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  1. And they complain about the egos of players.............
  2. Have a listen to the replay again. If Dermott was voting, Oliver would be holding every award possible at this point. He cannot stop raving about him. Derm has more of a clue than most re Clarry.
  3. can I re tweet this?
  4. Ian Mount Sep 07, 2016 http://fortune.com/2016/09/07/us-iran-billion-hostages-arms-deal/ (The controversial $400 million payment that the U.S. sent to Iran in January, just as four American hostages were released—a planeload of Euros, Swiss Francs and other currencies—was only the first of three American cash deliveries to the country, the Obama administration reportedly told lawmakers on Tuesday. During the 19 days following the first shipment, the U.S. sent two more planeloads of cash, totaling $1.3 billion, to Tehran, reports The Wall Street Journal. The two planeloads, which passed through Europe on Jan. 22 and Feb. 5, followed the same route as the earlier payment, a congressional aide who was briefed told the Journal. In the first payment, an Iranian cargo plane picked up the money in Geneva.) Trump did not "give" the Saudis anything. His administration approved the sale. I dont particularly agree with it either. As for Merkel, she is the death of Europe, and to see the leftist U.S media now begin to call her the leader of the free world, is beyond a joke. Yes, there has never been a more stark contrast between pro/anti supporters, as there is with this President.
  5. Got the M.E together in a way Barry O never even attempted. Was lauded by M.E leaders **and media** Demanded the Euro [censored] finally carry their own weight in NATO. But yeah, handshakes/clown stuff. yep.
  6. whole lot of typing to not make a point.
  7. Right, so Adelaide's out of finals contention too? Geelong lost to Collingwood and Gold Coast, so I suppose they're done as well? some of you cant read. Maybe you are short sighted. WHILE ITS NICE TO BEAT A TOP SIDE OCCASIONALLY, WE WONT BE A FINALS TEAM UNTIL WE CONSISTENTLY BEAT THE BOTTOM 6 SIDES. Open your eyes properly mate.
  8. Ah, I kinda knew that.
  9. Ben brown is from area 51? Thought he looked like an alien. yeah? No?
  10. Geez, I can see a future for Daisy once she hangs up the boots. For all of those equal opportunity pushers wanting greater representation on T.V, here is your girl. Damn she is good on T.V. Was watching a replay today, and was bloody impressed by her. Intelligent, interesting questions, and great poise. (will I get in trouble if I say I think she is really hot also)? Ah, and Go Dee-ettes!
  11. A quite successful first tour by Pres Trump this week. But I note that cnn is concentrating on holding hands/handshakes. Big picture media, with zero agenda, is cnn.
  12. Can't we just leave the bloody p.c crap to the ABC and fauxfacts? Footy is about footy, not lefty agendas.
  13. Again, you are too rosey eyed. Being "in" every game is no longer enough. Norf shouldn't get a look in against us if we are a finals side, but we simply cannot get over the line against them. While It's definitely nice to roll a couple of top sides, no team will make finals if they continually roll over against bottom 6 teams. A 2 goal loss against a bottom side is about 8 goals short of where we should be at this stage. Close is far from good enough.
  14. While Norf treats us with utter contempt, we wont be bothering anyone in finals.
  15. Being in games isnt enough Wise. Finals sides win games they should. We dont. At least not consistently. We are looking at yet another top 10 pick, maybe even top 5, and I think it's a disgrace for a side whos CEO hinted at finals LAST year.