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  1. A Day at the Races

    Love ya work guys. Good luck to all.
  2. A Day at the Races

    Hey D77, thanks. I dont get to the track much here to be honest, when is the race meeting? Ive got a 50th on Saturday arvo in Castlemaine. I will be taking them all for a plc as well. Ill wait till the list is complete for that tho.
  3. A Day at the Races

    Interestingly D77 i just saw that Ladbrokes have Dothraki up as their favourite of the day and therefore up the odds to 3.50 as a special bet. Also note El Dorado Dreaming is running around at Randwick in Race 6 at $8.50 after being as much as 250/1 when it saluted a few weeks ago. I think our picks are pretty good this week.
  4. A Day at the Races

    Ok...Best Bet: Im going Randwick Race 9 No 7 Osborne Bulls......$2.30.....obviously named after Ozzie Osborne, this horse brained em last start and will brain em again on Saturday, just like his namesake, who brained himself~!! Ok so that now gives us currently: (with Binman still to come) So far SoKool $4.40 Dothraki $2.70 Osborne Bulls $2.30 For a total of: 27.32/1 Again i think all of these will come in come Sat. Get on~! Edit: (just got 34/1 with odds boost @ Ladbrokes)
  5. A Day at the Races

    So were the Dees, remember....against North.....so anything is possible. Nobody beats Zephyr 18 times in a row~!!
  6. Max Gawn's New Goal Kicking Technique

    Ah ha~ ! So you are Cale Morton...!!
  7. A Day at the Races

    Check it out.
  8. A Day at the Races

    Ok i was thinking 3-5-5.
  9. A Day at the Races

    You think you've got problems, i have a heavy metal band wanting to do their film clip in my house in a few weeks ~ !! I need 2 cups of tea~!!
  10. A Day at the Races

    Now theres a good idea.
  11. A Day at the Races

    D77 makes a good point tho....often in trifectas you have the same runner for winner, as coming second and third......so the 3 first picks also are 2nd and 3rd.....is that the way we play it? Then the fourth pick is also 2nd and 3rd. Then the fifth pick is also 2nd and 3rd? That would make 5 picks in total?? Yes it needs tweeking by all of us.
  12. A Day at the Races

    My god D77, now im totally confused ~ !!
  13. A Day at the Races

    Ok, i hear ya. Ill get in with my pick then......Trapeze Artist over the 1400m distance and in form is pretty up there i reckon. We all know Tom Melbourne will run second anyway....haha.
  14. A Day at the Races

    Ok i see then, i guess thats fair enough unless the 4th pick is the winner !! Im just trying to think out loud a bit to make sure each persons picks are evenly represented. But i cant really see how 4 goes into 3 any other way. Unless we do a first 4 perhaps? Anyway, lets just try it and see how we go, we can adjust things as we go along.
  15. A Day at the Races

    My mates and i used to have 5 or 6 people trying to pick a quaddie....basically we let everyone pick an individual quaddie and then just made the most popular picks the actual quaddie. In other words the horses that got selected more than once ended up making the quaddie and then a few others that only got selected once got thrown in.......seemed to work ok, i think we actually got one.