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  1. faultydet

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    Would almost guarantee no more surprise victories, such as the bulldogs of a few years back. Do not like the idea one little bit. I imagine the corporate types would love it for the extra exposure, and the players union would be falling over themselves demanding a huge leap in player payments. Has it actually been suggested?
  2. ageist punk. Not all .of us oldies are spatic on the coput=er.. Hmm, maybe mod can fix that. Dont know how i posetd it
  3. faultydet

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Tyson has almost zero peripheral vision and spacial/situational awareness, and it will always be his limiting factor as a player, in addition to hit and miss kicking. That said, his inside game is quite good. I was hoping he would go to Gold Coast, as he would have added value to their list. Looks like we wont sign a dfa. Meh. With the swapping of picks for an upgrade, looks like Taylor has his sights on a particular player. With his current strike rate, I am very excited about that.
  4. Youd be happy about the mid terms mate?


    Will be very interesting to see what approach the Dems take.

    I personally believe that they will open every investigation they can in order to find something, anything on Trump or his people.


    What do you think?

  5. faultydet

    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    Tyson wasnt a reject. That is being quite unkind to a bloke who agreed to come to us when we were a laughing stock, and played some very good football for us. Agreed he would not to fit into our best side now and his shortcomings are obvious to most, but to include him in your list is extremely unfair to him. He is well above every other name in that list.
  6. faultydet

    Casey Demons: 2019

    You are a valuable resource for this site. Thanks for your work mate. Might be a struggle for the Dee 2's next season after so many regulars got the axe. Would be wonderful for our growth in the area if we could bring home a flag for the Cranbourne area. Best of luck to the new boy. Go hard Tom.
  7. faultydet

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    Does anyone know if AFL clubs are visited by coaches of codes from around the world to see what they can take back for their own games? Seems we are always reading of our coaches visiting other countries. After 150+ years of the game, you would think we could be leading the way in at least some areas of professional sport.
  8. faultydet

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    If Lever makes it back to top form, in addition to slotting in May, our back line will be much better at coping with any mix of forwards. Again, it will be our inside mids who determine our chances more often than not, and if they continue to improve, which they should, we should be in with a genuine shot next year.
  9. faultydet

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    GWS couldnt get close with Shiel in their side, and the rest of their midfield schitts all over essendrug. The Bombers would need Daniher to rediscover lost form to go anywhere, and it will be harder for them dominating the prime time slots, as it means harder opponents generally. Thats my fervent hope anyway. Hate the bastards.
  10. faultydet

    Daniel Menzel

    Only 2 exclamation marks. Picket cant decide how he really feels.
  11. He needn't have been worried. I reckon Mahoney planned his entire trade meet around bringing in big May, and as such, it was always a massive chance of happening. When you have a bloke who is willing to upset the nuffies, and take "unders" for a supposed star, and then pay "overs" for his target, he usually gets what he wants. I am confident everyone on 'Land will be beside themselves once they realise just how good this animal is....
  12. faultydet

    Daniel Menzel

    If he defended like he attacked, he would be a 2-first-round-pick trade candidate. But he doesn't, so he isn't. Pass.
  13. faultydet

    Random MFC encounters

    I guess you met some local police soon after that, while "walking in the same direction" as Leoncelli, Ethan?
  14. faultydet

    Let the Yawn Fest Begin

    Soccer - 90 minutes of tedium broken by 30 seconds of blokes having a stacks-on at the corner post, and fight or flight in the stands. Television Morphine. With Horse racing, the most emotion sapping things ever presented on T.V Not sure why anyone would be celebrating the death of Aussie cricket. And what exactly is this "bogan culture" people refer to? Soccer died with the Tigers for me. American sports lose me with the skyscaper levels of arrogance and boastful behaviour of the players. Summer sport sucks.
  15. I'd like to see Charlie Spargo in the Ruck. Equally pointless, but pizz funny.