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  1. Vim Fuego

    MFC: Get a Beard on!

    I grow a beard every winter. This website has been a great help over the years.... http://www.beards.org/
  2. Great episode, for all of those that missed it, I manged to find it on Youtube;
  3. Vim Fuego

    Demons (Australia) Inc.

    Ha played against them when I was playing for the London Swans quite a few years ago now! I cut my teeth in the Ballarat League against the Daylesford Demons, home of Chris Grant and his brother Jamie (great footballers), but I see now they have moved leagues and changed their name to the Bulldogs... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylesford_Football_Club
  4. Hi Guys, New to demonland, so be gentle with me I have a love of all things music, and Macca, you have posted a few of my favourites in George Benson and Oscar Peterson. I saw Georgie at the Nice Jazz Festival in 2008, he was simply amazing and Ray Brown (Oscar Peterson's trio), is one of my favourite jazz double bassists of all time. Thought I'd start with a gentle one, Blossom Dearie. Vim 1.0 Cheers
  5. Vim Fuego

    Kudos to Neil Craig

    Totally agree. I believe the work ethic and professionalism they are instilling will hold us in good stead hopefully for many seasons.
  6. Vim Fuego

    Nine Days in the Top End

    Cheers. Going to be a good way to get me through a Welsh winter (even though looking at constant pictures of 30o C heat and sunshine does get a bit depressive!).
  7. Vim Fuego

    Nine Days in the Top End

    Ha ha, yes! Didn't want to reveal too much about myself this early on though.....
  8. Vim Fuego

    Nine Days in the Top End

    Hi Guys & Girls, As a life long dees fan who lives abroad, I've only just stumbled across this wonderful website. I've spent some time reading a few of the topics and thought this might be a good thread to start on. I think the club is doing a great job at keeping everyone informed and it's good to see they have moved with the times and are using the whole social media thing to engage with the supporters. Years gone by there has been the odd update on the website and the occasional article in the online papers, but nothing like I'm seeing now. It's fantasic and I don't feel like I'm missing out on as much now. So I look forward to more updates, and thank all the people on here in advance for the all training reports and the odd bit of banter! P.S I don't think the wife will be too impressed with me finding this site, the computer might be getting a little more attention from now on.....