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  1. Satyriconhome

    The Travis Colyer Thread

    I thought Melksham was a player whose potential was unfulfilled, never thought of him as nothing more than an average midfielder Obviously FD thought the same, move forward and hey presto, still has his limitations particularly in the forward pressure area My meaning was my opinion wouldn't change immediarely just because we recruited a player
  2. Satyriconhome

    The Travis Colyer Thread

    My opinion of players never changes, even when and if we recruit them, with the FD obviously having a different opinion, I support them if they are a Melbourne player But I stay away from the denigration that appears on here when a player doesn't live up to the expectation placed on them by the experts on here I have an opinion on the players we are looking at recruiting, but sometimes it doesn't agree with the nass hysteria others share Yes Colyer has speed, but his ball use and defence is not up to par, something Hunt has been criticised for as well on here My opinion, you don't have to agree with it, at least I specify why I have that opinion, different than some who just blindly say 'get him' and the question why others don't agree
  3. Satyriconhome

    The Travis Colyer Thread

    My point, leg speed counts for nothing if not used properly
  4. Satyriconhome

    The Travis Colyer Thread

    So we are talkng about Colyer who is not renowned for his 2 way running, particularly defensively, right got it now
  5. Satyriconhome

    The Travis Colyer Thread

    So we were the highest scoring side because we moved the ball slowly? What is it with the speed? If you have speed but butcher the ball,is the speed still important?
  6. Satyriconhome

    Jake Lever Running

    Yes, correct, surpise, he is aiming for Round 1, spoke to him about it, already ahead of schedule And is US bound for some rehab
  7. Satyriconhome

    2018 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    So do you have any facts to back up this statement? As it is, your a completely wrong, it was mainly form based, and in an ever changing Casey forward line, he was having difficulty gaining consistency in performance, he won the prelim for Casey by nailing a kick in atrocious conditions
  8. Satyriconhome

    2019 Membership

    Renewed mine and lady's Trident Home and Away, thanks for the Tax back ScoMo
  9. Satyriconhome

    Dees Under the Knife

    There was a bloke doing a bloody good impression of him then, check out the Roaming Harmes clip, with Gawn
  10. Satyriconhome

    Burgo finishing up with the Dees

    I do, not his decision, will leave it at that As for the couple of comedians with 'smart' comments, keyboard bravery at its finest
  11. Clarry is Clarry does his talking on the field, I was surprised with the words last night, Dustin Martin school of communication
  12. Not me girls, somewhere else tonight, prior important commitment, following the comedy on here
  13. Harmesy took the photo with me, got Buggy to take one for me as well Don't get anything autographed don't need EBay as others do Not going tonight, other commitment Off the meds again Dazzle?
  14. Satyriconhome

    The Steven May Thread

    You mean I actually have my own opinion, nice input to the topic from you, textbook reply? Half the rumours pre Trade Week are manager driven, nothing like driving up the asking price
  15. Satyriconhome

    The Steven May Thread

    So what evidence do you have to say May is the answer, his last couple of years? I don't fawn, and if you treat players with respect you can discuss their game with them, perceived faults and all, you want to try it, you may learn something If one of the journos happens to mention we are interested in a player, you can guarantee a topic very quickly on here with posters extolling their virtues as the second coming As the same time denigrating players already on our list Everyone has an opinion, mine is May is overrated, doesn't mean the FD share that opinion