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  1. Yes, it's amazing how the press has re written the history after his departure from Melbourne.
  2. There is no risk, extra week suspension no longer applies.
  3. His ball drop is way too high.
  4. For someone who's only played 11 games he looked very promising yesterday.
  5. Looked to me that May just braced and the Brisbane player ran into him.
  6. Look last year thought he was a solid contributor but have seen instances of it over the past couple of years.
  7. I just get the impression ANB is a bit of a panicker.
  8. Stands out doesn't it, the ball hits the ground and they just sweep it away.
  9. Amazingly when Harmes went to the bench the trainer seemed to be really pulling at the finger.
  10. We might want to match their intensity and numbers at the ball, might help a lot.
  11. Just signed up for it yesterday, mine is through Telstra tv. Watched for a couple of hours last night, no problems.
  12. Yes, used VPN for foxtel now last year, assuming Kayo would be the same
  13. Thanks Foxtel Now worked fine last year so hopefully Telstra Tv will too.
  14. Has anyone used it via Telstra tv. It appears the app has already downloaded on the system but I haven't given it a try yet?
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