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  1. I dunno ask PJ he signed off the deal, good enough for me, just another subject for the serial whiners on this forum to go off about now the team is winning They obviously need it Me, I don't care if we played on Mars and won
  2. I know, for Beebub SWYL and others let's have 22 games at the G. It's 2017
  3. Have you been to the Darwin game, I have 3 times, if you go you will see how it grows the brand We also have a growing membershio out of Darwin and the NT, adding to the record membership As Nathan Jones says, anytime anywhere
  4. You mean like O'Meara and Vickery Buckanahnah has obviously not been watching our games, we create any number of coast to coast goals
  5. Do you have a bone when you are typing? to give him
  6. Just to let everyone know I asked Billy whether I would be watching him at Box Hill or Perth, answer Perth, I ask the tell me coz I don't shout from rooftops before official Also he has as Plapp put been working on inside and contested work
  7. I don't and never have, particularly cared about what some posters on here think of me, their inane comments say more about them than me The player in question told me he was playing in Perth when I spoke to him after training, so when the team is announced I won't be surprised I am a bit like Nasher these days only post now and again because some of the puerile childish nonsense in topics is becoming tediious Leoncelli can have his opinion on JKH, doesn't mean it is right and everybody has to agree with it Agree JKH is not proven at AFL level doesn't mean it will never happen
  8. He's fine on all counts, he was practicing goal kicking with Crossy helping, he smashed one into a post from an angle quickly picked up another ball and slotted it thru from a more acute angle Happily posed for photos and sign stuff when he finished There are 3 photos on Instagram
  9. Was at training, can confirm Watts left early Well champ, I have watched JKH play last couple of VFL games, including one where he was the holdover and only played half a game So honestly he did all the things you suggested he is incapable of and was praised by both Justin Plapp, the Casey coach, not only for his play but also the atttitude he is bringing, also spoke to Macca about him who said same thing, so honestly again, think Goodwin will listen to those 2 rather than you in tegards to JKH getting a game at AFL level again I also know one of the ins, which I am not willing to share before official announcement
  10. Good on you, will remember not to query your opinion in the future you obviously can't handle it Don't care personally who is picked as long as they have a crack
  11. So I take it you were all over the constant Omac and Bugg out then? JKH sent back to Casey to work on his game, read Plapp's reports It beggars belief stiil on this forum that postrrs think a player can't improve
  12. Two things Nev Jetta is chiselled out of rock, the Moorditj on the back of my jumper positively glowing And there is a guy called Macca at the club, if you see him shake his hand, told me weeks ago that Omac was starting to put it together and was driving him on
  13. Oscar came in last year when we had rucks Send an email to the club addressed to Macca, ask his opinion of Oscar, At present he is an undersized young inexperienced key defender, let's reassess in 3 or 4 years time
  14. He is on a list coz the FD keep offering him a contract and he signs it
  15. He was given a shot at VFL from the VAFA by the Dogs and 'rumour' has it the Dogs were going to draft him, hence why we took him 'early', only interested in playing his role and staying in the team