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  1. I do hope your tongue is firmly in your cheek, he is wildly inconsistent and soft tissue injury prone like his brother
  2. Clayton Oliver or Jayden Hunt don't float your boat then?
  3. Of course there is revisionism Nash it is Demonland. I am truly sorry we never ever got Hannath and Robbie Warnock, two mistakes right there that were benoaned at the time on here, absolutely tearing it up at AFL level We had Gawn, Spencer, Mitch King (will be a player when fit) Filipovic (project) and backups in Pedersen, Watts and Frost who are all capable of pinch hitting,and Keilty who can be developed into Ruck/Fwd option But only 1 can play We have been unlucky (Gawn, Spencer, Garland, VDB, Tim Smith) and stupid (Vince, Lewis and Hogan) Change any of the above and the results may have changed Most of calls for another ruck came from the perception that Spencer was incapable of filling in for Gawn if something untoward happened He proved he was capable until he deliberately got himself injured
  4. That is not his role, he is the stay at home defender allowing Hibberd and Hunt the freedom Has licence to drift forward as well as he reads the play, hence the 2 goals already this season He saved at least 3 certain goals last night
  5. This smacks of a desperation to post, and the easy targets aftet a loss were already gone Why?
  6. So how did they go at the weekend again?
  7. PM me bloke, with the kids I have 2 car parks undercover just off Vic Parade, means a walk through East Melbourne Offer is there
  8. Dazzle, the coaching staff, paricularly Plapp and Macca, really rate him, another one who has had a rotten run with injury Reads the ball really well and racks up intercept marks when fit Just needs a clean run at it Seems to have been around forever but only turned 21 a couple of weeks ago
  9. So you do read Demonland all the time and be constantly annoyed right? It is somebody's opinion, dont read it
  10. I know for a fact Essendon, not its supporters, were pretty cut up about losing Hibberd
  11. I am allowed to defend myself You, amongst others, keep reminding everybody it is a Public Forum, so as long as there is no abuse, posters can put what they like, again don't read it Back on topic somebody asked about Hibberd, covered this early on, he left the track early, was open with everybody who asked, said he had a bit of a stiff neck and was off for a massage, will be fine for Monday TV cameraman followed him half way to AAMI During the session showed no ill effects at all, has been doing a power of work to get back, bits of his body are grumbling about it
  12. Never have stated I am an insider ProDee, that has been bestowed on me by others, although that being said I do get a lot of info from 2 or 3 within the club which I keep to myself
  13. So you saw through my disguise as a cute but slightly weather worn garden gnome damn I did see Jack leave the house with a parcel, perhaps the injury was in there
  14. Facts Redleg facts, what have you been told about putting facts on Demonland tsk tsk