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  1. The Jake Lever Thread

    With all of the supposed high end young talent on the list, we have finally arrived at the point of topping up with the finishing touches to have a dip at a flag. Developing another batch of 18yr olds probably wont get us into a grand final in the next 2 or 3 years, whereas adding 2 or 3 very high end talents in areas of weakness just may do that. We were always going to end up having a dip, and sell the longer term future for a solid crack at the now. I'm comfortable with paying a reasonable price if it means a flag. We would all quickly forget the price while enjoying a month long bender following that flag win. If our young blokes develop the way we hope, the time to go after the best is now.
  2. The Jake Lever Thread

    Jesus Ding. Judds Granny follows a very well worn path of a new poster popping up at seasons end, and giving juicy tidbits that people love to swallow, and being exposed and disappearing 2 months later, never to be seen again. Like the posts for their entertainment value, imagine "wouldn't it be great if it were actually true", but don't ask questions and give the impression that you believe what he is saying. Its fun, but nothing more. edit: and watch for the trade rumours to get even more enticing, and complicated at key "bars open" times, friday night, and weekends.
  3. The Jake Lever Thread

    Exactly what I was thinking, only I couldnt remember the name.... boy oh boy
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    Then Petracca would want to have a consistent season, and not just patches of promise. Just a tad overrated on output thus far is Christian.
  5. Trade rumours

    @Ding1 works with a port players mother. He is ALWAYS fishing for info about Ollie. Any news dingbat?
  6. Trade rumours

    Its possible if she in fact told a fib about the identity of her source, and its not a doctor after all. ??
  7. Nash, clubs are free to use whatever approach they like in order to get a good deal for themselves. Simple sales technique to enter trade period with 1: in mind, but packaging it as 2 or 3 The words used dont matter, only the aim, and end result.
  8. With respect Nash, the idea that clubs only "try" to trade out players based on those issues is ridiculous. Clubs trade out players every year to attempt to improve their list. Sometimes those traded players include guys who the trading club would prefer to keep under normal circumstances, and who do not go by any of the issues you quote. I suspect what many here believe Watts is worth would be grossly exaggerating his market value, but I am simply tiring of the false dawns, and half hearted physical efforts, and would like to see us get something that would improve our list if it arises this trade season.
  9. Would it be better if the op said "do we try to trade Jack Watts"? Thats the way I read it anyway, because of course we are not going to give him away for nothing, or what we conceive to be zero benefit.
  10. Maybe he was playing like his mind was elsewhere? I'd be very happy if he found a way to us, but he would be much better value as a free agent next year.
  11. Transgenderism

    See edit. I was referring to you, not my eating habits. lol Didn't give that much thought did I?
  12. Goody sings the blues

    Glass half full about our year? Nope, I say the majority are majorly disgusted in how the season finished, but of course the coach will never say that, unless he is chris/brad scott
  13. Transgenderism

    Reds please diets, as its mostly cow type stuff we shoot around these parts. Kangaroos are too wormy.
  14. The Logan Austin Thread

    Logan Austin Personal information Full name Logan Austin Date of birth 8 July 1995 (age 22) Place of birth Canberra ACT Original team(s) Belconnen Draft #69, 2014 National Draft, Port Adelaide Height / weight 194 cm / 86 kg Position(s) Defender Club information Current club Port Adelaide Number 25 Playing career1 Years Club Games (Goals) 2015– Port Adelaide 11 (0) 1 Playing statistics correct to the end of 2016. Stats from last year, but 194cm? Gorilla minder? Hmmmm