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  1. Youd think so CB, with Hoges now def out.
  2. Well, they are both number 6....could be a good start..?
  3. Doesnt seem to look quite as ferocious without it..
  4. haha..
  5. No he wont OD ....we get Lewis back. He will sort it out, one way or another...
  6. I agree Ab, its a good problem to have. In years gone by we couldnt get it past half forward.
  7. Love to see Frost ragdoll him like he did to Riewoldt last night...
  8. They wernt really playing with this level of intensity last year or previous years. Comes with the territory i guess.
  9. Wait till Hibberd and Melksham run out in Demon colors next week.
  10. Oh is it at Docklands? 3 times in 6 wks....
  11. I hope Collingwood win, cause I want Buckley to keep coaching them.
  12. Yes in fact we actually scored 4.1 to 1.5 with no ruckman and 2 on the bench. The conditions finally wore us out by the second half of the last without the rotations i guess. Also broke even in hitouts to advantage.
  13. Off topic a bit but Richmond were 5.50 to win at 3/4 time....
  14. This is like a grand final..
  15. Bloody hell..