into the forward 50 was deplorable and on Sunday where he kept Geary occupied, still bobbed up to kick a crucial goal Maynard was mentioned in a completely different context, if he is dropped this week, it will mean the coaches don't think he is playing his role, but I doubt it will happen
  13. Changes v Brisbane

    Goodwin gave him a name check in his presser, must view his output 'differently''
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    You have got the hang of a team game right Weids and Garlett keeping their defenders busy leaving gaps everywhere in the 50