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  1. Of course we should win. Jones/Viney/melksham in will certainly help. Our defensive game during pre-season was quite ordinary at times. Need to lift significantly in the real stuff.
  2. I have never, in all of my 40+ years following the Dees, given a single [censored] about who is missing from an oppo side when we beat them. As a matter of fact, I probably could not quote a SINGLE time when a key opposition player has been missing when we beat a side. I don't gaf. I just want to win. And if the other sides best players are missing? So f*$king what.
  3. Only thing that came to my mind was "Is that a Dr Seuss character? Couldn't put a name to it though. You saved me a google.
  4. I wont be at all surprised either. I've thought for a while that we may have a slow start to the season.
  5. Nice work, but tempered somewhat by the possibility that he was still stunned by entering a modern civilisation, and as such was susceptible to suggestion.
  6. The most surprising, and pleasing thing for me was the effort of Keilty. Is that the standard of play that he puts together at Casey regularly? He did some bloody impressive things.
  7. AH, good old Shepp. Miserable, dreary 5 Celsius in winter, and blistering hot 44c in Summer. Still wish I was going to the game. For anyone worried about the ground condition, it is (usually) very well prepared for these types of games.
  8. Fritta is also much tougher than his frame would indicate. Similar to Hunt, as a thinner player who shirks nothing. Lovely skills and great defensive work ethic makes this bloke a deserved first 22 player.
  9. Thought that Spargo was in no way a lock for the senior team, and even (looks at feet), tipped him to be replaced during the season by a rookie. Stupid call. Looking at replays over the off season, and this kid has it. Senior head on young shoulders.
  10. One of the great goals of 2018, completely ruined by possibly the worst commentator of the last hundred years. Gee-God-Boy-Wow! An absolute cringeathon every time this imbecile takes the mic.
  11. Congrats Jake and Stacey (?) Hope mum and bub are well. The smile tells of one proud father.
  12. Jesus dude. Did she run over your dog?
  13. Hoping for all 4 sides to be filled with Collingwood, West Coast, and Richmond players. Only fair, as they are the "big" clubs At least with so many of our best players having interrupted pre seasons, we have ready made excuses to not send them to this joke event.
  14. Tried Keto for several weeks (probably only the first 3 weeks were strict) [censored] me off. After the first few days, had an intermittent headache every damn day, for weeks on end, and CRAVED a biscuit or similar. But never felt "starving hungry", and dropped 7.5kg in the first 3 weeks, after only starting at 88kg Have since put on 2.5kg of what I lost, but boy oh boy have I eaten some schit.
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