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  1. FA & Trade Whispers

    2nd last paragraph here: http://www.smh.com.au/afl/fremantle-dockers/matthew-pavlich-urges-his-fremantle-teammates-to-keep-growing-the-tree-20160826-gr1uzs.html?deviceType=text
  2. Professional advice, facilities, coaching etc even on just a part time basis over a 5/6 year period is a big advantage on a teenagers development any way you cut it. That's why they spend good money doing it & so far the return on investment for those teams has been fantastic with kids making big contributions to finals bound teams pretty much straight away.
  3. Not harsh at all, is a view shared by one Paul Roos, re the APS & TAC Cup.
  4. Grimes and Trengove future rests with Goodwin

    Do what I did and google the title and read away..... works every time.
  5. Travis Cloke

  6. Applying FORWARD PRESSURE. Not for us please..

    Fair points, agree with most of that. I think the hawks played to the conditions better than us also, kicking it off the ground instead of trying to pick it up under pressure & getting it in forward long. I thought we struggled to adjust in many respects, going for too many short kicks/handballs in slippery conditions which created more pressure opportunities for them as players fumbled due to the weather. Trenners & Vince really stood out in this regard for mine, keeping it simple & going long instead of trying to pinpoint passes. We feilded a young team mostly so hopefully they learnt a lot from that hitout about wet weather afl footy. They were definitely cleaner coming out of defense also but it was a good effort from our boys overall, a couple more contributions from Garlett & a few others would have got us a memorable victory....
  7. Does this colour put you off

    Our government is wasting $ to work out this [censored]??? Surely they could just have looked at the hawks and come up with that....

    Just out of interest they both did a hell of a lot more constructive things for their team than harmesy did for us, both with & without the ball in their hands, so their mistakes can be more readily forgiven as a result.
  9. Applying FORWARD PRESSURE. Not for us please..

    58 to 50 inside 50's 26 to 8 inside 50 tackles Look at the heat maps, they held the ball in a lot better than us, we need to improve greatly on this cause we did have our chances going forward.
  10. The AFL's three most boring teams

    I hate hawks with a passion, but surprised they are getting called boring here. They win tight games & I like watching unsociable footy when its not against us.... but hate/envy them nonetheless.
  11. The AFL's three most boring teams

    Friday nights featuring bloody Richmond!! I'm all tigered out with the saturation they've had this year in the media also. The other 2 spots go to the non entities in gws & gc..... their own fans get bored, I was at the gc game this year & there's no way there was more than a few thousand there (despite official attendance records) with hardly any of them observing the actual game. Pathetic. The couple of sections of mfc supporters there easily made more noise than the home crowd. Same with gws when I've been there in years gone by (albeit they weren't mfc games, so I was a little bored regardless). Just nothing clubs. I much rather beat teams I've hated for years 😉

    Rubbish, he really was ordinary, to those saying he kept his 'direct' opponent quite, BS! We play a zone, hardly any direct opponents matched up 1on1 all game & Oscar did get beaten several times by smaller blokes. He did get better in junk time in the 4th, but it says more about the state of our key backs that he is getting a game than anything else. We are shaky back there this year, and need to improve that group and get better at the zone. His brother wasn't much better today either......... Our opponents really were that bad today. We can play a lot better than we did despite the margin, heaps of room for improvement as Roos & the players said after the game. And whoever said earlier we are not challenging for finals needs to check the ladder and what our ceo said about this year. We are challenging for the 8 and our backline is still very much a work in progress that is the biggest weakness we have atm. I really like hunt, wagner, salem, t.mac etc at times but jetta is our only consistent performer week in/out at this stage. Its partly the new system, partly inexperience but I hope they work it out ASAP. Oscar is out of his depth/undersized, dunn out of favor/form, frost still unco, t.mac still working out the system & his role, garland too undersized to be a genuine kbp/not damaging enough. We have issues back there & I agree with picket, oscar looks both slow, weak & is a big work in progress atm. I hope he does make it, we desperately need him too right now!!! But at this stage he looks a year away minimum still.
  13. No actually, they don't, otherwise they wouldn't be classified as such. Some know how to fake empathy though....
  14. GWS is 600k over the cap.

    Can't wait for them to get a home final.... should set the record for smallest final attendance ever! Lol
  15. Sod off Johnny Come Lately Pies

    Eddie needs this to take the focus off Bucks & their pathetic mens team.