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  1. wise

    Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Hey DV, can I please get a code. Can't remember what league I was in last year. 2018 name is 'Squad Goals'.
  2. 2017 numbers: 382 frees for, 384 frees against. Do you honestly think there's a deliberate biased against the club, or that umpiring is inconsistent and, as supporters, we remember the ones that go against us...
  3. Average crowd for a Port Adelaide game at the MCG is 25.5k. Nothing wrong with 27k today.
  4. wise

    A Monday night reflection

    At least the Demonland Dees seldom subjected you to nail biters. I think Carlton once got within a kick on the soccer field at Gosch's Paddock, but that was about it. Enjoy Rollo.
  5. wise

    Road to the finals (the last 12 games)

    I think come round 21 we won't be in the 8, and we'll need to win the last three to play finals...
  6. wise

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 8

    Viney Hibberd Oliver T Mac Salem Vince
  7. wise

    The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Whenever Pedo has played he has demonstrated that he is best 22. Anyone disagree? He just hasn't, for reasons of injury and prejudice against age, been able to string a season together. Thrilled he'll get a block of games to re prove himself.
  8. wise

    Changes vs Hawthorn

    I'd say it was quite intentional that he was given a week's rest...
  9. wise


    You're wiser than I.
  10. wise


    Was it our Smith who kicked 5?
  11. wise


    Freeman > Petracca
  12. wise

    Demonland SC Draft League

    I want in. Any other takers to make 8?
  13. wise

    Demonland Supercoach 2016 Comp

    Can I get a league code? I was TULIP last year...
  14. Is The Darkside dead?

  15. http://mfcplayerpicker.com/ #NoOliver