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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    Thanks Jack, (mostly) see ya round.

    Get a no-name mosquito fleet...
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    2y @ 200k....about the same amount as a home game in Darwin....
  4. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Would that be not good RTG? I really still see TMac at CHB. Now with Lever the defense and rebound is top level modern football. Tom can still also be that swingshift forward much like Harry Taylor, to switch it up, but nobody is too sure when.
  5. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    You guys are so die hard....talking about round 1 in October.....love it. Go Dees....f the draft picks!
  6. The Soccer thread

    wow the Netherlands failed to qualify? But the beat Sweden 2-1 so i thought theyd be ok?...The Orange will be devastated!!..Will be a strange world cup without them.....(and us). I had a friend who went to Honduras, had some interesting stories to tell.....hope the team has a good hotel! Go Iceland!
  7. The Soccer thread

    Yes, radio is reporting it as well. Would have resigned had we gone through earlier.....First time USA missed out since 1986 as well....bring back Guus.
  8. The Soccer thread

    Mexico and Costa Rica had qualified, so possibly tanking yes....Honduras is one of the most dangerous cities in the world..
  9. The Soccer thread

    No Its Honduras!!! Oh dear.
  10. The Soccer thread

    Looks like it.....probably the best of the 3 options.....none of them were easy i guess. The South American countries are so fanatical...
  11. The Soccer thread

    Thanks Macca!...i made a run for it to the local PubTab after half time......worse than the Dees this side....Syria down to 10 men in extra time and they still couldnt put them away.....they were actually 17/1 when that last Syrian free was taken......that was so in the back of the net.....just hit the post! Total nailbitter....where would we be without Cahill. Yeah Honduras will be real fun....goodluck with that socceroos....bring Guus back!!!
  12. The Soccer thread

    Stuck in at Uni tonight.....anyone got a link to the match?
  13. NFL

    Pretty amazing finish! Can Rodgers win the equivalent of the Brownlow!!?
  14. Trade rumours

    I heard that somewhere else on the radio over the weekend....maybe because of the board shorts business!!