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  1. Josh Wagner

    Ridiculous comment. Viney is a beast Wines is a beast Martin is a beast Wagner? Oscar? pfffffffttt
  2. Faultys Philippines medical mission

    Ah crap SWYL Ive only got 3 weeks left here. A shame. You are good value over a beer while watching a game.
  3. Faultys Philippines medical mission

    Far cheaper here than Thailand. The Thais seem to eat constantly, and more lavishly than the Filipinos. And a provincial house on the water can be purchased for pocket money. The house that my brother-in-law just moved into, is a 2br, with large kitchen, fully tiled, with direct ocean front, for exactly 10 grand. While I am here, I am taking bottles of Vat69 Scotch to family gatherings (yeah I know its a cheapie, but its to give away), and it costs 210 pesos per 700ml bottle, or $5.25 AUD. Shockingly cheap for imported whisky. Just need to put up with their vastly inferior food quality compared to Thai food, or have my own veggie garden, and buy our own beef cattle.
  4. Faultys Philippines medical mission

    Just sponsored my second basketball team down in the deep deep province. Looking forward to getting there later in my trip. The first was an entirely lesbian team, playing in a comp against Ladyboys, in Davao Del Norte. 18 basketball tops, all custom printed, for $125 AUD. They are the only team in the comp with a single uniform. The entire team is coming to greet my wife and I when we arrive. I will be the first White man to visit their little town so they tell me. This place is a lot of fun.
  5. Faultys Philippines medical mission

    My wife is Filipina. We have family all over. Originally had a Filipina g.f living in Hong Kong, with family in Phils. Met my wife after I sent her packing. Lived here (Phils) for almost 4 years while I was managing for a Gold Mine in the Solomon Islands, but yes, back in Qld now. Cant wait to retire in The Philippines. Fantastic place.
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    Get some sleep. We only beat norf after all.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    norf would have had this game pencilled in as a win. Really surprised they didn't bring in Preuss, as he manhandles Max, and could have curtailed his influence. Anyway, eat a slimy bucket of dciks norf supporters.
  8. Faultys Philippines medical mission

    Started setting up at 6am, and was all over by 10am 637 kids through the consultation area, and every one of them given some kind of medication 2 hearing aids fitted, and 1 referral for a free operation to have club feet treated. After medications are given, the kids are wormed, and anyone requiring wound treatment are seen to by a local nurse, with assistance from various college student nurses. This is overseen by a 5 time Afghanistan tour of duty field medic, who was completely [censored] when he showed up. I was told that all of the war injuries and death he has seen has affected him greatly, and will drink anything on offer, at any time of day or night. Poor bastard. Was a great guy. quite young also. After treatments, everyone is given a bowl of the local rice and chicken soup "arrazcaldo", or "lugo", depending on what language you use. Its actually quite tasty, although I draw the line at eating from a communal pot, where sick people have been trying to help themselves to a feed. Will order a pizza from my hotel instead. Its normally a monthly affair, but they cancelled next months due to an election, as every previous time a mission has been on during campaigning, the local mayor will attempt to use it as a vote winner, and carry on as if they funded it all themselves. (they fund none of it) Its a great day, and one I look forward to every time I come over. Any questions, please feel free to ask. faulty.
  9. Hi all. Mentioned a while back that i would be helping with a medical charity mission while in the Philippines, and for anyone interested, I will post some pics, and give some background. Will take a few separate posts, as I can't edit the pics on my phone.
  10. Best of 3 Grand Final

    Oh of course. That's all the reason I need to vote no. 3 Pre match "extravaganzas" AFL style.
  11. Gaming - we are out!

    Fair call. Will be very interesting to see what we make of the cash injection.
  12. There is more coming? fcs, this is ridiculous. Would I pay more to help a club that has actively gone out of its way to undermine its own profitability, just to make sjw's happy? Nope. Never again.
  13. Gaming - we are out!

    Staggering decision. We turn ourselves from a profit maker, to a loss maker BY CHOICE? For nothing other than Social Justice Warriors and their "feelings"? If I see a hat being passed at any time in the future, I will tell them to f*&k right off. Epically stupid virtue signalling by our leaders. Disgraceful decision.