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  1. Norf will try to hit us physically, as they did last time. We need every player to show some heart.
  2. I keep reading they are Dee fans through and through. Can't see him going anywhere else.
  3. No change. Norf tried to beat up Essedon this week, and will no doubt try the same against us, as they did successfully the first time around this season. We need to be on our game from the first bounce, and maintain the aggression back at the ball. Our ins were not horrible, and deserve another go. With a swag of teams within 1 game of us, finals are still not guaranteed yet. Simply cannot drop this game.
  4. Wouldn't it be nice to sit in a one of the talent spotting meetings to see how things go down? I suspect that some of our roving guys are doing a fantastic job, but it would be hard to argue that Jason Taylor isn't the driving force in our turnaround. With P.J, our best recruit yet.
  5. You are just like the others mono. I made the point once, and was jumped on by the happy clappers. I responded to each in kind, as is my right. I will continue to do so regardless if it puts noses out of joint.
  6. Sometimes when you take an envious look at the previous Premier, you wonder how on earth they assembled the talent they have. Some have father/son gifts, while other have just a couple of years in a row where they nailed almost all of their draft picks, and some are lucky enough to have both (Geelong) Neal-Bullen, Jayden Hunt, Tom McDonald, Mitch Hannan, Neville Jetta, have all been fantastic value for the draft picks used. When combined with a couple of years of nailing our early picks, we are building a list to be feared. Love A.N.Bs vision. He takes the available time to always find someone in a better spot, and doesn.t worry about the flashy stuff. Consummate team player. Love what he is turning into.
  7. In todays game? I was sure someone would see him limping, and help him off.
  8. Missus commented that she loved todays guernsey early in the game. It was in the mail before 1/4 time. Christmas gift, along with some Jesse Hogan stuff.
  9. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Oliver didn't have trainers surrounding him as he limped off. Strange.
  10. I think I'm one of a minority who feel that half hearted efforts from any player in our guernsey is unacceptable. He is extremely talented. He was also pathetic today, first game back or not. Let me put it another way. We look headed for finals. Jacks game today would fail in a final.
  11. Do you post for likes? Good for you son.
  12. Missus is a goer! Fighting harder than Port did in the first qtr She wont wear down my Viney like determination though. Happy days!
  13. *sigh* I second this, apart from the Watts "rusty" comment. He was insipid. Better?