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  1. Must have been..
  2. BT just said on Talking Footy that Oliver was definitely staging for the free...... FMD....the rest of the panel didnt even pick him up on it. Unbelievable ..
  3. Its an interesting one isnt it, that bye.... Looking like its definitely on that we will make the finals....last year we fell in a hole at the end of the season, so therefore should be invaluable to our young troops. That said it didnt seem to suit some sides last year, although im not really sure why... Traditionally we havent done that well after a bye and we were awfully flat in that first half after the bye against GC.
  4. We havent really fielded our strongest side this year yet have we?
  5. Right so if one of the players walked up and did exactly the same thing to an umpire, then that would be fine?
  6. SEN announcing MRP to look into a possible staging incident in the West. I must say it did look odd, but even a small amount of contact to the chin can reverb badly through your entire head
  7. Rich have to win by about 50pts to knock us off from 5th
  8. Should get 4.
  9. Fark
  10. Typical Hawkins....done nothing all day
  11. 19 pts at 3/4 time. Geelong down to 1 on the bench.....an unlikely win from here but Def not out of it..
  12. live ladder has us 2% points clear in 4th atm.
  13. Well get them sooner or later Bombay..
  14. They've got GWS next week away so...maybe no Selwood either..
  15. Very good..