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    Anyone else notice early in the 1st quarter , about 17.30mins to go. Bugg at the bottom of the pack and a Richmond player pressure pointing him in the neck collarbone area
  2. Demonland Supercoach 2016 Comp

    I also try to sign up to the cordner league
  3. 2015 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    http://boundforglorynews.com/the-new-bidding-system-implications-for-the-2015-draft/ Hope this linked worked. Gives a good run down on the new bidding system. Sorry if someone else has brought it up and this seemed like the right topic to put it in.
  4. The Rory Sloane Thread

    My favourite player along side Fyfe outside melbourne. Would be a dream if we could get Sloane at the Dees
  5. How do we beat the Pies?

    I would prefer having frawley on him, but he is now firmly in the forward structure for the time being. dunn is the our best one on one defender and having garland coming third man up. Roos seems to be having either grimes or vince across half back to help out. Guess we'll find out match ups on monday
  6. How do we beat the Pies?

    Dunn to cloke- better one out defender Tmac to white- able to go with him athleticism
  7. Who would you like to see "Rip it up" in 2014

    I would love to see Trengove take the next step, as a full time midfielder. Has all the tools to be that inside player with class we are looking for. Watched a few replays from this year, rarely misses a target in space and when around a stoppage has the knack to know where to be to get the possession or lay the tackle
  8. Essendon v Casey Scorpions

    I totally understand what your saying. I know we lack senior players to show the way. I was puttinv the idea out there for the young players coming in a year for them to learn the ropes of the structures and the bodies become better prepared. Viney is a perfect example of this, as is omeara and crouch they already look comfortable at senior level
  9. Essendon v Casey Scorpions

    Fair point, players like that are a exception. I would like to see how he would of developed at melbourne without the likes of bartel, ablett, ling and co around him I got the idea of how Collingwood seem to go about it a kid comes in and just looks the goods because he knows his role but also like above helps with players they have around. We just expect an 18 19 year old to dominate from day one instead of just coming in and doing a job for the team
  10. Essendon v Casey Scorpions

    Would it be a stupid idea to have a policy at MFC where our new draftees have to play a year with casey before stepping up to afl. This way there body develops, they learn the game plans and structures. Just a thought.
  11. Training - Friday 11th January, 2013

    Been loving the reports all summer. Good to hear positive things about Barry, will be interesting to see how the fd use him this year. Just wondering how Nev Jetta has been progressing?
  12. Who gets you excited?

    I understand what u mean that he's an average player at the moment old Dee. I just think if he puts in the hard yards he will get the rewards. And from what I've heard he's on jonesy hip, hopefully he learns a thing or two
  13. 2013 What do you honestly expect from?

    1. What are your realistic expectations for Viney and Toumpas, or even Hogan in the VFL? Keep in mind it's their first year. Enough to be considered a game. Treat them like any other player, if they dont deserve a game then back to the vfl. But 10-15 consistent games I think should be a pass mark highly rated first year players. I'm really excited about Hogan, hope he shows what has been said about him in the vfl. pack splitting, hard working chf. 2. Who do you think will take it to another level? Love to see Jonesy go to another level, seems determined to keep improving. I think Howe will show the football world that he is more then a more aerial threat and a real talent that take games apart. 3. New mature aged recruits, who needs to prove their worth? Dawes. On the big coin and cost the club a 1st round pick. 4. Last chance, who has flown under the radar for far too long? Bail. turns the ball over a hell of alot but keeps getting games, due to depth though. I really like him I hope he makes it. 5. Combination (as discussed previously) where should all this lead us on the ladder, who are the key clubs we should be beat in order to climb the ladder? If new recruits all prove to be good pick ups, especially Dawes helping out Clark in the forward half. And the hopeful improvement of the midfield and defence, 10 wins is definitely not out the question. This will get us in the top half of the bottom 10 on the ladder, hopefully a few surprise wins against a few flag challengers and maybe we could think about finals. You never know
  14. Who gets you excited?

    Wouldnt mind seeing an injury free season for Jetta, has the skills and always has a crack when he gets the opportunity. Coaches must rate him, had less chances then some that are now gone and still finds himself on the list. Also think that Tapscott is due to show something, 1st round pick coming into his fourth season. Has got the physical presence and skills to be a very good player. And as always Sylvia. my first post, so go easy on me haha